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Bree Anna Apr 2015
Sometimes I just want to lock the door
I want to fall to the floor
Shut my eyes
Where I see no light

Hidden in the darkness
I find myself
I need help

I am the one
To help myself
Escape my mind
Finally break inside

Let all things go
Escape the lies
Believe in myself
I’ll heal with time
April 2013
Bree Anna Apr 2015
Sometimes I close my eyes
Expecting to escape the darkness inside
Haunted by the melody
The silence of my heartbeat

Where has the light gone
Pain is so numb

No one knows
Always put on a show

Convince myself
I don’t need help
When I drown inside
Alone in my mind

Push all aside
Make it through the night

You’re not alone
But you got to make it known
Don’t run and hide
Let someone stand by your side
April 2013
Bree Anna Apr 2015
Things are confusing.
        Life is confusing.
I have a long way to go.
        I have a lot of work I need to do.
                   The question is, can I do it alone?
I’ts hard.
       Asking for help.
Letting my guard down enough to admit
I’m not strong enough to handle it.
Sometimes, it gets to be to much.
But im here.
That’s all that matters.
And I will keep fighting
Staying Strong.
Poem from 2013.
Bree Anna Apr 2015
Am I really crazy?
      I feel I am
            So lost in my head
                  With issues
Another poem from early 2013.
Bree Anna Apr 2015
Run. Run. Run.
Don’t Look Back.
Don’t Think.
No Plan.
Just Run.
     That’s how I remember it.
   I love it.   From that point on
                                                                ­        MY
                                                      ­                          life.
           Then I thought
               I paced
                    I turned back
                            To the hell I live
                                                    I like school
                                     I don’t like home
                            I like mom
            I don’t like home
You Don’t know
my life.
I wrote this one three years ago. I was in middle school.
Bree Anna Apr 2015
Once upon a lovely night
There was a couple, high and bright
Kiss and love and hold her tight
Come on baby, tonight’s the night

Let’s turn off the light
I’ll hold you close
I wanna feel you
Go down low
Come on baby,
Take off your clothes
Tonight’s the night
To give it a go
I don't normally write sexually graphic poems...
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