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Summer Edmonds Sep 2017
The broken will always feel the drift of art more.
Because once you've been numb to unreal pain,
you learn to appreciate anything that nudges you to breathe again.
Summer Edmonds Sep 2017
I taste words on everything.
Read stories in every silence
and make art
out of every glance.
Summer Edmonds Sep 2017
She was poetry pure.

With a grace so great,
she would inspire souls of
absent faith
to deeply believe in God.
For my sister Christy. She has the kindest soul I've ever seen and has inspired so many others through her good works.
Summer Edmonds Aug 2017
God and the devil walk into a bar-
Stop me if you've heard this one before.

God was in his Sunday best and the devil in Prada, of course.

The two order drinks and laugh like hell.
Then god tells the devil he misses her.
The bartender asks the two why they broke up, suggesting compromise is key.

The devil looks god in the eyes, smiles, and says,
"I loved him dearly, but I never felt like me."
Summer Edmonds Aug 2017
Learn to fall in love with your sadness. It is one of the most freeing things you can do for yourself.

If you're consumed by a deep,
stabbing anguish,
then it means your passionate;
It means you care about something enough to let it crack your bones and boil your blood while intensity holds hands with zealousness and
locks lips with your spirit.

Never mistake your thundering
sorrow for weakness.
It means you aren't mearly alive,
But you're ******* alive.
Summer Edmonds Aug 2017
She was like a Gypsy woman
born on the edge of town,
with eyes that saw everything
and nowhere felt like home.
Summer Edmonds Aug 2017
Last night I dreamt of you,
you tied strings to the corners of my mouth and
showed me that love isn't always synonymous with loss.
Your soul danced the way we did when we were kids playing in the backyard,
decorated with iridescent imagination.
You always had a knack for delaying the sunset and coloring the rain.

Did you feel that,
the earth quaking to its knees?
You had this way of dropping your atomic eyes to convince me we were unstoppable and we are all that I would ever need.

I will always be that old weathervane left in the backyard.
Oh how I wish you were here so I could dissect your winds and
wait for you to blow back my way.
Dedicated to Hannah Michelle Williams.
My childhood best friend that passed away in October 2005, only 5 months after we graduated high school.
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