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I will speak for you
If you ask me to.
If we try,
There's no dark inside.

But to gain the view
That you want, anew,
You must lay
All your fears aside.

All the worlds you're through,
All the lies so true,
All that's left
Is the great divide.
Where do you think I found this? Yup--on the back of my notebook.
Do you ever lie in darkness,
Wondering if you will be
The star of some great epoch
In books of history?

Do you ever fear you'll fail,
And let everyone down
That expected you to be someone,
Instead of to be drowned?

There are so many expectations
For you to change the world
To deny is to refuse
Your duty.
Lewis Carroll,
The numbers were driving him insane.

George Orwell,
His family didn't know yet.

Mark Twain,
A childhood on the rivers.

A pseudonym is a weapon like no other.
Beyond definition and standardization,
Beyond understanding and categorization,
Beyond bold ambition and extreme perfectionism,
Beyond cheerful optimism and renewed existentialism.

Beyond love and understanding,
Beyond fear and high-goal setting,
Beyond hope and conformed learning,
Beyond joy and great triumphing.

Beyond arrogance,
Beyond rebirth,
Beyond growing,
Beyond changing.

Don't you want to move beyond?
Don't you want to be better?
Don't you want to be free?

You can't be.
It's like a roller coaster
This thing called life
It's raining outside from the dark yawning sky
The yellow streetlamps are all that makes the drops visible
So it looks like the lamps are raining

My heel bone can be felt through
My skin
People shudder at my face but
Sadness isn't a sin
It's more of a thought experiment
A chance to learn

When everything is hinged
and Yellow - Black tinged
You realize you have changed so
And what you thought you would never be
You have suddenly become
Too many cliched words rhyme with 'see'

Like be

No white
Is as white
As a memory of whiteness
And so the search for
The deep darkness of a dream
Is a fool's chore
I think someone once said
Every choice is an open door
What? Where did this come from? I just found this in my email archive.
I am sick and tired of everything.
Leave me alone.
Just give me pens
And markers
A laptop
A notebook

Stop bothering me.

I know, it doesn't work that way.
Please, free me.
I don't want to
Achieve all--
Reach heaven--
Feel happy--

I just want to breathe.
You want something of me,
That much I can see.
But what could it be?
Take me down and set me free!
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