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6.4k · Feb 2015
Regan Troop Feb 2015
Your secrets were always safe with me//Wasn't my fault people were smarter than you stupidly thought they'd be//Would it have been better, more clever, if they believed you were a werewolf?//However, you did have the claws that shot out and grabbed me//I'd never lay a hand on you how you would land on me//I could see it when you wore your fangs and raised your fist up to harm me//Werewolf//Instead you got in my face and twist my wrists//So close we could of kissed should of kissed but you were ****** that I wanted to coexist..
Your growling was a turn on but you were ******* me while scowling//Because how dare I please tease and ******* hourly then beg you for one pounding//Yeah, ******* is the best and you were ******* with the best but your kind of ******* was so ******* messed//And you made me feel like a used **** test.//Red wild eyes going to sleep and waking up//Had to have the green since you were just a little wolf pup//They ask you if you want another bowl-full you turn and bark YupYup.
And just so we can recap//You weren't always a monster//You were a gentleman when I first met you//For two months then I saw the real monster in you//You had me in your trap and then I saw that you were turning//You began to snap and then you were cracking and squirming//I found it disturbing//But I held on for months hoping that around you'd be turning.
But you only came back around when you were howling homeless like a stray//You cheated on me with her//Tried to kick me out to keep her//They ALL said that you'd been with HER//But your hustle couldn't make a ***** stay//She learned you always blew your pay//On the drugs and on the Obey//Discovered your secret then didn't give you the time of day//So she scampered off back to her ex//Lone wolf//But I took you back in//You saw I was less than thin//Like Hell you cared, you were wearing monster skin//You're a cold-hearted werewolf//With a sharp ****** grin.
I can name the one time when you came to my rescue//You were ******* with them other sheep and I was under their fescue//I don't know why you bothered to yank me up from the muck when at the end you took my head and smacked it down til it stuck//Got back up and had those sheep cooked for supper//Now they're on my side, in my insides//Now they're gone, I'm gone, and no one's left to hear you mutter//Your secrets were always safe with me//But now you are just a lone wolf.

4.1k · Oct 2012
"Nice Guys Finish Last"
Regan Troop Oct 2012
She rested a hand on my shoulder and smiled,
"Nice guys finish last."
My ****** expression remained the same while taking in
what left her tongue as her smile and hand soon left me.
She's going back to the other guy.
The 'bad boy'.
The kind of guy who won't consider her first,
the kind of guy who won't share how he's feeling first,
the kind of guy who lied to her, saying she was his first.
My shoulder, still warm from her hand, shrugs.
It, and the rest of me, know. I'm the guy who touches her the deepest,
I'm the guy who will do anything to see her warm, comforting smile,
I'm the guy who will wait for the bad boy to break her heart.
I'm the 'nice guy'.
She may come to me lastly, but in her heart,
I will finish first.
2.6k · Jan 2012
In The Arms Of Sirens
Regan Troop Jan 2012
This ship is sinking
but we're floating in life savers
floating in the arms of sirens
This ship is sinking
but we're floating towards the land
floating in the arms of sirens

We knew it from the start
but just didn't have the heart
to make them walk the plank
after drawing a blank
when we asked them why

This ship is sinking
but we're floating in life savers
floating in the arms of sirens
This ship is sinking
but we're floating towards the land
floating in the arms of sirens

Feeling the tentacles on my leg
they wrap around, pull and drown
all the hope I had sunk
to the deepest blue's ground

And all the shimmering light
at the water's surface
never looked so white
never felt so bright

This ship is sinking
but we're floating in life savers
floating in the arms of sirens
This ship is sinking
but we're floating towards the land
floating in the arms of sirens
2.5k · Nov 2012
21 Scars
Regan Troop Nov 2012
Seven on my neck, six on my chest, five on my hands, one on a thigh, and one on each knee.

Scar one; Our voices were cut mid-sentence when you swerved onto our side of the road.
Scar two; For the first time, Time was in slow-motion. You made it possible to count the silent seconds.
Scar three; Seven seconds in, my mum cried a religious code, "Oh my God!"
Scar four; You made me believe that's the last thing I'd hear before I'd leave.
Scar five; ... Will we survive?
Scar six; My heart kicks in gear, blood flows to areas that suspect a mother's worst fear.
Scar seven; We're far from Heaven.

