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Ashna Alee Khan Dec 2017
“There’s no hope left for us,” I’m told as I splash water in my blood shot eyes.
“If we don’t leave this house we are sure to die!
You may think we are crazy and possibly a little high,
but I assure you we are very wise.”

I’ve been summoned to this strange old house to help out a family in need.
After hearing the panic and concern in their voices over the phone, I immediately agreed,
something evil is living in this house.
Something evil is lurking here and causing a rouse.
I know evil well and it knows me by name.
It’s a fact I’m proud to admit and won’t hide away in shame.

The fiend that haunts this place is waiting to confront me, I can feel its presence.
It thinks it’s going to intimidate me and control me but I’m here to teach it a lesson.
I’m here to provide this poor family with peace and solitude.
I assure the family all will be alright but they don’t appear to be in a believing mood.

The family leads me to a bedroom and stops at the door.
They look at me, their eyes filled with fear, I wonder what I have in store.
They show me a camera with pictures of orbs they tell me is evidence of paranormal activity.
They tell me they refuse to enter this room anymore since the air is always filled with negativity.
I tell them I believe them because I sensed the fiend’s presence when I walked into the house,
and tell them I will have a look around the room myself and will get to the bottom of their problems once and for all.

I enter the bedroom alone.
The door closes behind me, I’m now in the fiend’s home.
Chills and a sense of hopelessness immediately overcome me.
To my right is a closet; I sense something inside urging me to flee.
The fiend haunting this room is in that closet.
I wonder if it’s too late for this family to get back their security deposit
because this fiend has come straight from hell and is pure evil.
It’s going to try to intimidate me but it’s about to find out I’m not so feeble.

I turn my attention to the room and begin to look around.
The room is for the most part empty except for a bed and a poster of…a creepy clown?
Just why is that poster even here?
It’s a very creepy sight to endear.

There is a clock hanging on the wall that tilts on its side the second I look at it.
A mild scare tactic I must admit.
I walk over to the clock and move it back in place
only to have it move back over on its side again.
Once again I move the clock back in place.
I stare at it waiting for it to once again become displaced.
Instead, the hands stop moving and begin to reverse.
No wonder this poor family thinks this room is cursed.

With time now moving backwards on the clock, the bedroom windows behind me fly open loudly.
I turn around and notice the clown on the poster smiling at me all proudly.
I flip off the clown and ask the fiend if this is the best he has got.
He believes he can scare me, but in fact he cannot.
I’ve been battling this fiend for over a decade so I’m use to his games by now.
Intimidation tactics is something I just don’t allow.
Time to show yourself fiend and bring the games to an end.
Come face me like a man, after all I am your long time best friend.
This family is innocent and has nothing to offer you that you don’t already get from me,
so give me your worst and let’s get back to how things are meant to be.
Fight after fight, battle after battle, war after war until I reach my final day,
then you can watch as my cremated ashes are caste away out in the bay.

The closet door creeks open as my friend is finally ready to come out and play.
I fold my hands together and pray.
This dark beast is not match for the light of my father.
It’s time to face off again and establish order in this house.

The fiend appears from inside the closet.
He slowly steps out; I think he’s trying to be modest.
He is a dark shadowy figure, as dark as a moonless night time sky.
His eyes burn in red as he snarls at me wishing I would just die.
He wants nothing more than for me to bite the bullet and join him on the other side.
However, that won’t ever happen, I contain just too much pride.

I smile and wave at my friend and ask him how he’s been.
He stares angrily at me without as much as a grin.
I point my finger at him and motion to him to follow me.
It’s time for him to come home with me and allow these people to get back to the lives they are meant to have.
I exit and bedroom and tell the family there is no need to contact a priest to perform an exorcism.
I tell them to continue readying the bible and to believe what they were taught in catechism.
The fiend will no longer be a problem for them and the room will once again be safe to enter and use.
I hand them my book and tell them it will answer all of their questions as long as they approach it with an open mind and don’t get offended by it and decide to come after me with a noose.
I write the truth and the book is meant to help.
I give them permission to contact me at any time if they have any future questions.

