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Sonu Tyro Feb 21
In quiet talks with you, my friend,
I must be true, and not pretend.
Our love's a tale that's reached its end,
No false hopes here, I can't extend.

Though once we danced in love's sweet glow,
Now it's time to let it go.
No promises to falsely show,
I must move on, let it flow.

So let's embrace what lies ahead,
And leave behind what's now been said.
My hearts will heal, though love has fled,
In letting go, i find instead.
learning Art of letting go.
Sonu Tyro Nov 2023
She was drowning in the ocean of emotion
I gave her my helping hand
She was trying to hold my hand
But waves of ocean pulled her backed
I know she is brave enough to fight tides
And I hope her to see on the sandy shore again .
Sonu Tyro Nov 2023
Broken things can be beautiful too,
With cracks and scars, they’re something new.
A broken vase, now fixed with care,
Shines with lines that weren’t there.
Even hearts, once broken, beat strong,
So remember, when things fall apart,
There’s beauty in fixing a broken heart
Sonu Tyro Nov 2023
I've never seen a finer artist than her.
She crafted herself so well, it took a long time to see her broken heart.
Now, I want to be the finest potter,
To reshape and fix her broken part.
  Aug 2019 Sonu Tyro
She was star in my dark night
Making  my life more beautiful
  Jul 2019 Sonu Tyro
From Losing the first war of love
To  never fought a war of love
  Jul 2019 Sonu Tyro
Your  drop  of  love  will
even make  barren
Heart fertile
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