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8.6k · Jul 2018
she used to call herself, Laurein
but i love it most calling her, mine
i know it's a bit cheesy,
but she's the love i couldn't define

i tried math
to find the value of her love
but i found indefinite

i tried science
to search and study
how great she is
yet even Einstein complained;
she's more than we could understand

i tried asking GOD...
and was told,
to just hold your hand, tight
with eyes gleaming with contentment and surprise
"love her for the rest of your life,
for the love she have,
is an equation made only for you"
1.6k · Jul 2018
your teardrops
create ripples
to my heart
and the waves
drowned my soul
i gasp for air so hard when you cry
1.1k · Jul 2018
he rested his head
to drown the thoughts
he couldn't bear

then he ceased
along with adversity
of having too much
he couldn't grasp his sanity
random thoughts
932 · Jul 2018
written feelings
i write my feelings
for i lack the courage to speak
coz darling my emotion
is vast as an ocean
and if telling you them
with my voice
trembles at the sight of you,
you'll drown

and i'll be left with the thought
of drowning with you
or left, rubbing my voice
against the wind
739 · Feb 2019
I fell
in love
and I thought
every storm
is beautiful-
until I saw
it ended
715 · Aug 2018
your smiles
I'm touching
the skies
with the picture
of your smiles'

        your smiles
             are the stars
                     of my night sky
646 · Jul 2018
i know you are just, arm-reach
but every time i try touching you
all i could feel are shadows
an emptied feeling;
from the memories of our past
the love we wished to no end would last
the promises we made to words,
like smokes- gone so fast

i tried speaking out to you
but all i could hear are echoes;
of the scars you left
in my heart, i couldn't lift
of the voices that haunts
from my soul through my head

i tried...

i tried everything
from the sounds of our laughters
so genuine we cried out tears of joy
from the comfort of our touches
so tender we slept out of chaos
from letters we wrote
so innocent and full of effort we exchanged trusts-

we exchanged trusts
but you were careless enough
that you broke it into pieces
i couldn't help
but crawl and shout for help
even though i knew no one could hear
for the voices i made
were only whispers against the wind

so i burned myself
and into ashes i turned
and dusts
and called out for the rain
to wash away my remains
but even the rain wouldn't listen
so i called out for the wind
to carry me somewhere
my heart, my soul, my mind could rest
but even the wind is dead enough
to grant my undying wish

take me! take me!
i shouted with voices so dull
i couldn't feel myself shouting
for love
for help
for care

until a hurricane came
and took this undying pain-
with a smile
i bid goodbye to the world where vanity reign.
randomly writing down my thoughts.
608 · Jul 2018
i **** at everything i tried working out
every effort seems worthless
every sleepless nights
           turned to memories in a dream
           turned to shadows, untamed
           turned to ashes, unseen

then there came the you
           who called perfect my every flaw
           who fearlessly catch insults they throw;
           on me who's defenses are low
           for i never tried to let them grow
           strong and sharpen the claw
           for i only kept them below
           the surface of who i am they know.

there came the you
          who brought sunlight
          i have believed untrue
          who melted the sadness
          i have held and can't undo

there came the you
          who love me so true
          i couldn't wish for anything
          but to be only with you
594 · Jul 2018
doing you
It's 3am and I'm still stuck
with day-dreaming
of you in this room
standing naked
before me;

stuck to a question
you asked,
"how would you do me?"
and speechless I was
for such inquiry-

how would I do you
I asked myself
drawing figures of you
tucked on my bed
filled with pleasure
you badly needed;

how would I do you
I asked again
so I moved my hands
to where you're vulnerable
and stretch as far as I can go
reaching your bottom

how would I do you
this question repeats again
so I started kissing
your lips- torridly
down to your *******,
biting your *******
for excitement overwhelmed me
yet, you showed no pain but pleasure
you showed no rebellion but surrender

how would I do you
and I finally knew;
I moved down
started kissing
and licking
and licking
and lick...
with my tongue,
thirsty of you
and you started screaming
yes, yes, yes, yes
and a smile curled up to my lips
I finally knew

it's 3am,
I fell asleep
stuck to the thought of
How would I do you

Now I do
549 · Jul 2018
at 7:30 in the morning
let's eat, she said
and I saw nothing
but her naked skin
and a smile so arousing
then my clothes
began to melt

with a grin
we started kissing
and moaning
our music playing
at 7:30 in the morning
516 · Jul 2018
What’s on your mind?
What’s on your mind?
You always asked
and I kept ignoring
that kind of inquiry is boring

what’s on your mind?
You should’ve never asked
the night may be long
but still ain’t enough
and you’ll even call me wrong

what’s on your mind?
but of course I should respond

What’s on my mind?
are words I couldn’t define
they always seemed to be fine
but if I won’t let them out
they made me dizzy
like I drank ***** mixed with wine
they’re hot like fire
but when I write them down
with my tongue-
I got frozen, I somehow turn blind.