My eyes open as I lie in my bed surrounded by the darkness of the night.
I look at my alarm clock and see that it’s 3 am, that explains the lack of light.
I sense evil all around me, my friend is back home where he belongs.
I swear I can hear him humming a song.
I look over to my bedroom door that is cracked open and see him standing outside the room.
He smiles at me ready for our endless war to resume.
  Jul 2017 Ashna Alee Khan
Jamison Bell
Some of us here, write about hope while others write about pain.
Some of us here, write about love and that which keeps us sane.

Others write about Death and the souls she just adored.
Penning out their sorrow, the mournful cries strike a chord.

Then are those who write about things and faces that they know.
Describing perfect places, landscapes wrought with snow.

Me? I'm just here venting, it's a need. This urge to write.
Cut off my hands, if you please. I'll bleed a novel out of spite.
Ashna Alee Khan Jul 2017
Let me be thy desires,
as I take my desires from thee.
Let me be thy passion,
as I take my passions from thee.
Let me rule thee,
as thee shalt rule me.

Let me surround thee,
as I give thee my heart.
Let me bind thee,
as I give thee my mind.
Let me inside thee,
as I give thee my soul.

Let me lead thee,
and I shalt follow thy path.
Let me show thee the way,
as I find my way in thee.
Let me taketh thee further than thou hast ever gone,
as thee taketh me further than ever I knew I could go.

Let me command thee,
and I shalt obey.
Let me discipline thee,
and I shalt reward.
Let me own thee,
and I shalt be thy slave.
Ashna Alee Khan Jun 2017
Dad you and me are just two ropes tied on two really far away coasts,
I can't get near to you because of the storm of insecurities in between us,
we've always been the same magnets poles,
always resisting each other,
They say the love between daughter and father is ''Forever''
but we don't have any love in between us.
I've been finding some space and love for me,
in you since forever
I guess there was no love for me.
This relation gave nothing except for some regrets
some harsh realities,
which I won't never forget,
till my death.
Ashna Alee Khan Jun 2017
electric guitar
what a rush
stirs madness
deep inside
alcohol fueled
new design
on display
showroom shine
old demons
pierced anger
naive tongues
eyes watch
from windows
stalking pain
stifled witness
broken pieces
stored in an
empty bottle
waiting for
perfect timing
to be made
whole again
Ashna Alee Khan Jun 2017
In the house of poems
there are no words
only sheaths of rapture
color and puzzle cutouts
on an empty table
composed of shadow thin
aching smoke ghosts
aphotic and tender
twisting souls in labyrinths lurid
*** shake sweet inky *******
that turn earth
to pleasure domes
and shadows
like cimmerian children
in harsh judgment
******* on
purple night shade candies
burning incense and black candles
uncrossing energies foreboding
while subterranean crystals
refract burnished glows
pulsing blood diamonds
in sacred heart manias
throb with warm breathy kisses
on plates of ash
a terrace of pink flickering tongues
drooling and biting
that turn mere pleasure
into inflammations of ecstasy
oozing creme de menthe saliva
where souls levitate and flutter
on bilious stained beds
being impregnated with verse
smelling of warm **** cauldron

fetuses curl
in their little crib's
and bubble tapioca lyric wrangles
afterbirths purged
poems emerge
like sand bars and palm tree islands
sopping woven tunnels
flow stone stalactites
as pink ballet pastries
with architected calves
caress upturned posteriors
dancing in glitter frilly word tutus
while torrid confessions
dreaded breakdowns
and resurrections
dress themselves in garments
of language re-pleat
quickened by eloquence
in the house of poems
Ashna Alee Khan Jun 2017
It been a long way each and everyday a struggle but with you by my side, with you holding me tight.  I feel like I can fly I can win every fight, so what if we seen a war that almost impossible to win. As long as we have each other we can make it, even if we became so close  in such short time I get up to see you, I get on to be with you, i love calling your name out knowing you be there. I can say this with all my heart can't think of anyone i would rather be with in my life. You are my home, my sun, my  air that fills my lungs with you...i can be me and that one the most important thing about a relationship you can be your self  and to know that person loves you for it makes my heart beat stronger. For when we together anything is possible.
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