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Sep 2017
Every year I wait for my sister,
Just to make my misfortune wrist fortune,
But my ardent always scatter,
There is no day when my wrist will tune.

She came before me,
And went before I was born,
Was she born just to die?
No, no, no god was telling lie.

I see heavenward and beg heavenly father,
Please god return my innocent Hazel,
Stubborn god refused to the request of brother,
And from last sixteen year I have just gazed.

My tear raced down my face,
When I think I have not seen even your face,
Without you my sole is empty,
Somewhere I fell you provide your brother safety.

Is it, choice was given to my mother,
To opt one of the either,
And mom with great difficult choose me,
Instead we both were her dearest,
I always wonder why she opted me?
Why not my unseen sister.

Your absence heart me deep,
Even willingly I cant weep,
Now the only thing I can do,
Is to remember her
Sonu kumar
Written by
Sonu kumar  18/M/Hell
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