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As I stretched beneath the rough sheets
Awake from the glimpses of impossible dreams
And then losing the will to break free
From the handcuffs of my painful sleep
Tears from last night all dried
On cheeks that had known the price
of holding onto weak threads for so long
Muted lips dried on a soft song
My rusted windows frame a part of sky
With the flurry of white soft clouds too high
Too low here in my hall,my memories spread
On carpets and couch, creaky and long dead
As I rise from the folds on my bed
In yesterday's mourning dress,all messed
Glad on the night's departure, I unrest
All the sadness to my old bed's left.
When did I ran short of words,
it seems like I never had the courage to say.
The words I might have easily said
when I was young and now they are lost,
the mist of my growth into a man of wealth
I've gained and lost a hundreds of things,
one of them being the ease of uttering a sorry...
If only there was a thread to keep moving in the dark...
These eyes are open to see,
I see how to enjoy your interest,
you tread upon me,
Let heaven be my home at rest,
While your's be same as me I pray,
I believe we die one day
And the other day we wake.
I wish I had the courage to say,
In this world at least;
Life is a Paperthrone.
The more you try to sit and rule on firm,
The more it hurts at fall in the end.
No heart can never be so badly broken
that it can't ever feel pain again...
Some people are open books,
yet nobody can read them.
THEY are written in the language of love,
meant only for a lover...
On letting my mind bloom memories
The happiest ones popped up
before my eyes and swirled
I felt my smile again
and it faded away slowly
but the thing that relieves me
the most is that you still make me smile,
Even if you've become just a memory.
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