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Aki Apr 8
I love the way you smile
The way you look at me
Even when I don't see with my eyes

You have malice in your eyes
You're upset inside the fire
Or perhaps
You were the spark all along
Aki Apr 8
How long
Just how long
Until we can come together
Where there is no violence
No need to hate

How long
Just how long
Until there are no school shootings
No one is left behind
No one is discriminated
For simply being who they are

How long
How long will it be
When we are truly free
Aki Mar 31
In our streets there are diseases
In our faces
In our eyes
Out loud every one cried
"Stay at home or we will die"
Aki Feb 18
in the grave
going under
my mind starts to blunder
the shouting never rests
my body is shaking
the heart breaking apart
Aki Feb 5
yet I find
repeating in my head
"if I can't be my own"
"I'd feel better dead"
Inspired by "Nutshell" Alice in Chains
Aki Jan 28
I think I want to disappear
she said that all I do
is disappear
it couldn't be anymore clear
that I'm not needed here
my fears
were what turned to be truth
all I needed was
to hear it from you
all I seem to do is run
but now I'm permanently faded away
Aki Jan 24
She led him dead
He said "We bled"
She said “Not fed”
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