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Shadow404 Feb 2021
Fire, the essence of life
The only source of light in the night
Cutting through the woods like a knife

Let it burn

Consuming the world and destroying the people
No one is secure, you can only endure
The pain

Let it burn

It's gonna end today
Get on your knees, it's the time to pray
To the god of the fire

Let it burn
Shadow404 Feb 2021
Falling asleep
Remember the nightmare
That used to scare the happines away

Counting the sheep
Mind drifting to elsewhere
Can't concentrate on anything today

Drowning in deep
Trying to grasp the air
Painting of world around me going gray
Shadow404 Feb 2021
Listen to the words
Wind whispers in your ear
Full moon is here again
Be quiet - they are near

Don't let them hear you
Maybe they'll go away
But pictures in your mind -
They stay

And darkness knows
Your every move

The creatures dancing in the night
Spiders in the corners
Hiding from the light
Shadow404 Feb 2021
Battle cry
Forever echoing the quiet streets
/never sleep will the souls/
Of fallen mindless men

Hearts and fingers - everything's for sale
Put a price on human mind
/they took ours a long ago/
Dream-eter lives to tell the tale

No more saints and god is weak
Ever since our prayers died
/there's no stopping/
Fire, that burns the world
Shadow404 Feb 2021
Clock is ticking as time goes by
The memory of you still burns
My mind is lost, my heart is broken
Funny, how the table turns

You said you're gonna make it right
You knew me all too well
If we meet again one night
All I'm saying is "Go to hell"

No fire left now, only ashes
Falling slowly to the ground
Dust and snowflakes mixed together
The grey of sky, the shade of sun

Imaginary star
Shadow404 Feb 2021
In the sight of snowflakes
Landing on the trees
Sound of footsteps following away
No path is left and there's no right way

Shadow of the summer
Stalking down his prey
Quiet anger; but you can't say
By looking at his face

Not caring anymore what others think
Following his own pace
In the silent snowful forest
Slowly the sun stars to sink
Shadow404 Feb 2021
Heard the voice calling in his heart
Grew his wings
Beyond the horizon he flies

There's no map of the skies
Nobody heard his cries
Lost forever in the mist
Of his mind

His way back he couldn't find
So he moved on
Fading into the colors of sunset
Nothing left behind

— The End —