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Jul 5 · 25
Stone Jul 5
I feel more aware
I can see it in the night air
They have ignorant thoughts
I am becoming less distraught
Understanding that
It wasn't just my fault
Jul 1 · 285
Stone Jul 1
She stares at the bookshelf
The top is cluttered
she cannot bring herself to clean it
For she is too small
Instead cleans from the middle down
It wasn't hard at all
If only she were tall
Then again, she prefers
to be small
Mar 18 · 352
Missing You
Stone Mar 18
I don't sleep
I don't eat
I can't sleep
I can't eat
I won't sleep
I won't eat
I am in too deep
my heart weeps
Feb 3 · 35
The Game
Stone Feb 3
I have this little problem
Really it isn't little
He knows I can spit words
But tells me to stuff them inside
I went against his order
Today I told her how I felt
But instead he wanted to defend her
Telling me that it wasn't right
Who are you to say
What is and isnt right
You laid in her bed
While I made ours
Carefully you crept
Through her window
And into her
I close my eyes and shudder
At the thought of you
With another
You can't ask me why
I don't want it
When you bathed
In someone else

Now you're on the phone with her
Not even caring if I'm okay
Is this what I am meant to play?
A game in which
I am to lose to her anyway
Stone Jan 11
I think it's all too much
lately it's just been a rush
yelling to myself
cannot speak about it
but I'm aching already
I don't know
if I'm starting to eternally bleed
these are the things
of which I cannot speak
I'm sorry if I came off strong
honestly I don't know where it comes from

lately I've just been in my feelings
trying not to say them out loud
but lately it just won't come out
bottle it up so they don't investigate
I'm trying fix all this self hate
the things that are around me just aren't great
can someone help with this self hate?
and not leave me there like an ingrate
sorry for all the things I can't complain
it's all in my head, right?
I can't even say it
so I bottle it up like it's nothing
Aug 2020 · 113
Stone Aug 2020
I drown in my thoughts
You made me forget
But now I'm regretting it
Aug 2020 · 175
Stone Aug 2020
Fine lines
The same old lies
In your eyes
Aug 2020 · 272
Stone Aug 2020
You promised
Yet you relapsed
And now I'm snapped

I don't know if you know
But you're dazed
stuck in a haze
Won't let yourself escape

You have four beautiful daughters
Yet your mind
is on your own slaughter

I'm sorry I tried
But you ignored my pleas
On my knees
Can't you see?

You're falling
And I can't even stop it
Do you hear me calling?
All you hear is a whisper
My vocal chords are shredded
But it doesn't amount to a thing

You don't know the pain
You're bringing to yourself
All for your own game
In vain you are dying
Slowly I know it
Time is ticking
But again
You relapsed

You promised that
Once to a girl crying on the phone
I guess you forgot that girl
Your own daughter
Just because you have free will

I don't know if you just don't care
Or if your demons are there
But I'm here
I can't watch you disappear
Apr 2020 · 210
Stone Apr 2020
I love the way you smile
The way you look at me
Even when I don't see with my eyes

You have malice in your eyes
You're upset inside the fire
Or perhaps
You were the spark all along
Apr 2020 · 62
How Long
Stone Apr 2020
How long
Just how long
Until we can come together
Where there is no violence
No need to hate

How long
Just how long
Until there are no school shootings
No one is left behind
No one is discriminated
For simply being who they are

How long
How long will it be
When we are truly free
Mar 2020 · 504
Stone Mar 2020
In our streets there are diseases
In our faces
In our eyes
Out loud every one cried
"Stay at home or we will die"
Mar 2020 · 125
Stone Mar 2020
My eyes start to swell
Tears were the only thing that fell
I always ask myself
What am I doing wrong
Because it seems as though
It's been this long

I've been swimming
Swimming through countless oceans
Trying to find a name
For my condition
I've sunk under waves
Trying to find my place
Trying to assure myself it'll be fine
Only to come across
No, it's not fine
It's not fine anymore and I can say it
I can say it with knowing
That everyday I'm turning
Far away into desolation
My eyes hurt
I want them to close
My heart aches
I want it to be ripped out
Thrown into a lake
But everyone else loves
This ugly mistake
Someone who shouldn't have been
Someone who was carried
Only not to be wanted