Scar eight; August 29, 2007. You made me remember this date.
Scar nine; The words I manage from my ****** throat that night, "Is everyone alright?"
Scar ten; You showed me magic tricks were real. The bowl in my hands vanished with the help of the air bag, sending pieces to the back for another life to steal.
Scar eleven; Can you possibly imagine feeling, but not seeing your cold, stinging, cut throat singing? Singing red, just pouring your heart into it?
Scar twelve; You set two fires to feed. One in my heart and one on my knees.
Scar thirteen; My brother hadn't seen anything but smoke when he woke from his dreams.

Scar fourteen; I know you're a father, have you met mine? No, you were gone before you could tell him his family wasn't fine, and that you may have had a little too much wine.
Scar fifteen; Like a mother duck rushing her ducklings across the road, you put mine in full-mother-mode.
Scar sixteen; When the paramedics came, they mistaken the taco salad for my brain.
Scar seventeen; The way you leaned on our totalled car, smoking a cigarette, not a scratch on you, not a sign of regret.
Scar eighteen; After the hospital, you made it almost impossible for Nan to get me into her car.

Scar nineteen; My friends waited 'till late, crying, thinking I was dead, and my mother and brother, dead. Have you ever had someone mess with your head?

Scar twenty; July 23, 2012. I got my driver licence. And by now, they've probably given your's back to you. This isn't your first time, this isn't my first rhyme.
Scar twenty-one; Driving at night, every night, I still see your headlights right in front of me. My body is still braced so don't you think you left no trace.

Scars. I had more but they've healed. I have 21 scars that you meant because at that number, that's no 'accident'.
2.4k · Sep 2011
I want a man.
Regan Troop Sep 2011
You have grown up but Baby, you ain’t no man.

I want a man. I’ll be fine on my own if you don’t wanna be mine.
I can manage the bills, fix the car, and cut the lawn.

I want a man. Who wants to be mine and hold me when I’m not fine.
He can help make the bed, fix up dinner, and cut the crap.

I want a man. Who’s honest and not afraid to speak his mind if
my hair looks like a dead animal and my dress, a garbage bag.

I want a man. Who gets as excited about what I’m doing as I get
with what he’s doing. Even if it may just be over a silly poem.

I want a man. Who doesn’t need me. But wants me.
He isn’t a mess and can take care of himself without me, yet allows me to care.

I want a man. Who I can punch in the arm, and he tackles me to the floor.
Someone to make me laugh, to make sure I’m never serious all the time.

I want a man. Who respects what I see is beautiful, as I see in him.
He must understand we can love one another, as well as other beauties.

I want a man. who’s my best friend. So when we have disagreements,
we’ll find ways to satisfy all intentions. And to treat me like ‘one of the boys’.

I want a man. Who will lay with me, all warm in our bed, arm in arm,
and listen to the rain outside. Because I love these silent moments.

I want a man. To read this and realize this man is him. I feel I need that man.
To be you.
2.3k · Jul 2011
Late at Night Hangout
Regan Troop Jul 2011
Going to their late at night hang out
At their friend's house they left a note
She sat down on the tire swing
And you swung her underneath your wing
No one was there, it was just you and her
You put your hands on her shoulder
She found herself looking in your eyes
Never got to say goodbye

We're the new faces of the broken hearted
As our spirits suddenly parted
There's a white light pulling her through the door
But before she goes she wants you to know;
She'll send you x's and o's

Sitting alone on the bench over there
With the sun setting just right here
Setting on her, she's so pretty
But no one sees her in this city
Right over there she sees a payphone
She tries to reach him; no answer
Can she make it on her own
It seems like this life haunts her


She finds him at their late at night hang out
Holding flowers and a small note
She watches as tears fill his eyes
He never got to say goodbye


She wants you to know [x 7]
She'll send you ex's and oh's
2.2k · Sep 2011
For Eternity, a Bench Carver
Regan Troop Sep 2011
I had another dream
Well, it's sounds less crazy than calling it a memory
I walked through the public park
on a chilly evening
Orange and red leaves were falling
My favorite season.

I sat on the park bench
which greeted me with a little warmth
Probably from the elder woman
who regularly sat on this park bench
to feed the birds
My favorite animal.

I scanned the park
Its horizontal lines matched the color of the leaves
A coated stranger walked by
His face blurred
but a friendly smile I remembered so clearly

I set a leaf on the bench beside me
It had fallen on my head
and kept me from feeling lonely
I never knew why I felt like that some times.

