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Sep 2019 · 388
Sacrelicious Sep 2019
If my mind could
stop only for a moment.
To catch its breath.

I don't think this
would be so hard.
Breathing in water has never looked so fun.

But I digress.
For I am just at a crossroads waiting to get my guitar tuned.

In the wrong place.
At the right time.
The wheel of misfortune has changed its course.
Aug 2019 · 108
Jupiter Retrograde
Sacrelicious Aug 2019
Beauty isn't
something you see.
Solely in a mirror's reflection.

I think it's how
you make me feel.
I really never wanted to be here.
In the first place  

But its okay, when I'm with you.
May 2019 · 406
The Fool.
Sacrelicious May 2019
Why waste my breathe.
When you can't listen to anybody else but yourself.

I'm not sorry for your lack of patience.
But I am sorry, you lost me.

Because when the roofs on fire
and my life is falling apart.
It's okay to be the fool.
Because he's walking off a cliff with a smile on his face.

So who's really living their best here?
May 2019 · 136
Sacrelicious May 2019
I gazed into the abyss.
Only to see a demon,
staring back at me.

The ghost.
Of someone I was never meant to be.
In the first place.
May 2019 · 448
Sacrelicious May 2019
But if only
for a moment of time.
You could take a walk inside my heart.
To gaze upon the feelings I've been conjuring up for you.
Aug 2017 · 666
Sacrelicious Aug 2017
Excuse me,
while I step out of my mind.
I'd like to be
any where but here.

Wasting away is just surrendering to the pendelums curse.

Sometimes you're swinging
forward and everything's like magic.

While other times,
you can feel your heart slowly stopping,
like a broken dream.
Crushed by the hammer we call reality.

Revelations that I am nothing more than the trash.
I never wanted to be.
Aug 2017 · 964
The Queen.
Sacrelicious Aug 2017
I've fallen in rivers colder than you.
Under all the sorrow, there is a monster.
Much worse than me.
The ghost of you.

A shadow of the light you once were.

Life's swell;
when you're drowning
at the bottom of a wishing well.

In the company of your most guarded thoughts.
Burried emotional, traumas.

A crown, I'd rather not claim as my own.
I'm just passing time until it's time to go home.
Jul 2017 · 843
Sacrelicious Jul 2017
Shocking similarities of today, pull the trigger.
Flashbacks of my days spent here yesterday.
I'm lost in the wrong place at the wrong time.
If you were here and they were gone.

Guess I'm parasitic by nature, I'll find my way back to you.
Long after the maggots got the best of me.
Jul 2017 · 546
Black outs.
Sacrelicious Jul 2017
I've seen what happens
after all of this.
Desolate, perpetual darkness.
With a sea of fog and nameless voices of people I used to be.
Directional guidelines for my final adventure.

Four minutes felt like fourty years.
And to be fair, I'm annoyed the nurses woke me up.

It was nice, speaking with you again.
Even if you told me to go back home.
To which I came.
Ironic though, you were my first home.
Jul 2017 · 601
Sacrelicious Jul 2017
I'd rather not play;
my royal flush in
Pitty party poker.

Like a subordinate subboxin user.
Apparent cleanliness, washed out by legal addiction dysphoria.

Keep swimming.
It's easy to be king
of ttash mountain.
Just ask the president.

I've seen those on their third
Chastise those in the same shallow waters. They once called home.

Denial is one hell of a drug.
And it's legal.

I'd rather be in isolation station.
For, living is worse than dying.
In my eyes, I'm just looking for a shade of grey.
Jul 2017 · 868
Sacrelicious Jul 2017
I hope you suffer,
wounds deeper than
emotional scars beneath the dermal layer.

You're truely not worth the air,
you consume.
A zealot. Heretic turned holy.
An abomination hiding behind closet alcoholism.

I'd hate to be your  liver.
Jul 2017 · 902
Benadryl and chill
Sacrelicious Jul 2017
Benadryl and chill.
Anti hystamine dreaming.
Pre meditated drug dealing.

Over inflateted egos.
Boys with Legos
for brains.

Hussling at gas station.
Sending little paper parcels
to wide doe eyes.

