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 Mar 20
Francie Lynch
Got some hope today.
It felt like a tingle.
In my insides somewhere.
This was familiar.
I was reminded that the world
In which I was born,
Was just as ****** as now.

Somehow, we're muscling on.

Nucleur threats,
Idealogical jets,
With invasions, wars and debts.
I kept abreast of the U.S.S.R.
Covered heads beneath school desks,
Bent over likeVesuvians.
Korea, Viet Nam,
And on and on;
Granada, not Canada,
Look what happened in Iran.
Did you see them hang Sadam?
I can still hear the alarms.

We still keep muscling on.
 Feb 21
Francie Lynch
My words are hard to handle;
They shift and shape in time.
It's  cool to be rad,
To chill and veg sublime.

Some just reach and grab the crotch,
And twerk while in their ******;
Majorettes smile in knee high boots,
Flirting with the lenses.

Some other words come easily;
The ones used every day.
Texting's being phased out
With a smiling yellow face.

I have fewer words today;
This makes life hard for me;
The many times I write Love
Is nearing Eternity.

Yet isn't this all I need-
That one Eternal chord;
Love is love forever,
Never ending as the Word.
And what is "The Word"?
 Jan 4
Francie Lynch
He could be you;
Then again,
So might she,
Be you,
Should you be
A S/He.
 Jan 2
Francie Lynch
The good ole days were enjoyed with ease,
There was more to enjoy because of disease;
There were fewer people to dress and feed
Thanks to child mortality.

The middle-class were few and greedy,
Thanks to rampant poverty;
We could find work and be employed,
But tenure turned to workplace injury;
Illiteracy was common,
Innumeracy, our fate,
Due to the high-school drop out rate;
Polio and smallpox kept in check
The burgeoning growth of the unelect;
Minorities knew their social place,
Jim Crow was voting in black face;
Heteros ruled the ****** race,
Alphabet people were an outlier trace;
In summer and winter we were outplayed and beat,
With no Air Conditioning nor Central Heat.

Let's leave the past in the past,
There where history belongs;
Where hunger and sickness,
Lasted life-long,
With the poverty and ignorance
The minority prolonged.

We can agree times were simpler then,
But time came rushing to our quick end.
Alphabet people are LGBTQA+
 Jan 2
Francie Lynch
When writers stop telling us
What we don't know;
When the musicians pack up
And leave the Big Show;
When the actors stop showing us
How to feel;
And all the mixed Players
Leave all playing Fields;
When the clerics and laity
Stop living in Awe;
And the Body Politic
Stops abusing our Laws;
When teachers stop returning
To teach in Homerooms;
And we finally accept
There are no empty tombs;
When the philosophers stop telling us
How we should think;
And our Leaders abdicate
Because of the stink;
When all the Professionals
Stop professing their Trade;
And we ruminate peacefully
Over an Open Grave;
We will ask,
Was anyone saved.
 Dec 2023
South by Southwest
If one treads upon
the roads of life
one is bound to step
on a pebble of strife .
There is one stone
that seems impossible
to pass through ;
to go under,
around .
or hew
It leaves one frustrated ;
incapable ,
unsound .
One begins to doubt
then fear
there's no rebound .
One who has tried the tricks of  trade .
But no one acknowledges
the efforts made .
One finds the truth
on the dusty path
that nothing was
meant to last .
Love has roots
that grow deep in time .
It's vines grow tighter
as they entwine .
Then the gardener
rips out the green .
Unravels each embrace
that were so esteemed .
Throws the remains
upon the fires with
the rest of life's thistles ,
thorns ,
and brairs .
So the flames have
Heaven went .
The ashes cooled .
The fuel all spent .
And the cold winter
winds begin to blow .
So that love
can be ;
forgotten ,
covered in snow .
 Sep 2023
Francie Lynch
Easily done
If you’re a draught horse,
Or ******* pulling a cart,
Or pointing a gun,
Or under a yoke.

I’m fine staying here;
I’m not moving on.
I don't want to.
Such advice as, You need to move on,
Sounds cheap, pithy and unaware.

What do we know about moving on?
Or moving up, or out, or in.
It’s decisive and aggressive.
It’s a judgment call.
It’s supposed to be good.
A learning experience.
For whom?

This is what I don’t need.
I have enough friends.
I've met with enough romances.
I won't move on.

Move on.... Indeed.
 Jan 2022
Francie Lynch
Day-dreams and Night-dreams
Work as well as wet-dreams.
We need be alert,
Be awakened from our sleep-walking passivity.
Pick-up ourselves,
And be woke with humanity;
Rub away the sleep in our eyes.
The world is at a precipice of change, one way or the other. Let's go the "one way," not the other.
 Jan 2022
Francie Lynch
Where will we be?
Will we be in '23?
When '21 ended,
Where were we?
Will we make it through '22.
Let's be Smart
With '22's start.
Re-think.  Re-model.
'21's gone; '22's here;
So let's get smart.
No gloom. No dark.
Think on another;
Bring truth to our hearts,
And to this world. Our World.
Stay alert. Stay sharp.
There's others
Playing other parts.
Let's Help,
Without sounding a word.
"Help" is a word. No artist owns it.
 Oct 2021
Francie Lynch
We've been... a... part... so long;
We've not been... to...gether, a... lone.
Together alone.

I hear the lonely house sounds
Of dripping, creaking, and window wind whoshes;
The semi-muted fiber optic sounds;
The various vehicles dopplering past.
These I hear in my fractured second,
Before asking, "How ye doin?"
Which shatters into glass the silence
Held too long between us.
But now we are alone, together, alone.
A silent alone, together.
 Oct 2021
Francie Lynch
A once dear friend
And I met up;
Twenty years since we spoke,
And neither one could talk.
We left each other's company
On terms of disagreement.

The ice was thick;
The air was clouded;
We stood beneath the shade.

The mountain didn't fall;
The earth didn't swallow;
The roof stayed on.
Nothing cracked our uncertainty.

Then we misquoted some old
Misunderstood memories
Of why we went our ways.
And felt the same.
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