Alone I start to break
My memories all clash
The feeling of living slowly faded
From the blood in my veins
I cried out wanting it more and more
Asking God
Why did you save a wretch
Only for this world to break her neck
Feb 2020 · 184
shouting for rest
Stone Feb 2020
in the grave
going under
my mind starts to blunder
the shouting never rests
my body is shaking
the heart breaking apart
Jan 2020 · 192
fade out
Stone Jan 2020
I think I want to disappear
she said that all I do
is disappear
it couldn't be anymore clear
that I'm not needed here
my fears
were what turned to be truth
all I needed was
to hear it from you
all I seem to do is run
but now I'm permanently faded away
Jan 2020 · 258
Stone Jan 2020
She led him dead
He said "We bled"
She said “Not fed”
Jan 2020 · 133
Never Again
Stone Jan 2020
The words fall from your lips
My heart felt more broken
So I tore out my heart
And presented it to you
However it wasn't the best gesture
As you screamed and threw back
In my face
So I picked it up
Placed it back in my chest
I wasn't feeling the best
So I acted like I wasn't impressed
Not anymore by your beauty
Jan 2020 · 489
Stone Jan 2020
I think it's going to rain
when I die
my life doesn't even feel
like its mine
there's a crossed line
and it's fine
if I've already crossed it
I know that I've lost it
inspired by Alice in Chains "Rain When I Die"
Jan 2020 · 120
Stone Jan 2020
lately i have been crying
for things that are dying
changes are crashing in
the tide has become too deep
buried under the sand
i continue to weep

inside my heart
there have been multiple
those have passed by
stopping at the bus stop
to get off
and never return

wires in my brain
tell me i'm insane
i dare you tell me i'm insane
i know i'm far gone
Jan 2020 · 653
carry on
Stone Jan 2020
one of these days i know
that young face of yours
will grow old
but my love for you
will carry on
Jan 2020 · 567
Stone Jan 2020
torn faces and worn out streets
listening to a band
I fall asleep
walking but here I dream
inside of my mind
no one can reach me

I wake up again
the feeling is never the same
each day
will we ever see the end
we won't ever escape
crying out
"hell is empty"
but it is our hearts that are not filled
hearts depression anxiety mind feelings emotions broken
Jan 2020 · 290
Stone Jan 2020
how is it I'm so uneasy
how is it that you've been fine
life reveals what it's dealt through seasons
circle comes around each time

you're above
over me
you're feeling the love
craving unconditional love
inspired by Mad Season "I'm Above"
Jan 2020 · 104
Stone Jan 2020
twisters inside my brain
feeling tired from the cold
withering in my bones- old

decaying and dissolving to ash
the colors begin to clash
red, orange and black
blue on my lips
i have lost my tricks

fire- endless as it burns
inside my chest
it engulfs me into flames
knowing there is shame
Sep 2019 · 139
teeth in the mouth
Stone Sep 2019
teeth in the mouth
blood is spilling out
my heart is at an end
never will I say it aloud
but inside it is loud
teeth in the mouth
won't someone get me out
Aug 2019 · 72
the gloom
Stone Aug 2019
lately it has been getting darker
the days seem to be even harder
where i cannot find a light
nobody can find me
alone in a place so empty

i lay my head down
music is in my ears
sighing; completely angry at the world
where i feel empty
out of place and gloomy
May 2019 · 148
I love you
Stone May 2019
I love you
throw your arms up
you know well
that I do
love you
Apr 2019 · 73
need to be
Stone Apr 2019
cut me into pieces
rip me apart slowly
never thought it would be this way
where I feel so lonely
without you it feels cold
desolate as I float into space
you're my gravity
that pulls me back
in your arms
where I need to be
Apr 2019 · 68
never let me go
Stone Apr 2019
my words are becoming stale
there isn't exactly a way for me to say it
at least not anymore
I'm taking a breath in
and letting them out slowly
hoping my heart reaches to you
tells you how much I need you

You breathed new life into my veins
the second you lifted me up
in your arms
holding me tightly
just never
please never let me go
Apr 2019 · 123
Stone Apr 2019
i need you here
right beside me
for i cannot be
without you
without you

i can't exist alone
i'm dying here
alone again
knowing inside
to let my walls fall
Apr 2019 · 57
i didn't know you yet
Stone Apr 2019
you look me in the eyes
feels like the first time
all over again

inside of my head
I knew
I should have been dead
but then again
I didn't know you

