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Stone Jul 5
I feel more aware
I can see it in the night air
They have ignorant thoughts
I am becoming less distraught
Understanding that
It wasn't just my fault
Stone Jul 1
She stares at the bookshelf
The top is cluttered
she cannot bring herself to clean it
For she is too small
Instead cleans from the middle down
It wasn't hard at all
If only she were tall
Then again, she prefers
to be small
Stone Mar 18
I don't sleep
I don't eat
I can't sleep
I can't eat
I won't sleep
I won't eat
I am in too deep
my heart weeps
Stone Feb 3
I have this little problem
Really it isn't little
He knows I can spit words
But tells me to stuff them inside
I went against his order
Today I told her how I felt
But instead he wanted to defend her
Telling me that it wasn't right
Who are you to say
What is and isnt right
You laid in her bed
While I made ours
Carefully you crept
Through her window
And into her
I close my eyes and shudder
At the thought of you
With another
You can't ask me why
I don't want it
When you bathed
In someone else

Now you're on the phone with her
Not even caring if I'm okay
Is this what I am meant to play?
A game in which
I am to lose to her anyway
Stone Jan 11
I think it's all too much
lately it's just been a rush
yelling to myself
cannot speak about it
but I'm aching already
I don't know
if I'm starting to eternally bleed
these are the things
of which I cannot speak
I'm sorry if I came off strong
honestly I don't know where it comes from

lately I've just been in my feelings
trying not to say them out loud
but lately it just won't come out
bottle it up so they don't investigate
I'm trying fix all this self hate
the things that are around me just aren't great
can someone help with this self hate?
and not leave me there like an ingrate
sorry for all the things I can't complain
it's all in my head, right?
I can't even say it
so I bottle it up like it's nothing
Stone Aug 2020
I drown in my thoughts
You made me forget
But now I'm regretting it
Stone Aug 2020
Fine lines
The same old lies
In your eyes
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