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86.4k · Jul 2012
The Fuck Poem.
Sacrelicious Jul 2012
**** this,
**** that,
and every ******* lie.

That slid through your
crooked/cracked teeth.

My fists,
consumed with an
angry adrenaline.

Knock out em' out.
You're going to need
an oral surgeon.
Next line you drop.
And Pow.

Talk ****,
get hit.
No, get electrocuted.
82.7k · Jul 2012
The Secrets, Under Her Skirt.
Sacrelicious Jul 2012

got you
all *******

Once more.

To her
heart breaking

Witch, she possesses.
to play the pawn
in her *****'s game.

Like a champ.

But will you really be winning?

When you find all-o-those,
***** little secrets.

She has hidden in her black-lace-*******.
65.4k · Jul 2012
Medusa. ~
Sacrelicious Jul 2012
In these times,
I am.
Unsure of what
I see.

& If
my eyes,
have not betrayed
my heart.

I will, only know you..

As a

Is your snake hungry?
51.6k · Jun 2012
Black Mass.
Sacrelicious Jun 2012
Buried alive, beneath the rhetorical lies.
Of a thousand broken-prayer beads.

Surrounded by all of my....
False hopes.
Fake friends.
Some, hornet priests
who are exorcising their own demons.
On a ******* fueled ****** of sadism in it's own right.

On the dark side of the confession booth. This is nothing.

But a divine
waste of my time.
I'll see you all, in Hell.
47.9k · Jul 2012
Dollar Store. Love Potions.
Sacrelicious Jul 2012
burns in hell.

dragged down
to the bottom
of the abyss.

Guess I'll just start....

dollar store
love potions.

Only to get a stomach ache.

Those **** butterflies.
They've done it again.

8.8k · Jun 2012
Premeditated Drug Dealing.
Sacrelicious Jun 2012
Murdering murderers
done gone
in the moonlight.
It's midnight.
The perfect time
to commit a crime.

Here's to premeditated drug dealing.
And everything else that can get me
a one way ticket.
To the Devil's bed-room.
Sacrelicious Mar 2012
Life is a movie and men are really actors.
Some get the lead role, while others are just extras.
It's a hierarchy,
you got the over zealous ****** on top and ******* below.
If you can sell your soul, you'll make headlines.
Get paid.
Buy a steak or something.
Care only about yourself and **** everybody else over, in whatever position you'd like ;)
.Fight ***** or don't fight at all.
Sucker punch the Devil for trickin' you and book it.
Run, run fast, like the cops  are after you.
****'s about to go down.
It's Irony, in his emmy winning role!
Shameful that "The laws" are just dyslexic interpretations of petty rules anyways.
Use logic, not obedience
6.9k · Jul 2012
White Out.
Sacrelicious Jul 2012
I love you
is the biggest white lie,
I've ever heard.

Stop the car.
I'm ready to go home.

Cause this,
this obviously isn't working out.
Sacrelicious Apr 2012
The hour hand's on 10.
The minute's on 4.

I think,
I know.

Half of me died
with you.

Way back,
October nights weren't

Until my other half
gives in.
I'll be your;


For the "time" being,
I'll catch you on the
astral plane.
I'll see you in my dreams.


When your life line
stops running,
across your body's
support screen.

What time
will your clock
stop at?

Time doesn't exist,
I will
be here.
5.3k · Jul 2012
Lullaby Lies.
Sacrelicious Jul 2012
Trapped again,
once more I've been
tucked in so tight.

I've caught myself
slowly suffocating in between
your silky ***-sheets.

Baby, just
pressure me into
putting out.
One more time.

me another
of your,
lovely lullaby lies.

Put me to sleep
turn off my night light.
whatever, you do.

But when you're finished,
take whatever's left
of me.
And cast it
down into the darkness.

My body wants
to get back
with my soul.
Sacrelicious Jul 2012
Half eaten corpses
and the monster's
still hungry.

High, as well.

Cast down,
to the brim-******
side of mind.

Hannibal's House Of Cannibals
are out, for a night on the town.

An all you can eat
pedestrian buffet.

