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Sacrelicious Oct 12
Courage is only fear ,
who's said it's prayers.
Incantations won't ulter this reality.

You can't negotiate your way
out of hell's emptiness.
Language knows no boundaries.

But Latin is more effective.
Despite our constant speaking in tongues.
This is exhausting.

Like a Venus retrograde.
I'm screaming on the edge of nothing.
Waiting for your echo,
to bounce back to me.

If time doesn't exist.
Then why does mine feel so wasted?
One day was a nice thought.

But I can't live in no man's shadow.
I cast a few of my own.
AD Mullin Sep 2018
Working your way out of ionic ******* can be
seriously interesting however, it can also be

I was standing in the aisle at Bulk Barn.
Being low on neutrinos, I was looking to stock up
As I I like to sprinkle them on my cereal in the morning. Next

I made my way down the aisle to where the anti-photons are found.
If you like your coffee black and not sweet, as I do
This is almost as good as other alternatives. I did realize that

My electron supply was fine
But thought I'd get some anyway
Just for the ion-y.

I don't understand the economics in this transaction
but it is apparent the invisible hand does.
When the clerk looked in my basket, I was sine-waved through.
Working my way out of ionic *******, lol
Seeing stars while standing still,
There’s no denying that you’re ill,
Denial persists, stabs and twists
You stand in a fog a filled abyss
Searching for words, but instead you just drift
Empty handed time after time
You feed yourself lies and pills, there’s no denying that you’re ill,

More doctors than friends, you try so hard not to let the pain in
Chronic or Histrionic, whose to say in the end?
Rhetorical epiphanies are your oldest friend

Seeing stars while standing still,
The beholder’s eyes find solace in nature’s will

— The End —