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Rory Mels Tims Oct 2019
Create to start day
Relax by midday
Learn by late day
Contemplate to end day
Read when it's not day
Dream it all away
Six steps to happiness!
Rory Mels Tims Aug 2019
I once knew a girl
who looked up at the sky
I asked everyone
but no one knew why

So I asked her "Why
is your gaze in the air?"
She paused for a moment,
then answered with care.

"I feel the answer's
up there in the stars.
Beyond busy streets
clogged up with cars."

"Not astrology or myths.
But our identity.
She left to gaze more,
Her eyes bright and free.
First version: I once knew a girl/Who always looked up in the sky/I talked to everyone/But no one knew why/So I asked her "Why/Is your gaze in the Air?"/"I feel the answer/Is hidden up there./I don't mean astrology,/Or fate as myths define it./I mean the exploration/Of the stars and planets."/She sent me a letter/Many years later./A few simple words/On a slip of paper./"I found my answer."
Rory Mels Tims Jul 2019
O eraser, o eraser,
You were supposed to make it white
Instead you made it gray
O eraser, o eraser,
You smudge my work all day!
O eraser, o eraser,
I'm throwing you away!
You're hard and black with pencil dust--
O eraser! O eraser!
I was just bored in class one day and frustrated by how many erasers are
Rory Mels Tims Jul 2019
This is my mono-monologue.

I stand alone befoe the world,
My lonely clean white flag unfurled,
Wondering when the winter sky
Will melt my wings and let my fly.

Perched upon a mountaintop
With not a soul in sight
"When will my isolation stop?"
I cry with all my might.

This is my mono-monologue.

The wind whispers
What I hoped I'd never know:
"You are so far away from them
Because you are below.

"But maybe you are
The one who lives above.
Maybe that is why
You never could be loved."

This is my mono-monologue.

I've lived a shunned life
(It can be hard to see)
Although I haven't felt much strife,
My freedom's far from free.

I do not truly know
What you mean by 'best friend'.
I'm fated to live alone
Until the very end.

This is my mono-monologue.
Mono-monologue: A monologue on loneliness.
Rory Mels Tims Jun 2019
What do we learn in school?

How to
Shut up,
Listen up,
Keep our heads down,
Keep our feet on the ground.

How to make stuff up
How to hurry up
How to not be loud
How to walk with the crowd

We learn a lot in school.
Rory Mels Tims Apr 2019
O eraser! O eraser!
You were supposed to make it white
Instead you made it gray
O eraser! O eraser!
You smudge my work all day
O eraser! O eraser!
I'm throwing you away
O eraser! O eraser!
You're hard and black from pencil dust
You're sticky gray from acrylic crust
O eraser! O eraser!
It's like the opposite of an ode.
Rory Mels Tims Apr 2019
This is a revolution,
For we are only human!
We must rebel,
For can't you tell,
This is a revolution?

To be free
We must be

We will fight day or night,
We will march for the right,
String me up on a cross,
No spirit is lost!

If I am gone
Then we are wronged
My spirit will live--on!

We will not rest 'till all is past
We'll fight until the very last
This is our creation--
For this is a revolution!

And maybe this will never end,
And I will never be your friend,
But we must try!

This is a revolution!
Written as a letter-poem-song.
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