Is just a
5.1k · Mar 2012
C**k Suckers.
Sacrelicious Mar 2012
Don't let their condecending, backstabbing, whispers
blow out your candle- lit heart.
For in the darkness even the strong willed,
will fall to their knees to **** on the worlds ****.
So when life happens and you're just a good person thrown in the crossfire of a war you didn't want.
Are you going to swallow and make peace
are you going to spit and fight back?

Money rules the world. I rule my mind.

We're all diamonds just some of us are in the rough. Wrong place at the wrong time.
Sacrelicious Jul 2012
We tried,
so hard.

than I ever thought
would have.

Romantic fantasies.
Pine box nightmares.
My brains,
scattered across the ***** floor.

Covered in y-our blood.

It's everywhere.

Tragedy, was your last name.
******, was your first name.

I played the part of Victim.
Very well.

Did you get a *******, when you heard me scream.
As you dug the knife into my back
over again.

I'll see you in hell.
Sacrelicious Jul 2012
Devil's downstairs
at the neighbors
hole in the wall.

We're just sitting
in a government funded
housing pond.

& I'm too afraid
to sleep.
In my own slum.

Thank you, for ruining my life.
Sacrelicious Mar 2012
****** Mary,
****** Mary,
****** Mary,
isn't the only ghost I see in the mirror.
Our resemblance haunts me like a lost soul in purgatory.
Helpless and horrified.
******, burning like a match does in hell.
Incinerating deep with in my pumping void.
I stopped caring
when you said you had nothing left to live for.
You took the train and left me at the station.
But when the night ends and the sun wakes up
I'll rise from my pine box and live again.
4.3k · Mar 2012
Catch me, if I fall.
Sacrelicious Mar 2012
Saturday Night.

I have no need to explain myself,
I am what you created.
As the artist who painted this canvas,
you especially should understand
the portrait I call myself.
If you find me to be a disappointment,
it’s your own **** fault.
I catch myself forgetting the
little things about you,
My puzzle is left unfinished.
Secretly, I believe
that I am somewhere in the middle of
Just waiting until
I get the courage to close my eyes
and take the escalator
up and away from
Void's emptiness.
Into the heightened arms of Love.
Catch me, if I fall.

Sunday Morning

Time flies by
and I'm still here lost without you.
I am someone that
came from nothing at all.

All i can remember from that night
running home to the Sun.

I found myself passed out beside a toilet.
I got a hangover and fresh start.
4.2k · Jul 2012
The Break-Up Poem.
Sacrelicious Jul 2012
you loved
me like,
I thought you did.

blown my brains out.

When all these
crazy thoughts
started singing
in my mind.

If I was in the right place.
I would have,
but I didn't.


Thanks, for the stab in the back.
See you in the great below.

4.0k · Jun 2012
Sacrelicious Jun 2012
You are a
big, blue ocean
deep with thought
& wide with worry.

As you lay beside me
shaking from the shake down
of a cold wind’s breath.

I begin to laugh for,
I'm the next hurricane.
Who will rage a storm
across your waters.

I'm badder than Katrina,
& you best be
bowing both heads down,
***** Boy.

Before you
start, talking to me.

That's just how you do.
When youz in the presence
of  bad *****.
3.9k · Mar 2012
Friends & One Night Stands.
Sacrelicious Mar 2012
I'd rather drink the punch and die
than bite the apple and die
I'm just trying to find
a way
to get by
and meet people
with out having to take my clothes off.
or write **** me in sharpie all over my forehead.
No matter how it happens,
there needs to be a redistribution of wealth
in a way that isn't stealing, like taxes do to us.
If the people got together and built
an empire,
then together they would rule
it and take care of
all that needs to be done.
Like business
that actually works,
like a friendship,
not a one night stand.

Y'all know what I mean?
I just turned 20.
43 minutes ago, I'm excited.
Sacrelicious Apr 2012
The Pill Poppers Proverb For Purchasing:

Only buy from friends
who'll give you
the solid truth.
Capsules can
carry lies
they could
have been
the hands
of ******-cold-heart
careless self-proclaimed pharmacist?

It's hard to spot
a double agent
in a sea of sunglasses.
Stickwitchure gut.
3.7k · Jul 2012
Sacrelicious Jul 2012
Just playing
the hand
you dealt me.

Call me out.
Maybe I am.

