Living one day
On my own zone
Never finding my own way
Ending on my own side everyday

      Believe me,
      You'll never know what is like to
be My own menace and
      Erasing my own pace

Ending on my own side everyday
Never finding my own way
On my own zone
Living one day by one day
Good or bad, i'd rather be

(You can also read it backwards)
  Jun 11 Danilo Florenzio
she reminds me
of the pills i take

her tongue leaves my tongue
with an aftertaste

i might just overdose
on that pretty face

after all love’s a drug
even if it’s fake
Oh, i couldn't
be what you want me to be
No, i wouldn't,
if it is not good for me
Oh, my sugar,
there's nothing wrong with you, you see?
I only cannot stay here taking what you're giving me

I assure you,
i will stay on my own side
It's my duty,
'cause i have nothing to hide
I'm peculiar,
so i don't have the need to crawl
Or to behave like i don't have my pride

But if you'd like to put all things aside
Then i could see, how these things would be
But for now, we better stay right where we are
'Cause you don't belong to me, and you don't own me by far

Oh, it's true that
you may never understand
So, then, surely,
we can't end up as good friends
But, believe me,
it can end by another way
So hurry up or it might be too late

And if you'd want to put all things aside
I'll need more time to think if it'll be right
And if i like to pass by all those things
again and see if my ego will lean
I'm hearing someone calling me
Don't sleep or you'll miss it
A dream will not be so worthy
I'll lift you to feel it
I promise you will love to feel dirty

Soon, it will be too late to stop
You will feel how your hips will hop

Will these fantasies make you feel afraid to
sink in pleasure(which is never a bad thing)?
I will give you so much, you'll need a break, then
it will be better, after all, you'll have to say:

Do you find freedom when you're captured?
Do you lose reason when you're tamed?
Now i'm your heathen and i won't release you
But whenever you wanna' switch roles, just let me know

Soon, it will be too late to stop
You will feel how your hips will hop
Wherever you wish, from down or on top
We do not have time(or the need) to stop
Show me how you often tame
I'd like to show you
I want you well
I've already told you
But you were in your shell

You wish i hated you
But this way i never felt
You wish i had betrayed you
But i'm not into that spell

Maybe on someday
We'll meet again
Maybe in that day
We'd rather fade

While this day don't come
I won't panic
And, to the bone
I'll freeze, static
Could life ever be sane again?
The leaves are falling
The day's dawning
My pain is flawing
In this magic morning

The sun is burning
My heart gets warmer
When clouds are showing
I can get higher
Better for tomorrow
Please don’t make me feel like that again
Don’t let me fall into that kind of pain
Don’t make me act like a constant fool
Don’t leave me like a crying baby who drools

Please don’t make me look like i’m insane
Don’t let me fall into that trap of chains
Don’t make me act like i am your tool
Don’t leave me like i can need your fuel

Don’t make me question myself
Don’t make my heart beg for your help
Don’t leave me alone in that snow
Please don’t let me go wherever you go

Don’t make me look like someone else
Don’t make me beg for my health
Don’t make that seed in my heart grow
Please don’t let me do all these things of love
Don't make me fall in love again
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