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when you asked me about certainty
and if my mind was a tree
rooted in cement and truth
i was on my unaccustomed knees
blinking into a sunbeam's architecture when
the brilliant wind brought you to me
to cure me with the miracle touch
i was alone by a window dreaming through glass
you bent toward me in a mile wide sky
a butterfly with a skinny voice
or an adorable tomato in a retail uniform
before that i only knew the clouds
as bears wrapped in pastel baby-blankets
before i first kissed you in the street
i knew the sunset as a drop of fire
in a barrel of whiskey and
suddenly your eyes like a deep pool in a forest
seeking out my past with the molecular traces
of your fingers across my abdomen
mandalas blooming out of our palms
only touching at the fingers
as flames from mosquito torches filled
the round coral faces of my gauges
with apricot light
 Dec 2014 nichole r
if you look to your left, you'll see the apologies I left on your machine and the nightmares you gave me when you told me you could never love the girl who didn't love herself. I still don't know what meant because now you're coming back even though I can't feel the warmth of your hands anymore.
and if you look to your right, you can still see the street light where I first saw your ghost stumbling through the darkness. I couldn't quite tell what you were at first. I couldn't tell if you were an angel or otherwise. I couldn't tell if you were a flight risk or otherwise. I couldn't tell if you were truly in love or otherwise.
crane your necks and look to the stars that I'd like to pretend we looked at together because, after all, we were star crossed lovers even though we collided when I couldn't help but mention the way you pulled from me.
look at ground, and watch it crumble like it did when I started falling.
 Jul 2014 nichole r
Not Patty
if you were a drug i wouldn't have a sober vein left in my body.
 Jul 2014 nichole r
Amber S
the sky was looming with gunmetal wisps,
tickle me pinks squeezing among lavenders.
sunny blues and cotton clouds merged among the
charcoal prophecies. darkness kissing light.

i was soaked within seconds, screaming yet
laughing, feeling my bones shake and rattle along the

i ran through puddles, the sky nothing but sheets of
recollections. my skin limp and drenched, becoming part of
the soggy grass between my toes.

the rain stopped within minutes, the sky changing to
juicy orange.
as i attempted to dry myself with sopping towels, i stared at the sky,
and was reminded of us making love. beauty, beauty, beauty.
 Jun 2014 nichole r
 Jun 2014 nichole r
I wish
I could fly

the wordly littleness

and see
my heart has
but a regular human size

and the gold inside
glimmers as much
the same

and all vanity
and presumption
forgetful time
will equally
FASTEN your hair with a golden pin,
And bind up every wandering tress;
I bade my heart build these poor rhymes:
It worked at them, day out, day in,
Building a sorrowful loveliness
Out of the battles of old times.
You need but lift a pearl-pale hand,
And bind up your long hair and sigh;
And all men's hearts must burn and beat;
And candle-like foam on the dim sand,
And stars climbing the dew-dropping sky,
Live but to light your passing feet.
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