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Apr 24
trying to find the meaning of life,
when this is what i realized.
i was finding my purpose outside,
possessing all the worldly pleasures i eyed.

missed in the scavenger hunt,
the longing of my loved ones.
trotted the earth to find happiness,
a ride away was a friend fighting loneliness.

in the desperation to hear 'Good Job',
i got used to the late night hobnobs.
miles away, waiting for a call, was my mother,
wanting to know if i had my supper.

life was perfect with no trouble,
guess i was living in my own bubble.
came the time of a long lasting intrusion,
and suddenly, all desires felt like an illusion.

jolted by this surprise,
wondering if we'd survive.
i started to face the reality,
only to find that my existence was a fallacy.

all that matters in life,
is for us to recognize
we're nothing without the support of our dear ones,
and it's time to appreciate and cherish everyone.

ghanghor andhera chaya hai,
bas aapki yaadon ne
umeed ka diya jalaya hai
baki toh sab bas moh maya hai.
The unprecedented situation that we have in front of us has put a lot of things into perspective, which made me write this piece. Plus I wrote this as a birthday gift to me. :) 14.04.2020
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