Getting high is more fun, anyways.
Most days,
I'd rather play pretend.
Jun 2017 · 1.4k
Personality Probems.
Sacrelicious Jun 2017
Sometimes you just feel so
zombie esque it hurts to breathe.
The twitches
of a witch's
evil eye.

of a former ghost.
My personalities paid host.
Posessions, demonic in blood relations.
I'm lost, in my own sea.
Dead like the one before me.
Jun 2017 · 750
I hate therapy.
Sacrelicious Jun 2017
Every now and again.
The therapist will
give you the wheel.

Driving down a highway
for the ****** martyrs
of psychosis.

But whose really helping who?
Pleading incompetent to subdue the enemy.

Only for a moment.
Will I, endulge in this

With smiles stained of the ****.
I willingly eat to stay relevant
It's decadent.

The sweetest escape.
For narcissists young and old.
Covered in paranoia. Leaking impulsivity.

Rocking the crown of thorns.
I don't know who wore it better.
Jun 2017 · 691
Sacrelicious Jun 2017
Anti social.
Manifesto conditional.
Always sulking
within the darkness of me.

Soul ******* succubus.
Tu n'es pas ma mère.
Je vois,  mon amour.
Jun 2017 · 491
Sacrelicious Jun 2017
Screaming colors
at the blind.
Only falls on deaf ears.

My aura
be violent
with ya.

Like backwashed desires.
From impulsivites.
Yesterday gave me.

All lost memories of lucid dreams.
Now hungry nightmares.
Staring back at me.
With the same doe eyes.
That used to call, mine.
Jun 2017 · 753
Mood Rings.
Sacrelicious Jun 2017
But our blood
will spill
Just the same.

It's not about the headless

Nor will  it ever
be. So.
Just chill.
And enjoy the thrill
of the ****.

The blessed expedition.
Hunting the Hunter.
Is a most wonderful feeling.

Going postal
On the ones giving you
All these letters.

The mail carrier.
Is positive for swine.

Cause the news.
They keep dishing us.
Is tainted.

Like the word.
This **** is rolled.
Put that in your straw
And snort it.
May 2017 · 1.3k
Choke me harder.
Sacrelicious May 2017
I really only think of you.
When I'm drunk.
choked out by strangers.

A working boys story:
missing home.

Is like missing
razor blade kisses.

Drawing lines.
Parallel to my opaque veins.
A translucent transient.
Im serious about my crazy.
Don't play with demons ;
if you can't handle the Devil
May 2017 · 647
Sacrelicious May 2017
what i am.
The lowkey Siren.

Lemme sing you a song.
While I place a curse on
your mayflower.
And drag us all down.

I'm not one to **** with.

Under the borderline sun.
I'm a career psychopath.
Working from home.
Beneath the ground.

I once called home.
#personality #disorders #sirens
May 2017 · 715
Sacrelicious May 2017
Aren't we all just knocking
on open doors
I'm not home right now.
Try again later.

Trust is like a personality.
Broken, evenly.
You say, I trust everyone
but you.

I'm kind of split in judgement anyways.
But I can't keep up with who you're trying to be today.
Feb 2017 · 1.2k
The Clairvoyant.
Sacrelicious Feb 2017
The incredible guilt,
I have for telling you
Deathscsweet seal
Is the hardest cross,
I've ever had to bear.
slowly in silence.
Burning like the Matches
only speak.
This course is speeding up my hour glass.
A little too fast for comfort.
Jan 2017 · 636
Acute anxiety.
Sacrelicious Jan 2017
Sick in the heart.
Perpetual darkness pulses through my bruised up veins.
Blood work seems to take forever.

Heathens cast the first stone and burn me at the stake.
Like the filthy witch I've become.

But in vain, I've been incinerating in silence.
Since you left me here with these vampires.
Hungry for the essence of my spirit.
Jan 2017 · 347
Manic depression.
Sacrelicious Jan 2017
Depression is, living in a sbowglobe.
Watching the world move around you.
While you're dealing with the guilt
of waking up disappointed for being alive.
Mania is just making up for lost time.
Jan 2017 · 838
The Cursed.
Sacrelicious Jan 2017
When you've been sick for so long.
That it feels more normal than anything.
A high functioning, hot mess.
As my mind runs in circles, on repeat.
Like a cursed pendulum.
Tomorrow's dissapointments are none of today's business.
Jan 2017 · 474
Sacrelicious Jan 2017
Depression is living in a snow globe.
Trapped within the glass like a prisoner.
Staring at the world before you.
As you brace for the storm to hit.
Dec 2016 · 511
Sacrelicious Dec 2016
Waiting for the light
to shine through.
The cracks of broken glass
I've become accustomed to living in.