But what's
the big deal?
When every-body-else is
full of **** too?
3.7k · Jun 2012
Satan <3 Poetry.
Sacrelicious Jun 2012
& Oh,
my frost bitten
lose their breath.
In all of your
nostalgic air.

It's a scary/cut/throat
feeling on a cool,
November morning.

But I swear to you,
have never seemed so clear
to me.

Maybe, I'm just

But I swear,
the frost clouds of cigarette
smoke you blew in my face,
Looked just like a flock of
upside down <3's.

Just some
from across the state.

If you were here
they were gone.

that's a wonderful
3.7k · Jul 2012
I hate you.
Sacrelicious Jul 2012
For every
condescending syllable,
that has slipped out of
Serpent like tongue.

Wish I could
squash you with my
black leather boots
watch you squirm.
Gasp for air.

Like I have done,
so many times before
your black-hole-eyes.

But, that wouldn't be the Christian thing to do.

Good thing. I got excommunicated.

Now, suffer.
3.6k · Aug 2012
Rum Runnin'.
Sacrelicious Aug 2012
Rums got me runnin'
back into those arms.

Behind them
head light eyes,
a different story.

This fifths got me
walkin' the plank.
"Captains" orders.
3.5k · Mar 2012
Texting Nurses.
Sacrelicious Mar 2012
Call the Doctor,
Text a Nurse.
I think I'm getting sick.
I've been avoided like the plague.
Cause I spread like disease.
I think.
I think that
I'm going viral.
3.4k · Apr 2012
Two-Faced, Cunt-Coins.
Sacrelicious Apr 2012
I see that
you're messing
her thermostat again.
Comatose is a wonderful degree.
Isn't it?

He will
abandon the circular life,
to live
the line life.

"life" has no
need to explain its course.

Life simply is.
Life simply happens.
Life simply exists.
Even when you're "dead".

Questions lurk below every theory.
But skeptics,
can be
So ask away & Find out for yourself.

Always remember:
That the Dumps
adequate to inhabit.

Fight or Flight.

is my only option.
High up.
High on.
Out o' here.

In times of desperation,
it is understandable,
to be influenced by instinct.

it is inexcusable
to forever live
in desperation.

You deserve better.
Cause you're the best. <3
3.3k · Jul 2012
Easy St.
Sacrelicious Jul 2012
The Goods kick it
on Easy Street.

One day,
I'll be a little less
Some day,
we'll be a little,

There's a calm before the storm.

But Katrina, never gave fair warning.

Be prepared.

all the angels
feel a lil' bit

She misses

3.3k · Jun 2012
Medical Heroin.
Sacrelicious Jun 2012
Hello, "Hero" Dr.'s.

Are you having
handing out ****** hidden,
in little,
tiny pills?


Swimming in the fog.
Until it finally
you up.
Spits, you out dead.

Welcome, to the real-world.
**** gets better.

3.3k · Apr 2012
Playing Pretend Prostitute.
Sacrelicious Apr 2012
Playing pretend *******
perfectly peachy-keen.

Don't be mean
and play em'
faster than a round of

Don't act cheap
and put out
at the lowest prices.

You're worth more money than that.
You can't rush magic,
but if you wanna set yourself
up in a

You can always
hook up with.

Strangers Of Today.

But you might end up
in bed with
the biggest mistake
of your life.
3.2k · Jun 2015
Mind Games.
Sacrelicious Jun 2015
A moment of peace
in between the battles.
Of my heart and mind.

Is as common as a
four leaf clover.
A rare occasion.
A holiday for my heart.

To forget the war it's losing.
3.2k · Mar 2012
February </3
Sacrelicious Mar 2012
Some of us have twins,
most of us have split personalities.
Have you met Bandit yet?
Our lives aren't measured in years,
they're measured in our victories.
So take your blades and spill some blood.
It's a dog eat dog world.
If you play The King Of Hearts,
every hand in life
it will only get you,
cut, burned and thrown to the curb.
Used, depleted, robed of every thing you can lose.
It's **** without *******.
I'm done, like a cashed bowl.
This hand I'm playing The Ace Of Spades.
Revenge stings like a bee and
like you said I have anger issues.

I'm drawing again.
I'm learning a new technique.
Sketching you out,
3.2k · May 2012
Bandit & The Killer.
Sacrelicious May 2012
So the Kindest Killer
his perfect lil'
purple pistol.

