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Aki 16h
I spit out fire
from my lungs
the ground shakes
it all comes crashing down
all over again
Aki Apr 5
sickness overcomes me
overpowered and sickly
drifting away
fading into nothing
your arms stretched out
eyes begging for me to hold you
as I draw near
a remedy
Aki Apr 5
light radiates from you
shining brighter
than any star
that I have gazed upon
or even wished to
you are
Aki Apr 4
I feel the pain
as it swarms around me
but your eyes
like burning embers
they welcome me
I don't feel it any longer
that pain has subsided
Aki Mar 13
I would sleep
but I don't remember how to
Aki Mar 13
upon looking in your eyes
I see all of your stories
you are enchanting
the look in your eyes suggesting
with love that is deep
as we lay down in a heap

that dream - feverish
my heart beating with yours
the cold becoming warmth
spring drawing close
where I do not feel remorse

my days with you
they are the ones dear
as you are drawing near
I just pray you won't go
there's just so much love
for me to show
before it draws in - the snow
Aki Mar 12
I don't want it to wake up
the evil inside
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