The wind took my fallen friend
which took my eyes to marked wood
I had to squint, I had to smile
"He said stay in my arms for eternity"

I expected two initials encased in a heart
but this was extra touching
I hoped the bench carver stayed
I hoped they were happy
Maybe I'd remember this
Maybe I've already lived it.

A second stranger walked by but stopped
And became familiar
He had the one smile
The one that I've always remembered

We walked arm in arm
out of the public park
I told him of the bench carver's message
He smiled,
"And She said I will"
Woooooooo, I'm so happy with this one!
A little secret: I love old couples and their stories.
Regan Troop Mar 2015
My worst nightmares, I can never wake from
Because he's in there, a love affair
And has my heart beating like a drum,
which is rare
Because he never treated me
with that kind of love and care,
not after since having the other love affair
My worst nightmares, I always succumb
Because he's in there, a love affair
And has my heart beating til it feels numb
My worst nightmares, I always die from
Because he's in there, and I wake up
And feel reality put a bitter taste in my morning cup

My worst nightmares, are the ones where you're treating me like you used to when were we deliriously in love
It's the hardest nightmare to pull away from because it's painfully comforting and I hate it. I hate it so much. Because I wake up and realize all that happened since then all over again, the nightmare starts when I wake up and it kills me every ******* time
2.1k · Oct 2012
Regan Troop Oct 2012
Sat beside you
in the dead silence,
she exhales a long sigh.
It reaches far, to your bare leg, too.
It raises goosebumps,
and a question in your mind.

"You're a little too high,
or a little too low."
They've completely covered your thigh.
She seems so low with such a sad sigh.
Your goosebumps are high from her blow.

You slowly glance her way,
you don't know what to say
because according to her Doctors note,
today's not been her day.

She catches your eyes
and your's meet hers.
Your goosebumps double in size.

Imagining her losing to the sickness within,
goosebumps now engulf your suit of skin

in the dead silence.
1.8k · Nov 2012
Breakups and Flings
Regan Troop Nov 2012
Matt.* British gent to British *****.
You became insecure, moody, obsessive and possessive
And that doesn't give you the excuse to abuse. It’s over.
Norman. Male twin to turned twin.
You became my best friend so easily, come boyfriend
Then you broke up with me for my brother. It’s over.
Ryan. Sweet guy to skaterboi.
I don’t even know why we dated,
Probably because we left people who abused us. It’s over.
Noel. Romantic to heart-frantic.
You chose that nasty ex over me, and she only hurt you.
I've never came so close to fighting a girl in school. It’s over.
Morgan. Cuban fling to cutie far away.
I realize we were both drunk, but you initiated the kiss
And you weren't too bad at it, for a girl… but you’re in Ontario. *
It’s over.
1.8k · Jul 2011
Sucking on Tastefulness
Regan Troop Jul 2011
I lift it

lick a clearing

then driven from hunger and aroma

I bite in


then take it all in.

After it is finished
and the delicious chunky liquid runs down my throat

I sigh,

"What a great bowl of Chunky Four-Cheese Ravioli!"
1.7k · Dec 2011
Regan Troop Dec 2011
She grounded her feet
and leaned forward
peering into tiny mud puddles.
She saw the outline of her wavy hair
with one stray piece rebelling
from how she wanted it to rest
on the top of her head.
And she wanted to fix it,
but couldn't completely.


He grinded his teeth
and leaned forward
peering into tiny blood puddles.
He saw the outline of his unmarked arms
with one sharp blade rebelling
from how he wanted it to be
on the darkest of his nights.
And he wanted to stop for her,
but couldn't completely.
1.6k · Sep 2011
Flowing Red Dress
Regan Troop Sep 2011
It's much quieter around here
in these once conversational rooms
and in the crackling fireplace
that was lit
to keep our shivering bones warm

It's much colder around here
without the sparks flying between us
and no wandering wondering hands
to keep us smiling

It's much lonelier around here
where the only other hands here
are the ones reflected in the mirror
made up in its shattered pieces
that scatter the floor boards
Shattered and Scattered

Sounds sadly familiar

With red lip stick,
the mirror's edge kisses my hand
then my chest
my stomach
and thighs
and bites playfully at my neck
You loved this colour on me,
you'd once said
But maybe it was the wrong dress?
This one fits me much tighter
almost suffocatingly
to my skin
it flows nicely

Maybe now you'll take me back
into your cold, stiff arms
I'll join you for dinner tonight
in my flowing red dress.
1.6k · Jul 2011
Can't wait to see you
Regan Troop Jul 2011
You move me

Touch me

With your thoughtful words,
Your heart pounding notes.

