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Kyleigh Anne Apr 2015
I live in a moment
where time is nonexistent.
Then suddenly I realize,
this is real life and time is relative.
Time is constantly moving....

We must all move forward!
Work in progress. Didn't have my journal handy.
Kyleigh Anne Feb 2015
Freedom not being free...
that does NOT sound like me
my soul is as free as can be
I can now breathe fresh air
I found a man who really cares
I at first had many doubts
though I searched, I found NO outs
happiness took over me...
I deserve him and he...
deserves everything I can be
Kyleigh Anne Feb 2015
Roses are red
the sky is blue
I can't stop smiling
Because I'm thinking of you
Putting on your shoes
packing all your things
I thought you'd give me a diamond ring
instead you cheated
you left me defeated
now it's all me
I'll show you how happy I can be
my first step begins
I've grown so much since then
now, I am FREE
no more walking on eggshells
FREEDOM is all I yell
for your love was like a jail
locking me in with no bail
Happy is all I'll be without you
Waiting for anything new
Kyleigh Anne Feb 2015
Happiness is not being with you
only to myself will I stay true
I can find peace alone
soon my heart will find a new home
for someone new is on my mind
and I am on his to my surprise
in an instant, my future looks bright
looking beyond the darkness, I see the light
hope...hope takes hold of my life by the ropes
Is it my turn
To feel the warmth of the burn
eyes gazed
hands embraced
one blink
Im at Peace
Peace, love, and happiness folks. ♡
Kyleigh Anne Nov 2014
Clinking bottles
whiskey goggles
ordering a drink
not able to think
words come out a slur
bartender ignored me, bur
stumbling back to the table
she ordered my drink, i was unable
****** whiskey is what I got
known as gut rot
an evening is ending
my life is just beginning
I am now twenty-one
my life party has just begun
✌ I turned 21 in April and I've been enjoying the 'adult' life. But honestly, it *****. Bills. Bills. Bills.
Kyleigh Anne Nov 2014
Each day we wake up
Then reach for our coffee cup
each day we are challenged
yet we all still manage
Each day we question all
some times our hope falls
Each day we learn something new
like I still don't miss you
Each day gets easier
I just deserve to be happier
Each day is a new beginning
luckily with life, we are always winning
It has been awhile hello poetry. Hopefully this isn't too bad. ✌
Kyleigh Anne Jun 2014
Truth is...
I think I'm happier without you.
I am completely 100% ready to let go
I am saying goodbye because....
the past was haunting me.
What you did to me, you.....
killed me inside. So,
this is goodbye to you!
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