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Sonu Tyro Nov 2023
Broken things can be beautiful too,
With cracks and scars, they’re something new.
A broken vase, now fixed with care,
Shines with lines that weren’t there.
Even hearts, once broken, beat strong,
So remember, when things fall apart,
There’s beauty in fixing a broken heart
Sonu Tyro Feb 21
In quiet talks with you, my friend,
I must be true, and not pretend.
Our love's a tale that's reached its end,
No false hopes here, I can't extend.

Though once we danced in love's sweet glow,
Now it's time to let it go.
No promises to falsely show,
I must move on, let it flow.

So let's embrace what lies ahead,
And leave behind what's now been said.
My hearts will heal, though love has fled,
In letting go, i find instead.
learning Art of letting go.
Sonu Tyro Sep 2017
Anyone can tell you they love you,
But i,the stupid fellow will never,
As it is to be understood by thy heart,
Not to be told by words.

Anyone can flatter you and tell you'r beautiful
But i will never tell,
As your beauty can't be expressed,
And you'r the masterpiece of beauty by god,

Anyone can gift you precious things,
But i will never gift you,
The only thing i can gift is my heart,
which i have gifted at first sight.

Anyone can promise you World and Star,
But i will never promise that,
The only thing that i can promise is,
Your HAPPINESS and DIMPLE on you face.

Anyone can fight for you from god,
But i will never,
I can fight for your happiness,
For that i can offer my life in god's favor

Any one can tell you are his dream,
But i will never tell,
i will never tell you anything,
Instead i will try to prove.
Sonu Tyro Dec 2018
take her hand
but don't guide her
let her go
wherever she wants

don't grasp her tightly
let her be free
if she don't want you
let her go

lighten her world
just with simple smile
close your eye
let her go

let her bloom
in open sky
let her shine
under young moon

if she is  in your fortune
she will come back
if not let her go
leave her wild
Sonu Tyro Jan 2018
Can i love you?
Not to get your love,
but to fulfill my own love

Let me love you
Let me love you
Let me love you
Sonu Tyro Nov 2017
its impossible,
Said the pride.
You need to hide,
Said the eyes.

Its risky ,
Said the experience .
You need to forget ,
Said the memory.

Its pointless ,
Said the brain.
You need to stop thinking,
Said the dream.

Its always the heart,
Who says, let’s give a try
Sonu Tyro Sep 2017
Look deep in my eyes,
and tell me what you see,
can you see yourself inside
if not my love was not true

look deep into my heart,
and tell for whom it is beating'
can you feel my heart call,
if not it"s worth its beating.

peep into my smile,
and tell how and why it comes,
what do you think ,
are you the reason?

look at my love,
it is calling you,
but your ears are closed for my word,
and your heart is closed for my love.

look at my pain,
not the pain of loosing you,
but the pain of loosing myself,
just to get what i can't

look at me and tell
am i the one who i was?
or the one you have never seen?
or the one you will see?

open the eye of heart,
and see my love for you,
if you can't find,
i will happily leave you
dedicated to the girl i love
Sonu Tyro Jan 2019
i love 'love'
"if hope you got what i what my word is saying"
Sonu Tyro Jan 2018
L ost
              O verthinking
   V ouble
    E ndless
Sonu Tyro Jun 2019
One day you will get buried
Deep down in my heart
From where i can’t listen
Even your loudest call

My love  will get lost
No where else
But in my own heart

The heart who used  
To think everytime of you
Will not bother anymore

The heart who used
To fall every second for you
Will not live anymore

The heart who wanted you
To make you as soulmate
Will not look for you anymore

You will get lost
In heart of sorrow
Pain, true love , anger

The day when you will
Fell my love
My heart will no more feel for you

One day you will get buried
Deep down in my heart
My love  will get lost
But in my own heart
Its all about the day will pass and i will forget her , but its very difficut to forget some one who you have love the most :-)
Sonu Tyro Feb 2019
you were late,
lust conquered
me before you.
Sonu Tyro Sep 2017
Every year I wait for my sister,
Just to make my misfortune wrist fortune,
But my ardent always scatter,
There is no day when my wrist will tune.

She came before me,
And went before I was born,
Was she born just to die?
No, no, no god was telling lie.

I see heavenward and beg heavenly father,
Please god return my innocent Hazel,
Stubborn god refused to the request of brother,
And from last sixteen year I have just gazed.

My tear raced down my face,
When I think I have not seen even your face,
Without you my sole is empty,
Somewhere I fell you provide your brother safety.

Is it, choice was given to my mother,
To opt one of the either,
And mom with great difficult choose me,
Instead we both were her dearest,
I always wonder why she opted me?
Why not my unseen sister.

Your absence heart me deep,
Even willingly I cant weep,
Now the only thing I can do,
Is to remember her
Sonu Tyro Sep 2017
you are a murderer,
you killed the boy
that i used to be.

the boy that
used to smile
all the time,
the boy that
used to have
a lot of friend,
the boy that
used to see
in the mirror.

now he is dead,
his eyes are open,
he rarely smile,
and he does't believe
the compliment that he recives
coz he belives
that they are just trying
to make him fell better.

you are a murderer,
you killed the boy
that i used to be.
Sonu Tyro Sep 2017
future is full of opportunity,
which is upon teachers and friends,
where teacher do all effort to train,
want us to see on the summit,
but friends interfere and never permit,
and act as a success defender.

hell and heaven are two aspects of life coin,
one of then we have to join,
yuck! one provoke for hellhole,
other make the life heavenly.

pioneer are only few,
poisoned chalice are always new,
it's tough to get a *****,
in every step we get a bog,
all depend on which one we choose.

