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Celina May 2018
I remember you told me
Told me that you loved me
Loved me from the dept of your heart
Your heart though didn’t stop you
Stop you from lying me straight in the face
The face you told the three words
Three words beneath all the lies
The lies you didn’t mind telling me
Telling me that you’d be here
Be here for me
For me you changed when you started
You started fading away
Fading away in my mind and my heart
My heart can’t bare this hurt
This hurt which split me
Split me and my thoughts
My thoughts were mixed
Were mixed between hope and desperation
And desperation is the winner
The winner of unspoken words
Unspoken words which I screamed a million times
Million times in my head
My head is restless and completely full of words
Of words other than yours which you told with a smile
A smile which made me think they were true, honest
True, honest words but they were wrapped
Were wrapped in hope and desperation
And desperation wants me to forget you
Forget you and your lies but I remember
Celina Dec 2017
Have you ever watched out the window
While driving in the pouring rain
Have seen the dark clouds
Covering the blue sky

Have you ever watched the stressed people
While driving by the other cars
Have seen the sad faces
Hiding thoughts behind it

Have you ever watched the children in the backseat
While standing on a red light
Have seen the laughing faces
Playing with their toys

Have you ever watched the racing raindrops
While driving down the highway
Have seen them getting bigger and faster
Catching up with each other

Until they reach the end of the glass
Winning or losing the race
it doesn't matter when they fall
down in the river on the highway
Celina Nov 2017
Snowflakes from the fluffy clouds
Covering the world in ice
Falling fast, impressing crowds
Ignoring the risky price

Snow melting on your rosy nose
Making you freeze and sneeze
You put your scarf so close
Standing in the cold breeze

Snowballs crumbling down your neck
Your coat and boots already wet
Blushing after a cheeky peck
Accepting the cold you’ll get

Outside the world turns brown
Dirt mixed with the white
No snowflakes falling down
Though still the world is quite

Books and pillows in your bed
Reading pages after pages
Handkerchiefs beneath your head
Until it’s over it feels like ages
Celina Nov 2017
Just a little smile
The thoughts began
Wild and kind
Your mouth amiably shaped

Just a little talk
The contact began
Honest and raw
Your words wisely phrased

Just a little walk
The friendship began
Immature and unique
Your steps carefully placed

Just a little touch
The allegiance began
Lose and fragile
Your hand softly teased

Just a little glimpse
The connection began
Blue and brown
Your eyes mythically stared

Just a little kiss
The relationship began
Soft and sweet
Our lips gently met

Just a little melody
The dancing began
Close and humble
Our bodies carelessly moved

Just a little sleep
The dreaming began
Fearless and adventurous
Our legs chaotically intertwined

Just a little question
The searching began
Curious and extraordinary
Our minds mysteriously linked

Just a little star
The shine began
Bright and dazzling
The light inexorably glowed
Celina Nov 2017
With just tangency
You touched  
Skin on Skin
You can change
Somebody’s mind and feelings.

With just words
You wrote
Ink on Paper
You can clear
Somebody’s mind and emotions.

With just strength
You built
Stone on Earth
You can shelter
Somebody’s mind and body.

With just strength
You destroyed
You can shatter
Somebody’s mind and soul.

With just words
You overwrote
You can erase
Somebody’s mind and thoughts.

With just tangency
You hurt
You can leave
Somebody’s mind and heart.

— The End —