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"Write one sentence, the truest sentence that you know."-Hemingway

So I took his advice.

I wrote it on the walls of your slumber and
along the spines of my favorite days.
I painted it on windows,
we turned into doors,
and doors we turned into walls.
I wrote it on your sharp tongue
and all it's favorite places to explore,
the latitudes
and longitudes of a truth unraveled.

I will always love you.
To some she is a shining light
A flash of hope amongst the dark
An optimistic helping hand
To pull you from the dark
And cheer your sorrow

To some she is a black hole
Pulling the world down with sadness
Reliving the past that broke her
And stabbing others with the shards

To some she is simple words
plastered on a white canvas painting a picture.
never more
but never less

To most she is unnoticeable
A tiny footnote scribbled in the corner of a forgotten notebook
A wall flower whose thorns push away all but those with the key to her locked heart.

When you ask me what she is
The answer is impossible
Because I don't know

But I can tell you what she's not

She is not a beautiful face, to stop you in a crowd

She is not a chatting girl to talk you into a date

She is not a innocent flower
Welcoming with open arms

She is not a genius to create the next invention

She is not a musician, an author, a designer, a star, a doctor, or a hero

She is not a loving companion for you to hold, and remember your every need

She is not a great friend, always there in a flash.

She is not a friendly person, starting up the conversation

She is not a good cook, making meals that are edible

She is not an unscarred girl, unscathed by the past

She is not a beautiful figure
That draws your eyes

She is not hilariously funny
Ready for stand up comedy

She is not someone to remember though she will remember you

However she is not fazed by judges
Changing ways to suit them

She is not perfect

She is not stopped by her imperfections, only pressed farther to become something more.

And though I can not say who she is or what she will be. Here's what I can say

To me she will always be the girl staring back in the mirror.
Sorry this poem is so long. But please feel free to coment any interpretations and to like/ repost
Roses are red
the sky is blue
I can't stop smiling
Because I'm thinking of you
Putting on your shoes
packing all your things
I thought you'd give me a diamond ring
instead you cheated
you left me defeated
now it's all me
I'll show you how happy I can be
my first step begins
I've grown so much since then
now, I am FREE
no more walking on eggshells
FREEDOM is all I yell
for your love was like a jail
locking me in with no bail
Happy is all I'll be without you
Waiting for anything new
 Feb 2015 Phiness Guzman
Mr X
Her face isn't the best
But her smile is great.
Her nose isn't that perfect
But her voice is like velvet.

No one tries to find her heart
And so she reveals her heart to papers.

She writes about love
And about all the people she loves.
She writes about all their feelings
And about all their joys and miseries.

And the people she writes about,
Are the ones whom she'll never see or know perhaps.

And still in this brilliant way,
She captures their stories and
Her own heart in her soulful music
And gives it to the world to discover.

And that's why perhaps,
She's called a star.
No one tries to find her heart
Coz' she has already given it to all of us.
If you knew
it would end like this,
would you still have loved me
as much as you did?
 Dec 2014 Phiness Guzman
remember those 'i love you more fights'?

looks like i won.
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