What’s on my mind?
I think you got it differently
for it isn't what
but who I have with my crazy thoughts
and it's you, always have been;
in my mind always floats
502 · Sep 2018
they said;
she wasn't real
she was just an idea
stuck on my head
forged with words
i've always written

i bet they're wrong
a ghost could've touched me
an imaginary figure
could've played
my head
but can never reach my soul
yet she did-
457 · Aug 2019
Galaxies and You
I know
it is way
too much
to compare
your eyes
with stars,
when they're
just bits of you.
405 · Oct 2018
killer mind
how do you
keep your
sanity tact?

I don't.
I let it out
like a
volcanic eruption,
in furtive ways;
like killing someone
a million times
within your mind
393 · Jul 2018
Laurein II
You have not just
captured my heart
but you gave it
a place, i call-
390 · Jul 2018
we've exchanged I love you's
how many was it?
i couldn't count
and didn't kept records
of how and when were those words
slip our tongues

we've exchanged emotions
i cry and you laugh at me
like it's a silly joke
yet you gave warmth right away
kissed my soul, deeply
it felt like  i floated in the milky way
lots of stars glimmers
at the sight of your smiles

we've exchanged love
but i think, you love me greatly
for you didn't just chose me
you love me, long before you met me
I love you more, that's what she always tells me, every day.
358 · Jul 2018
commissioner of love
i am a commissioner of love
i speak for the voices, unheard
i speak for the hearts, broken and untreated
i speak for the thoughts, rejected and frightened
i speak and stand for them;
       for i was like them
       before and until now
       still looking for places
       i could fit my heart and soul in

i speak for them and for me
       for the courage to spell words personally
       creates waves of emotions that drowns throats, unspeakably-
       than writing it with this pen and paper with me

i speak for them
       not because i'm brave enough to chant the spell
       but because i knew,
       someone is counting on me
       to do something we couldn't complete, singly
325 · Jul 2018
come closer
and witness
the painting
my irises
are holding;
you'll find
and smiling-
278 · Feb 2019
I heard her
screaming out
for love,
she thinks
she deserves--

she was
to the wind
273 · Jul 2018
I was a captive
Of the words, promises-made
Of the lips, lies incarnate
Of the eyes, opened to discriminate
Of the world, caged within a condemnatory kinsfolk

I was a captive
and my actions were limited

I was a captive
So are the words my tongue exhibits, scripted

I was a captive
So are my thoughts, being dictated

I was a captive
So as my freedom, chained to words
Restrained, shackled, suppressed-

I was a captive
I was weak
I live in fear
I was discriminated
I was rejected
I wasn’t wanted..

I was chased
But couldn’t catch me
I was a captive

I was shot
But they missed
I was a captive

I was poisoned
but survived
for I was immune
I was a captive

I was a captive
I may had
But I am limited edition
I was chaos
Now I’m war-
My thoughts are limitless
Bound to be border-less

I am power
I am strength
I am storm,
Unstoppable, deadly-

I was a captive
But not anymore

Triggered Letters
260 · Dec 2018
she said
she's fine-
in drowning tears
one must look closer, to understand what one really is feeling.
251 · Aug 2018
little do they know
Stormchaser, so they call me
but little do they know
I’m the freaking storm, itself
I breathe hurricanes
I spit tidal waves
my voice roars like a thunder
and the lightnings
are my excess prowess

I am a storm
but little do they know
what I’m capable of
241 · Jan 2019
Haiku 6
A queen
and a knight,
I believed what I saw
you were made
with such beauty
that holds
too much chaos
233 · Feb 2020
But oh, love
you are all metaphor
to me
my kind of
golden sunset
shining on the horizon
of my restless sea
and I am your weary sailor
lost in the twilight
of your beauty
228 · Feb 2019
Just a wish
I wish
to run
my fingers
between yours,
hold them
like you're
forever mine
and just like that, to wishes I could only hope
227 · Jul 2018
We always looked
at the things
that broke us once
but not
of the things
that kept us whole

let's change our focus
to a future
that is beyond control
yet within
our imagination's call.
222 · Aug 2018
Hello Poetry
I've joined poetry websites
and all of 'em excites-
the poet i am inside
screaming for words
I can no longer hide;

then hello poetry was introduced
to this poet, so induced
to create crazy lines
that collects higher fines;
tolls i couldn't define

day after day, i wrote
line after line, i broke
and bleed
the words
in my blood
i hid

and to my co poet and poetess
i admit and confess
that your masterpieces
lit up the flame
i have within
my soul to bring
upon your den
of broken lines
made to mend
someone who has been broken
and found this place
haven, a poet's and poetess's space
I really admire and adore all writers here and other poetry websites. I dedicate this to Hello Poetry and to all my co poets and poetess
220 · Jul 2018
your name
they asked me
to write a sad story
so I wrote your full name-
their thoughts were troubled
since they didn't know
there was an us,
there was never
214 · Sep 2018
in sadness
i was aloft
for the death
of my countrymen
are bulk

the mountains moved
and melted
like river flowing
so smooth, it took lives

they heard them screaming
yet they listen not

the pleas of their voices
were echoing
along the seashores
even the skies, cries
of these loses

in sadness
still am aloft
for the death of my countrymen
i'm in no help- not at all
they - authorities; them/their-victims
206 · Nov 2018
Perfect storm
She is chaos
she is order,
both high and low
a tattoo under
everyone's skin.