They needed to be put in place.

For the Bandit.
was starting to go cray-cray,
from all the raunchy-rowdy-ruckus.


As the loud mouth's
looked at what sat right
their eyes.

The killer

"Bang. Bang"

From then on it has been nothing but darkness.
3.1k · Jun 2012
A Rockin' Goth Opera </3.
Sacrelicious Jun 2012
Going out,
getting good.

All gothed-out,


It's a curse.
the truly beautiful at <3,
have it.


Get it.
Dig it.
Dug it.


I am just every drop of blood
the razor blades

Drag downers
dragging themselves along
the skin surface
of my blood-flow
free way.

I am screaming.
"I hate you" .

At the top of my black-tar
coated-codine lungs.

Help a ***** out.
go check on that crack pipe.
I mean check the pipe for crack.

Cuz dem smokey rocks
make a bruthah go

Welcome to the Goth Opera.
I'm just playing pretend,
anti-christ tonight.
3.1k · Mar 2012
The Half-Ghost Lifestyle
Sacrelicious Mar 2012
I'm caught in a web.
Cause I'm so fly and you're just a spider with a lying problem.
So Imma run like a bullet does from a gun.
Fast and free until I hit the walls,
I've been building.
I'm like water with lemon on the road to bitterness.
My minds going 120 and I'm too short to reach the brakes.
Sometimes when I'm alone,
I can hear my heart slowly breaking
because my soul is trying to walk out on my body.
Like a ghost, I keep fading in and out of life.
Sacrelicious May 2012
You say
you have a royal flush.
I'm ice-screaming
Uhh bull-****.

You may
be the Drag/Queen
of Spades.

But I'm carrying the
ace of clubs.
In my pants pocket.


You're just a joker.

Joke's on you.
I'm the king of <3's.

<3 <3 <3 <3
Guess who owns yours?
2.9k · Mar 2012
Elle Ess Dee
Sacrelicious Mar 2012
I had to write a process analysis paper for my adv. comp class Senior year.
My topic was an acid trip. Hope you enjoy.