now that I am with you
it feels like I knew you
the entire time
Apr 2019 · 61
without you
Stone Apr 2019
will you stay with me my love
for another day
I am afraid
don't wanna be alone
without you
Apr 2019 · 55
Stone Apr 2019
I spit out fire
from my lungs
the ground shakes
it all comes crashing down
all over again
Apr 2019 · 152
Stone Apr 2019
sickness overcomes me
overpowered and sickly
drifting away
fading into nothing
your arms stretched out
eyes begging for me to hold you
as I draw near
a remedy
Apr 2019 · 82
Stone Apr 2019
light radiates from you
shining brighter
than any star
that I have gazed upon
or even wished to
you are
Apr 2019 · 170
Stone Apr 2019
I feel the pain
as it swarms around me
but your eyes
like burning embers
they welcome me
I don't feel it any longer
that pain has subsided
Mar 2019 · 105
don't go to sleep
Stone Mar 2019
I would sleep
but I don't remember how to
Mar 2019 · 83
Stone Mar 2019
upon looking in your eyes
I see all of your stories
you are enchanting
the look in your eyes suggesting
with love that is deep
as we lay down in a heap

that dream - feverish
my heart beating with yours
the cold becoming warmth
spring drawing close
where I do not feel remorse

my days with you
they are the ones dear
as you are drawing near
I just pray you won't go
there's just so much love
for me to show
before it draws in - the snow
Mar 2019 · 88
Stone Mar 2019
I don't want it to wake up
the evil inside
Mar 2019 · 81
Stone Mar 2019
Again I breathe you in my lungs
resuscitate me
Mar 2019 · 66
Stone Mar 2019
I wish I could tell you
just how I feel
However, I cannot
for you, my love
You are an ocean
An ocean clear and blue
with endless depths undiscovered
I have dared to dive into
I want to get lost with you
Mar 2019 · 65
Stone Mar 2019
i am suffocating
inside my mind there is a cage
a cage that is locked
my soul is trapped inside the ring
my soulmate is on the outside
as the mother bangs her stick
across the metal
making it ring in my ears

god has forsaken thou
god has forsaken thou

I wake up screaming
unable to breathe
he held me
the devil with dark eyes

I am enchanted
and he does not even know
how much I love him so
the devil held me
and he said I was beautiful

she is on the inside
killing me
Mar 2019 · 75
Stone Mar 2019
he is quiet
as he walks beside me
holding my hand gently

sometimes he smiles
sometimes he does not
that is okay
because I often find it
Mar 2019 · 47
the boy with glass eyes
Stone Mar 2019
The boy with glass eyes
he looked at me
and told me
I was the most beautiful thing
that he ever set his eyes on

The boy with the dark hair
he placed his head upon my shoulder
and told me
I was comforting

The man with the kindest soul
he reached his hand out
and told me
I shouldn't harm myself

For I am his light
and he is mine
Mar 2019 · 53
Stone Mar 2019
He tells me he is not good enough
However he is
that is how I feel

He tells me I will run away
However I will stay
that is how I feel

He tells me he is a bad person
However he is a good person
that is how I feel

He tells me he is broken
broken things are still beautiful
that is how I feel
Mar 2019 · 68
another poem for chase
Stone Mar 2019
Are you still going to look at me the same
Whenever I break

Are you still going to call me beautiful
When I am a mess
Even when I don't look the best

The feelings I have
as I go through the day
they cultivate
so I hope for you
that they do the same

Are you still going to love me
Even on my worst days

Because I am going to
even whenever you are a mess
even when you are crying
even when your day isn't the best
or if you are in distress

I will still feel the same love for you
as I did
When I first wrote to you
and ran away
only for you
to come my way
Mar 2019 · 41
Stone Mar 2019
The walls are too high
for me to climb
as you jump over

I lay out a mattress
you fall upon the sheets
roll over and hold me

as I cry
and I cry
over and over again
yet you still think
that I am beautiful
holding me there
petting my hair
Mar 2019 · 132
Stone Mar 2019
I was slow dancing
with the devil
he had the kindest smile
his eyes were dark
they held no light

I found them beautiful
so he did mine
and placed
a kiss upon me
Feb 2019 · 192
Stone Feb 2019
I take another breath
maybe the first
maybe the last

my heart beats
maybe the first
maybe the last

the pain
I don't dare speak
Feb 2019 · 80
Stone Feb 2019
Loving you is like breathing
when you're gone
I am paralyzed
shaking, alone in fear
my heart is with you
taken and grasped
in your hands

I marvelled at how
someone- you could be
so beautiful in every way
from your laugh to your smile
your eyes looking in mine
even when you cry
and the sky is grey
Feb 2019 · 63
Stone Feb 2019
I will never run out
of love for you
deep devotion
your hand to hold

my heart belonging to you
only you
I just want to be yours
for as long as you love me
Feb 2019 · 78
Stone Feb 2019
The secrets I have held
inside of my heart
for only you to know
begging for you to know them
feel the honesty in every syllable
I am yours
you are mine
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