hoo-ray!!! fortunately i got and choose,
at any cost i don't want to loose,
he is the only best for me,
who brings best in me, else non.

every second he want to see me bliss
for the he sacrifices his own happiness
in every thing he is too pefect,
that i, i cant reject, and if i had,
it would be the greatest mistake of my life.

i search same diamond in heavenly world town,
but every time my adventure broken down,
for new friendship whomever i catch,
not even a single trend match,
i feel lucky to get unique one.

i have only one diamond,
who can defeat million of demon,
whenever i think of him, i fell proud.
whom i have opt from the crowd.

i am sure i will never get another,
i wish like him for my every brother.
Sonu Tyro Sep 2017
You helped to find who I am,
And motivated to proceed toward my aim,
I knew I am knowledge lame,
But still my success was claimed.

I was away from my parent and guardians,
But still felt secure in your arm.
I am glad that I lived under your guidance,
Because there was no one to harm.

I was just foolish beginner,
But you made me winner.
I wonder how and why.
Did you do any magic spell on me?

I think god has send you for me,
No,no,no you are not messenger of god
But you are only god for me,
"Because I have not seen god other than you"

My knowledge was as black as coal,
But you polished me with your knowledge,
And taught me every aspect of life from sole,
And made me perfect from every edge.

Every time you stayed the right by my side,
Even today when we are apart,
You always helped me to pull my cart,
And I bet our strongest bond will never hide

You changed my world with a blink of eye,
That is something that I can't deny,
You put my sole from worst to best
That is why you are most precious treasure
Sonu Tyro Nov 2023
I've never seen a finer artist than her.
She crafted herself so well, it took a long time to see her broken heart.
Now, I want to be the finest potter,
To reshape and fix her broken part.
Sonu Tyro Jan 2018
In-spite of the fact
"There is a sand"
I was hoping for water
in desert to water
"The flower of love"
Sonu Tyro Dec 2018
As Long As Stars
Are In The Skies
The Love You Knew
Will Never Die

Cross Paths You Will
Once Again
The Question Is
Who Knows When
Sonu Tyro Dec 2018
Perhaps I should have
Kept my big mouth shut
Perhaps I should have
Never said “Yeah But”

Perhaps I should have
Put all things aside
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride

Perhaps I should have
Opened up my ears
Perhaps I should have
Listened to your tears

Perhaps I should have
Seen the tears you cried
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride

Perhaps I should have
Been more sensitive
Perhaps I should have
Had advice to give

Perhaps I should have
Put ego aside
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride

Perhaps I should have
Held you by the hand
Perhaps I should have
Been a bigger man

Perhaps I should have
Stood right by your side
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride

Perhaps I should have
Told you “Don’t worry”
Perhaps I should have
Told you “I’m sorry”

Perhaps I should have
Admitted I lied
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride
Sonu Tyro Dec 2017
Not everyone can fell everyone's pain,
Heart only fells the heart's pain,
Something happens to my heart,
When you are in pain or get hurt.

Your tear is like a  deep ocean,
when tear drops from your eye,
I feel like i am drowning,
In a deep ocean of painful tear,

My eyes smiles, when you smile,
My heart cries,when you cry,
For me your tear is like hell,
your smile gives me pleasure of  heaven.

your smile is weaker than your tear,
your smile can't hide your tear,
Not everyone can see pain behind smile,
the one who loves you truly can see.

If anyone ask me "what is hell"
I will tell about your tears,
If anyone ask me "what is heaven"
i will tell about your smile.

I know you more,
than you know about yourself,
I think about you more,
than you think about yourself,
I love you more ,
than you love yourself.
Sonu Tyro Nov 2023
She was drowning in the ocean of emotion
I gave her my helping hand
She was trying to hold my hand
But waves of ocean pulled her backed
I know she is brave enough to fight tides
And I hope her to see on the sandy shore again .
Sonu Tyro Jan 2019
If       you     got       the     one     you     loved
You will never understand the beauty of love
When you will understand love you will fall in love
Sonu Tyro Sep 2017
If i was that scissor,
i had denied to cut your wrist
not because it's it beautiful
coz i can't see tear in your eye

why did you do so
just to prove you'r right?
if i was him,almighty,
never let you do.

for you cut can be small,
but for me it's deeper than sword.
thouasnd words of world does't hurt,
but your silence hurt a lot.

you can hide your cut from smile,
but i am the one ,
who can see and fell your cut,
even from thousand mile.

tear from your eye ,
and blood from your wrist,
is not for you,
instead it is for cowards.

why did you do so.
pain is the only thing,
which remind me,
i am still ALIVE
Sonu Tyro Jan 2018
My crazy heart is saying the truth,
Don't fall in love with someone.
The optimism heart lied to me,
"she will love you one day"

The one whom I loved,
She broke my heart ,
And left me alone,
to see the the world from broken heart.

I started to lose myself in her beauty
I was intoxicated  even without drinking
One day I'll forget her
I'll erase all her symbols

I became crazy in just one moment
She is settled in my heart
She is missing in my life
She is far away from my eyes
But still i love her
Why do I love her?
i don't know why do i love her .every time she breaks my heart but stubborn heart still love her.
but this time she even started standing me  ,i don't know what happen to her, is it somewhat like even she started understanding my felling
Sonu Tyro Jan 2018
Listen to my heart beat
you will come to know
how tough it is
to beat without you

when you are nearby,
He fells he is complete
and without you
heart find himself alone  in  the world

you are like oxygen,
heart always need you,
it suffocates without you
and will die without you

— The End —