Bored with the various street drugs that you take daily to achieve a mediocre high, you long for something new. You're striving to reach enlightenment, mental clarity, and an escape from your worldly woes. By chance or fate, you come across a man selling what he claims to be the best of all drugs: LSD, lysergic acid diethylamide-25, better known as acid. This appears to be the only way your mind and, in turn, your soul will experience the mysterious and desirable acid trip.
Upon impulse, you purchase the drug. This was saturated in a piece of newspaper. As you survey your ticket to mental bliss, you read the words on the small paper. The sentences of the article were cut to meet the spacial requirements of the acid. This made the paper difficult to read. Deep within the mess of incomplete thoughts and ideas, your eyes cross paths with the word peace. The simple but powerful word that was camouflaged in the unfinished article increased your desire to take the LSD. The "peace" was your chance to free your mind and consequently yourself.
Giving into impulse, you place the paper under your tongue. Like the words on the paper, the acid dissolves into your glands entering your body with aspirations of arriving upon your brain. Moments later, you feel nothing. You were expecting the drug to work immediately upon contact. This was far too big of an expectation. LSD like many other medications needs time before it comes to life. Disappointed, you retreat to your living room to watch a film on the television. As you sit in the dark, ruby red chair, your only thoughts are about acid.
An hour later you feel nauseous. Racing to the bathroom it starts to hit you. The porcelain toilet and clear water within is your muse. With each heave, you notice a minor change in your mind. When finished with vomiting, you realize your stomach is empty. You try to think of something to eat but your stomach has no desire to take anything.
The mirror catches your attention and there you stand staring at yourself. While gazing upon yourself, you notice your pupils have dilated. The large black circles that were once small now resemble the largest craters on the moon's surface. During this moment of time, your vision is misty. Every shape has a fog surrounding it.
When your hand reaches the forehead, the temperature of your skin burns it. As your hand rests there longer, your fingers are cooled by little drops of sweat that slowly flow down your forehead in an effort to cool your body. You conclude that the fever has created the sweat that is secreting from your body. The moisture from the evaporating liquid has created a misty air. This realization leads you to believe that the acid was beginning to take control.
An immense thirst has dried your throat and mouth. Like a desert they both need water. You have this newfound energy and possess the amount of adrenaline that can keep you up for days. You feel invulnerable and this is the healing hour for the body and soul. As the second hour of your experience comes to a close you have covered a lot of ground. You have gone from having control to no control. The acid has changed you. The man you were two hours ago was in a different dimension. In this dimension you are a new and different man.
The third hour has brought the acid to its maximum power. Your high is peaking. The visions you see and the sounds you hear paint beautiful hallucinations. They feel sensational and bring waves of shivers up and down your spine. The television screen looks like a portal to a new world, and the sounds it makes sound like greetings in a foreign language. Your eyes close and you open them immediately. Realizing this is not a dream, a state of confusion fogs your mind. Despite reality, every thought and action feels dreamlike.
Contemplating the situation, you ask yourself if this is normal. Cackling, you scream, “Normal does not exist. Normality is simply an impossible goal that has plagued society since the beginning of time." The once well known actions and thoughts that molded you were strange and unknown. This was the point of no return. You would never go back to the past. Normal process occurs no longer this far into an acid trip.
You feel groovy. Everything is fine. Your face is frozen in the shape of a smile. Nothing can take you down. The serotonin in your brain has been altered, making every moment feel good. Still staring at the screen, you see a tiny man waving at you. The physical greeting he gives you carries the sound of a hello. When he opens his mouth you see what he says. Each word is portrayed by a symbol in an unclear language. The symbols hypnotize you and give you comfort. The mind without acid would see nothing in the hypnotic symbols. But the symbols converse with you. Your sensations have now crossed over. Sights have turned to sounds, and sounds to sights.
Matter is glowing with a faint rainbow that lies on each objects surface. The fourth hour of your high is ending, the man in the television is becoming harder and harder to see. Like your high, the man is leaving. Over the next two hours, you slowly drift back to reality. The once sea bound boat is approaching land and, with each passing wave, you are coming closer to sobriety.
The loud song of the cuckoo clock has marked the sixth hour. LSD no longer controls you. You are a different man but in the same respect, the same. At your command you gave yourself to a higher power, one that intensified your emotions and took you back to man's primitive mind set. Drained from the crusade, you turn off the television to rest in the quiet. The sun is leaving with your energy. A cool breeze travels through the room which carries you to sleep.
2.9k · Jun 2012
Witches In Withdrawal.
Sacrelicious Jun 2012
All in all
was wonderful.

**** always work
itself out of the worse
& into the better <3.

Only if you can.

***** up.
Let go. &
Rage, like a wild ****....

For a couple of weeks.
I wuzza
Witch in withdrawal.

Until the haus,
came to get me
from the West.
Sacrelicious Jul 2012
Lost at
all the broken home kids
sail far, far away.

Making up  
Cause the real ones are better left

I just want someone,
to grab my hand & tell me,
I'm beautiful.

We all need a reminder
of our value.
Every now and then.
Feeling worthless is a popular trend.
2.9k · Apr 2012
I Have A High Tolerance.
Sacrelicious Apr 2012
July 18th, 2010.

Those sacred songs suffocated,
when our books were set on fire.
We wasted time.
Worrying about something that wasn't going to happen
for a while.
Anxiety is just the common cold of 2010.
We've spent all of our $
And still there is no cure.
I have a high tolerance.
And you have a hefty load of prescriptions.
So tell me,
which one of us is going to die first?
Predestination does not care.

But the Grim Reaper does.
2.8k · Mar 2012
Snails Are People Too.
Sacrelicious Mar 2012
Snails leave their shells
when their bodies have
out grown them.
People leave their shells behind too.
When the soul
outgrows the

People are like snails,
slimy and gross
Hopefully we're better on the inside.
Sacrelicious Mar 2012
You're single
cause you’re not going
to sell
yourself short and
For anyone,
that doesn’t see you
the mother *******,
to perfection,
<3 & soul.
That’s all stitched up
& sewed up in
one life-size,
skin coated,
beautiful, body bag.
Forget about.
**** whatever  
they said about you
in high school.
You’re better than bullies.
& The lies they spread
virally about you.
Now is your time,
to shine and
shut those
**** talking haters up!
Prove them wrong.
& Watch their jaws drop
down to their knees.
Keep shining brighter
than the sunlight.
Keep shining like
the star you
******* are.
Don’t, you
ever let them shut your confidence
In yourself off.