She is death
and life
at the same time

She is everything empty
but you won't see her
like a void-

pitch black,
was her soul painted
yet, she is light incarnate
completely complicated

She is fear
and love
and hate;
black coffee
with too much sugar in it
Should the coffee an understatement or vice versa?
202 · Jul 2018
women are rainbows
women come in different colors;
and just like rainbows,
they're most beautiful
when they shine
I believe they are :)
191 · Feb 2019
You, Sorrows and Tears
I scribbled through my thoughts,
looking for inspirations
to write an awesome piece-
but I fell into my soul
a den of emptiness
and found you somewhere
between my sorrows and tears
I write out of my heart's content. The beats it makes and the music it creates are words my head couldn't take. So, instead of drowning myself in depression- I write, and write, and write, and write; from dusk 'til dawn, between songs of love and loneliness, over the art of life and death, and everything that don't make sense but matters. I write- for if I don't, my heart and mind will burst into colours with your name on it; you'll appreciate its beauty and radiance, yet I'll be losing the life my family and friends' valued for years. So, I chose to write, every time my thoughts catches a glimpse of you- our memories, made together with love so genuine and with promises so broken. And when the time comes you'll end up running, ringing over the door bell of my heart's door, begging- for chances you've disregarded and actions you've regretted and love you've missed for you've chosen yourself over me; I will choose writing over you. For it has not left me through depression and anxiety; since and then.
183 · Jul 2018
beautiful kind of mess
then you started
to think
that you're a mess,
a disappointment

             but oh my dear
             you're a beautiful
             kind of mess
it's your soul that counts
181 · Jul 2018
No Greater
There's no greater glee
than having you with me
You listened well to my pleas
Even in my cries, you bend your knees
to lift me, to wipe the tears on my cheeks

There's no greater feeling,
I tell thee
For my love,
You brought sunlight
to every dark corner my heart has
and warmth spread-
melting every cold feeling I had,
for years and years of heartbreaks
for years and years of sadness
for years and years of loneliness

There's no greater feeling
than being loved so faithfully
by someone you love, truly...

There's no greater feeling
165 · Dec 2018
she was loved
and left-
with wet eyes
and sobbing soul
156 · Feb 2020
The pain
you're having
might leave scars-
yet, scars
were never unworthy
they might be heavy
but they're your trophies
of those countless victories;

So go on,
get defeated
and rise again
the next day
just like how Phoenix's do
from ashes,
you'll grow
to the most
beautiful you
152 · Aug 2018
i hated
the feeling
of longing;
it makes
me weak
it makes
me vulnerable-
to being
and to the corners
i once hid
will be again
my safe haven
against pain
147 · Sep 2018
Haiku (about love)
fighting demons,
taming dragons-
both are deadly
like falling in love.
146 · Mar 2019
His Poetry
his words
are his swords,
cutting deeply
to whoever meets it..
leaving marks
decryptable by
one who yields the same..
144 · Sep 2019
Galaxies and You V2
But darling,
it is not enough
to just watch
you shine
and marvel
at your beauty
I must tell
the world as well
that fairy tales
are true
that there is
an unrivaled beauty
that there is you
143 · Aug 2018
cliff of happiness
i found love
through your eyes;
it holds the galaxy
and the stars
smiles for you-
now i wonder
how could i
never fall
if you're a
cliff of happiness
140 · Sep 2018
Undefined Beauty
she's too hot
for a cup of tea,
too cold
for bottles of beers,
too ****
for a glass of wine-

i'm out here
to this masterpiece
i, myself
couldn't define
137 · Jan 2019
love me harder
love me harder
like it's a bad-***
thing to do
136 · Jul 2018
Coffee, Poetry, You
what arouses you
she asked-
coffee and poetry,
i replied.
she looked away

with a smile
I whispered
"and YOU"
naked next to me
134 · Oct 2018
there's nothing wrong
with falling in love,

unless you'd
deprived yourself
for the other
133 · Jul 2018
you somehow
kissed my soul;
troubled and broken
beneath a storm-
saved and nurtured
by saying,
I love you
132 · Jul 2018
there had been days
i wish for rain to pour
so hard that i could drown
my thoughts, indoor

there had been days
i wish for the sun to shine
so bright it could scorch
my troubled soul

there had been days
i wish i had none
and stared blankly
to the reasons i couldn't shake
of being away from you
my heart withers;
thirsty to the touches
you do
I Miss You
131 · Sep 2018
met not meant - Haiku
i wanted the sea
she wanted the skies

we just smile
for each other
with teary eyes
130 · Aug 2018
                        ­               was
         ­                               was
read from "I" to up and down
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