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 Jan 2015
Paul Butters
One day I found myself in Paradise,
Completely out the blue.
I don’t recall a warning:
From nothing I came through.

Into a new dimensional realm
I sprang:
Into a world so vast.

A planet out there somewhere,
In icy space so lost
A Universe not crossed.

A world so full of life,
Of sweeping seas
And towering trees.

A place so beautiful,
Beyond compare.
We stand and stare.

All peopled by
Multi-coloured multitudes.
From which the radiance of sentient life exudes.

To where had I escaped?
You may well ask.
So let’s unmask:

The loveliest world of all,
For what it’s worth.
A heaven of the heavens:
Our planet Earth.

Paul Butters
Have reworked my original to include more rhyme. Hope you all like it.
 Jan 2015
Poetic T
Adrift in silence
Floating in the womb of space
Natures lamp posts guide.
 Jan 2015
Poetic T
Airless beauty seen
Unimaginable void
Stars hypnotic view.
 Jan 2015
samantha neal
I always saw a fascination in the stars, the far away galaxies
Your eyes, the creases in your hands
The way these all formed together in a constellation
Exploding with stellar being
Everything about you was celestial.

Hours studying Zodiac signs left me empty
I needed to find myself in your solar system
Forcing life onto other planets
Deserted meteors I saw in your mind
I wanted to restore you.

As I looked to you I felt ablation
My mind melting away the ideas of horoscopes
Making room for you and your astro being
Never once wanting any sort of apastron
I awaited the chaos.

You are an evolved star
Burning out slowly, ever so
Sinking to be extragalactic
A place I never imagined
I was far from extraterrestrial.

But orbiting around you I felt the brightness of our galactic halo
Pushing deeper to reach your nucleus, I became your gravity
As one, our luminosity pressed tightly on all sides
Forcing darkness to disband, a large nova exploding from us
And now we are an elliptical galaxy.
 Jan 2015
i stare at the moon
gallantly hovering amongst the stars
knowing, hoping, wishing
you aren't just as far.

the Moon smiles back
slowly, and all at once.
diminishing my fears--
inside, I blush.

for the stars, like me,
play hide and go seek.
but the Moon always knows
the solemn secrets i keep.

Scientists stare at microbes
As we stare at humans and ants,
Sinks beneath the great dimensional wave
That is the cosmos.
Thinner and thinner I become.


This moment captured and caged,
In this sinking ship,
We’re in the brig now!
Our eyes and ears condensed
And all things.
What are we now?
Little bear? Great bear? Orion? Jupiter?


We were perpetuated by hope.
Encouraged by discovery
But forever glossed over by our
Incompetence and our inadequacies.
In facing death we turned to look up at the stars.
We dared to dream,
And now we dream
Of humans and ants trapped on a sphere
In the great Galactic ocean.

Lift Off!

The space between rocks.
 Jan 2015
I find myself drawn to
the dim magnetism of the fading stars,
the ones who try to hide their glow,
the ones who hate their dark pale --
I want to show them how bright they are,
I want to tell them they guide me
when I'm lost in my own dark evening,
I want to prove that you can't see
the beauty of a castle if
you're looking out
its window.
 Jan 2015
Porsche Newell
moved to
I look up at the stars at night, and wonder why they’re all so bright.
I look up at the stars at night, and wonder if they have to
fight, have to fight for all their might, for their special place in the sky
Oh my, I wonder why, oh why they have to die.
How many could there be in the dark night sky,
how many could there be in the humans little eye.
I try to count yes count them all, the souls
of the fallen, I hear them call, to their
families the ones in their homes.
All their voices go at once, all their voices quiet and mute.
They fall, and fall, and fall at last, they fall and fall, fall so fast.
The difference I kindly see is that they only
want to be, with their families safe and
sound, but sadly they are tightly bound.
It’s wrong to say they’ll be okay, It’s 1855
you see, when all the blacks were sent to sea,
to work as slaves they didn’t want to be.
So look up at the stars tonight, and wonder
why they’re all so bright, because you see
they’re all the souls, of the ones you wrongly chose. ©

2009 - Miranda Mack-Jackson
I had this published 8 years ago, my freshman year of high school.

— The End —