If you ever need a friend.
You have Bandit & The Love Cult.
The world *****, we get it.
Let's change it.
<3 The Love Cult.
2.8k · Jul 2012
Bullet Brains.
Sacrelicious Jul 2012

This is all life,
to give.

So why
should we


Whatever it takes to get you through this.
Or take a bullet in the brain,
with a big ******' smile.
2.7k · Apr 2012
Retardation Isn't Real.
Sacrelicious Apr 2012
People are
or simply
not meant for this
shouldn't be
allowed to exist.
For, putting
limitations on someone
that is amazing in
it's own right.
Is like judging
by it's cover.
In the real world,
were supposed
bring justice
for those
who have been
in the wrong way.
**** god bad.
Let's make it better.
2.6k · Jun 2012
Rockin' My Rain Coat.
Sacrelicious Jun 2012
I'm looking up at
but a black cloudy sky.

Guess, we better grab
our umbrellas.
Rock our rain coats.

It's going to rain......

Torrential, tear-storms
until the Angels below us
feel a little higher.

2.6k · Apr 2012
Cock-Tail Personalities.
Sacrelicious Apr 2012
We are the rulers of all we see, because our eyes created everything.
Because the mind rules the body,
the only thing one can own is their self .

Looking through Future's window
will only bring visions of despair.

Our hearts reject natural beauty for manufactured looks.

Empathetic people are the one's who get thrown under the bus
when traffic gets bad.
Fighting back hurts too much.
I couldn't replicate the pain you put me through, and throw it in your face.
Recovery prepares you for the battle,
to be the bigger person.

When you left earth,
you left me behind.
You said the ship only had one more seat
and my rocket will come when I'm ready.
I told you I didn't want this hell.
You apologized and walked into the bright white lights.
In old age,
I'll ask you to keep your apologies.
Because I have enough of my own.

Another relapse.
October nights will always be cold with out your fire.
Living harmoniously through all the pain will only bring you recovery.

She's got a cocktail personality and I need a quick fix.
I'll be at the bar.

An idea can save a life.
If everybody could get together to think of ways to mend what has been broken.
The world would be saved.
Feed your minds and let your thoughts grow.
You'll be the bigger person in the long run.
2.6k · Mar 2012
Strippers & Writers.
Sacrelicious Mar 2012
Please excuse me,
as I take a chance
to try and con the ones who have conecended us.
As I slide down
my verbal pole of innocence.
Slithering, crawling, hungry and horney.
Strutting around the club,
looking for fame,
so I can give him a lap dance
and go down on HIStory.

You told me to pick a card
& I chose the Star.
One day, Some day,
I will outshine all of your darkness.

I met fate at a *******.
We're all diamonds, just some of us are in the rough.

Sacrelicious Apr 2012
Stitchin' up a
Snitch's ******.
So he don't
steal or
snitch out someone
that had nothing to do with
his something
or another.

Guess, I'll quit acting so ****
you quit acting like
a lazy,
Lil' Liar.

You blew it.
Messed everything up for me.

I'll just hit you back
**** your **** up.

So you don't have to
do it.
Sacrelicious Aug 2012
Using God,
as an excuse to
stab your Brother.

Praising men,
who preach pity
and create hate.

Using God,
as an excuse to shun
personal phobias.

Confession, can't save you know.
Like you said, he decides where we go.

I'll see you down here.
2.5k · Apr 2012
Sulking In The Sunlight.
Sacrelicious Apr 2012
don't want to
home either.

Let's run-run-run
to better

Run away
from everything,
from everyone
to everywhere
and anywhere.

We deserve to look outside
the windows of a home,

The sun is shining somewhere.
sulking in the sunlight.
2.4k · Apr 2012
Baby, You Shine Like An 11.
Sacrelicious Apr 2012
I can keep my balance
on your tight rope of insecurity.
You say you're a two.
but baby, you shine like an eleven.
Covering my eyes with optimism,
cause all I see is pessimism.
Sometimes it’s better to be blind
then to see at all.
Black and white.
Day and night.
It’s too bad the color wheel
doesn't have a neutral shade.
I can't take sides anymore.
because both parties are wrong.
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