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Danilo Florenzio Aug 2018
You know all i think about is you
You know all i think about
Is i want you, i miss you, i wanna kiss you
Every day and night, wanna be with you

And while i’m away, i will wish, i will wait
I’ll be praying for you to stay

Come and say that you will never leave
Come and say i can believe
I will make you feel better, i swear, forever
You will have me here taking care of you

But while i’m away, i will wish, i will wait,
I’ll be praying for you to stay

Our thing is not just a one night one
Our thing is more than anyone’s
‘Cause we know that we believe one in another
We are sure that we need each other

So, while i’m away, i will wish, i will wait,
I’ll be praying for you to say
“Forever together we’ll stay”
Tomorrow i'll miss you
Danilo Florenzio Jul 2018
The red moon
Red as the blood that fills our hearts
Red as the passion that give us fire
As the seduction that leave us flying

It is in bloom
As the good feelings that we transpire
As all the passion that inspires us
As all the loveliness we admire

As a typhoon
Like the pleasure that makes we go wild
Like that moon of love up in the sky
Like all the bloom of all our desire
Like that typhoon of love intensified
Another wonder in that wonderful sky.
Danilo Florenzio Jul 2018
If someday you forget where your happiness is
Look up at the sky above us
Look at the sun that god gave us
Look at the sea that covers us

We got a thousand reasons to take a step
We got a hundred ways not to be mad
We got another day of work that can be sweaty
But, still, I choose to be happy

I’m happy ‘cause i don’t owe nothing
I'm happy ‘cause there’s people loving
I’m happy ‘cause I can see that light
I’m happy ‘cause I die tonight
Danilo Florenzio Jul 2018
It would be better
To be free
It would be better
To just see
It would be better
To believe
Everything's better
And i wish to be

It is not better
To stay down
It is not better
Until dawn
It won't turn better
So, i'll get out

Until it matters
'Cause i believe
It will be better
From dusk 'till dawn
Danilo Florenzio Jun 2018
The worst of pessimists, covered by his own mist,
Does it really have to be like this?
He has an open mind, but his motivation’s blind
Can’t he just stand on his feet and switch the disk?

Trading his love for life for creativeness
Waking from his dreams, he wish to stay like this

Walking on his own, he has turned his records on
He knows all things will get better
He’s all right and always wrong, he knows where he has come from
But this only makes him sadder

On his path to self destruction, he is on a roll
Right or wrong, on his malfunction, he’s got no control

Moaning about his own life, for sure he won’t make things right
Does he really needs to be like this?
Why does he has to be mad, why does he wants to be sad?
Why does “he” needs to actually be “me”?
Self struggle
Danilo Florenzio Jun 2018
This state of mind
Is more than complicated
This date of mine
Is not but all created

These walls at my side
Means that i’m fated
This builded mind
Is more than complicated

And by my side
I don’t know how i’ll call these things
If there is fire
You know, my blood will be setting

But it’s alright
In all of my life, i’ve been stranded
In this state of mind
In which, my empire just stay jaded
Danilo Florenzio Jun 2018
I wanna’ drop out
This is not the world i’ve dreamed of
I wanna’ drop out
This way i will have to drop off
I wanna’ drop out
These bad things take off my sleep
I wanna’ drop out,
The nice parts are hard to see
I wanna’ drop out, but there’s others just like me
If i want a better world,
To be better, first, i need
If you want a better world, start by yourself
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