I'm not really sure how to feel Anymore.
Like screaming help in a room full of deaf people. This is starting to feel hopeless.
Aug 2015 · 729
Sacrelicious Aug 2015
I can feel the pressure
of 30,000 leagues
before I see you.

Crushing bones and spirit.
With omnipotent force.
Aug 2015 · 1.2k
Sacrelicious Aug 2015
The crucifixion of my heart.
At the hands of the Cinderella complex.
An empire in which I do not have a home.
Unwelcome and unwanted.
My Prince Charming,
is nothing more than a nice thought.
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
Sacrelicious Jul 2015
My visions of future nightmares;
staring the ones I hold closest
to my beating heart.

Leave me paralyzed with the fear.
Of tragedies, yet to happen.
Things people shouldn't know
but somehow I've managed,
to be thrown in the medium.

It's like someone or something,
is trying to show me uncharted territory.
Curiosity killed the cat.
But sometimes we've been chosen by
forces greater than ourselves to serve a higher purpose.
Before we can even think of coming home.
Ever since I was six, I've been having the jind of dreams that happen in real life.
Jul 2015 · 766
Self Worth.
Sacrelicious Jul 2015
Feeling worthless is a popular trend
these days, it's hard to tell.
Who is your friend
and who is your foe.
Trying to turn the other cheek
is proving to be one of the hardest things,
I've ever done.
Jul 2015 · 621
The Mystic.
Sacrelicious Jul 2015
But tell me,
oh wise one.
With all your
superior knowledge
and hidden powers.
Are you genuine?
Or are you playing make believe?

One thing I'm sure of is;
you're rather convinced
that you know my soul.
Better than I do.
That my dear Mystic is debatable.
Jul 2015 · 604
It's you.
Sacrelicious Jul 2015
My faith in you
is dissipating.
Like boiling water
disappearing into steam.
No, this isn't a dream.
The truth isn't always kind.
Kind of like you.
Jul 2015 · 518
Sacrelicious Jul 2015
I could keep ignoring the facts.
Disregard, every red flag you
wave in front of my face.
Only to pretend things are alright
until I go off the edge.
But doesn't that seem obnoxious?
I'd rather be alone.
Jul 2015 · 770
Into Darkness.
Sacrelicious Jul 2015
As I descend downward
into darkness.
I find myself collecting
omens like a *******
collecting diseases.

Fighting demons,
my eyes cannot see.
Doesn't mean they're any
less real than you or I.

Living in the dark.
The Sun's too sad to shine today.
And you, my Love, are equally as sad.
Jun 2015 · 848
A cold night in Hell.
Sacrelicious Jun 2015
I felt your envious eyes,
whisper tales of my true rank in life.
Untouchable, the dirt you wouldn't
grace your spit with.

A well fabricated quilt of lies.
To smother my heart and hold it
captive in the fires.
Of pure narcissism and self hatred.
Long after you left me here.

May our souls both find their peace.
Respectfully and may our hearts as dark and broken as they may be.
Mend themselves in the warmth, love and truth of the Sun once more.
Jun 2015 · 1.2k
Sacrelicious Jun 2015
For every step I take,
I can feel my feet slipping
back three.

I'm at the end of my rope.
But my noose isn't even tied yet.

Living in a snow globe.
Watching life around me blossoming,
But when I try and reach out.
My hands hit the glass and stop me dead in my tracks.
Jun 2015 · 808
Mental Illness
Sacrelicious Jun 2015
I'm developing
physical ailments.
From my over abundance
of feelings, I'd rather not have.
Being human, ***** man.
Jun 2015 · 827
Heart Strings.
Sacrelicious Jun 2015
As wars wage within my heart.
I can feel my inner demons
playing my heart strings
like a harp.
A beautiful melody
of self destruction, hatred and fear.
Acoustics are great.
But I'm still waiting
for the choir of Angels
to sing songs
of love and peace.
that's a nice thought.
Jun 2015 · 3.2k
Mind Games.
Sacrelicious Jun 2015
A moment of peace
in between the battles.
Of my heart and mind.

