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Sep 2017
Look deep in my eyes,
and tell me what you see,
can you see yourself inside
if not my love was not true

look deep into my heart,
and tell for whom it is beating'
can you feel my heart call,
if not it"s worth its beating.

peep into my smile,
and tell how and why it comes,
what do you think ,
are you the reason?

look at my love,
it is calling you,
but your ears are closed for my word,
and your heart is closed for my love.

look at my pain,
not the pain of loosing you,
but the pain of loosing myself,
just to get what i can't

look at me and tell
am i the one who i was?
or the one you have never seen?
or the one you will see?

open the eye of heart,
and see my love for you,
if you can't find,
i will happily leave you
dedicated to the girl i love
Sonu kumar
Written by
Sonu kumar  18/M/Hell
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