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whether they come in waves
or they come in cascades,
let your emotions wash over you
or you'll float through life only seeing what's on the surface
i breathe in the feeling of inadequacy
because it's fresh and it's crisp
and it's the most bittersweet taste to grace my lips
when all i breathe out is stale air.
Ashley Black Jun 2017
a contract of souls
breaches the world of the living.
a new kind of love
conquers the greatest separation
and she smiles and says

"they are with me"
Ashley Black Jun 2017
I live in a world of pre decided.
I have already been studied
my future is guided
I enter a world of people who have
graphed my thoughts.
A world where the new generation
is just a producers figmentation
A baneful balance of
who they were
and who we are to be.
How do I compete with a list of facts
that determine my personality?
The dystopian novelty is not lost on me.
But I will not concede
I do not have to be what they need
I am free to build a symphony of options
and no matter what your webpage says
"I do not live in a world of pre decided"

A couple words about the attitude towards the new generations (Millennials and Gen Z)
Ashley Black Jun 2017
It's easy to see broken clocks
aren't ticking
but I prefer broken people
Clocks get stuck
in their last instant
At least people keep on living
Ashley Black Jun 2017
We all speak the same language
but communication is dead.
A barrier of understanding
built from graphite and lead.
An impasse of meaning
wreaks havoc in our heads.
We all speak the same language
I don't know what you said.
  Jun 2017 Ashley Black
Kayotic Tragedy
The lions outside of your door
The wolf is in your bed
The lion's claws are sharpened for war
The wolf's teeth are red
And what a monstrous sight he makes, mocking man's best friend
The lion and the wolf both crave the same thing in the end
Ashley Black Jun 2017
Inspiration in life
is a bit like thunder at night
A rather loud reminder that
the world doesn't care
if you're sleeping.
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