Is as common as a
four leaf clover.
A rare occasion.
A holiday for my heart.

To forget the war it's losing.
Jun 2015 · 860
Sharing the Sky.
Sacrelicious Jun 2015
No matter how many miles separate us.
If you never speak to me again.

At least, I can take comfort in knowing
that when you've had your fill.
Faith lost, hope vanished from your heart
without a trace.
I know,
you'll look to the stars.
Only to see tens of thousands of them;
shinning brightly on the darkest nights.
Just for you.

And if this life is just meant to be a realm of torture.
A realm of apathy and discontent.
I find peace within my heart knowing
I'll be looking at the same sky, too.
Jun 2015 · 763
Sacrelicious Jun 2015
Lost within the fear.
One too many times now.
I can feel my heart slowly,
breaking into a million shattered dreams.
In between irratic palpitations and bursts of nervous energy.
Of course.

I think my soul is ascending to its purest form.
It's both terrifying and beautiful.
Almost like I'm dying and living simultaneously.
Jun 2015 · 1.5k
Sacrelicious Jun 2015
Channeling demons against my will.
My body, used.
Seen nothing more than a flesh ouija board.
In your game of self reassurance.
I'm not the conduit, you wanted me to be.
My eye's just as open as yours.
Stop telling me otherwise.
Jun 2015 · 740
Sacrelicious Jun 2015
One day, I pray
I'll break free from these chains.
To run far away.

Fast, like the Devil's
following me.
And as his hand grasps my collar,
I'll fall back into your arms again.

If you were here
and they were gone.
My hearts bleeding there too.
May 2015 · 2.0k
Sun Kissed Roses.
Sacrelicious May 2015
Staring out at all that lies before me.
Trapped within a prison.
I look, to see your life blossoming like a beautiful rose.
I'd be living too.
If I wasn't freezing to death.

As the long forgotten Sun kisses my skin, with his warmth.
I can feel my heart shed a few tears.
In light, of the feelings I once had for you.
May 2015 · 1.2k
Under the Sea.
Sacrelicious May 2015
These days,
talking to you is like
Under water

No matter how loud
I am,
the waters will always drown out
my pleas.
To the ears that need to hear them.

I think I'm cracking under the pressure
May 2015 · 474
5/24/15 This is how I feel.
Sacrelicious May 2015
And in the end
are we  nothing more than the
dreams we never lived.

The souls we never let free.
Sedated, we spend our lives numb.
Hibernating with in a cold, empty shell.
One that's constantly getting smaller.
While we seem to always be getting bigger.

Looking for an escape.
Testing the waters, to see if we can really walk the line.
Or if we're just another fabled tragedy of the heart.

But still, in the silence, I know I'm not alone.
May 2015 · 792
Sacrelicious May 2015
See the beauty within your core.
Speak nothing but the truth.
Listen, only to the same.
And feel nothing but the warmth of love unseen.
May 2015 · 744
Dances with Demons.
Sacrelicious May 2015
Hallucinations of a dream, waiting to be lived.
Searching for your soul but I feel it's no longer here.
As I look into those empty, lonely eyes.
A part of me is dying to be with the person you once were.
They say,  it's  hard to love someone who doesn't love you.
But sometimes you've got to tango with the demons, to make it through the calendar.
If you really knew me. #hearts #secrets
May 2015 · 904
Sacrelicious May 2015
It scares me, how much I'm like you. Generational demons unlocked their curses and waged a war against our souls. Like being caught under a frozen pond. Trying to break free of the oppression. Trying to breathe, while your breath of life became a long dramatic sigh. Like the sand on an hour glass slowly fading into past tense. I used to love you. I used to walk down one way streets too.
Feb 2015 · 747
Sacrelicious Feb 2015
I shed egos
like a snake sheds its skin.
Forever changing.
Forever growing.
Forever running from the broken whimpers of last nights wishes.
I will always be that lonely spirit.
You never wanted haunting your life.
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