I look into your eyes

Stare into your soul

You tell me I'll see myself,
That it's only the truth.

I smile bright

And hold myself tight

I'm so lucky to have you,
I can't wait to see you.
1.6k · Feb 2015
My Concrete Poem
Regan Troop Feb 2015
Late night walking empty streets,
staring at the concrete
A bare ***** human skull
stripped from all its meat,
hanging from the tree branch
like an apple on an apple tree
Should have kept walking,
staring at the concrete

1.5k · Nov 2011
(RWILY) Dents In My Face
Regan Troop Nov 2011
Nobody has ever asked me
if I had dimples, before...

And I was never sure
if they were a beautiful characteristic,
or just dents in a round face.

They showed themselves, proudly,
after he had told me he thought they
were beautiful.

Lovely, even.

And a light pink quickly,
but gently,
surrounded them with a calming acceptance.

Even dents in my round pink face
were enough to make me feel beautiful
in his charming eyes.
Regan Troop Oct 2011
Some People

Disgust me.

All Humans

Sicken me.

I'd rather consider us People

Because at least there are some good people.
1.5k · Dec 2012
As We Drift Away
Regan Troop Dec 2012
While sleeping in the water,

Sea otters may hold hands to keep

From drifting apart.

Holding hands,

Minds sail somewhere between consciousness

And to a sea of thoughts and wonders.

We take to rough waters and

Tighten our grips

And then relax them.

My pale body’s dead cold,

But my hand comes to life in yours.

We stroke each other’s fingers with our own,

Each digit of yours is so smooth

Like an otters silky coat.

I study your hands

Every curve

And every bend.

Blinded by wondrous waters,

Touch will find your promised land.

As you studied me I thought,

“Don’t let me go”

Because I was drifting towards love

And I didn't want to go alone.
Inspired by the car ride home last night and the cute fun fact about otters
1.3k · Jul 2011
'Morning Love
Regan Troop Jul 2011
In the morning I'll wake
To the sunshine, rain, smell of new lawn
Jump up and for us, morning tea I'll make!
Walk around with next to nothing on

Take my time in the shower
But keep it under half an hour
Dress in the comfiest thing
Turn up the radio and sing

Flop down on the couch beside you
Wearing a little girl's smile on my face
Your shining eyes turn my heart to fondue
Holding me in this warm, ***** embrace
I wish that someday, this is how my mornings will start.
With some nature, fun, and the love of my life <3
1.2k · Aug 2011
My Bud, Meech
Regan Troop Aug 2011
"You gon'a sleep all mornin', Bud?"

We get up for the day
Breakfast first, or else we're both wild animals
He walked over in such a way
An older version of my pal

An abandoned soul
A loyal, trusting friend
He makes me whole
He's a tired old ten

Was always horrible with words
Got homesick a lot, too
Always had to be with Ma and Pa
For me, there's nothing he wouldn't do

"You stop to smell the roses, Bud?"

I love long walks
On the beach
A flaky line, but it mocks
I want to teach
you about Meech

He lays down
Breathless, aching body
But oh man that was a great walk
His smile doesn't dare frown

A lonely soul
Last night I lost my best friend
In my heart, a sunken hole
At least now I won't have to pretend

"You just sleep in now, Bud."
1.2k · Nov 2012
Just Another Rainy Day
Regan Troop Nov 2012
Being woken up by the sound of rustling, it's about 10:20 am. I poke my head out from underneath my blankets, "Ey... is it raining out?" The curtain is pulled back and there's a grumpy sigh, "Ugh, yes." I smile and pull the blanket over my shoulders again, "It's another rainy day, great start to the weekend!" She agrees sarcastically. I smile amusedly. I love this weather.

My lips chill from the rim of my traveller's mug that had been bathed in cold rain on my way to creative writing class. As I tip it back, my lips are steamed by the hot, chocolatey liquid contained inside. I fix the hood of my sweater and sit back into my seat. Rainy days, hot chocolate, and sweaters.
1.2k · Feb 2015
Regan Troop Feb 2015
You always had a star in me
Yet were wishing on a shooting one
Well bang she banged then shot you down
Then flew away, was on the run
And oh she ran

Til she ran into me and I swore
I wanted to grab a drip pan
And her wasp waist
Pin her wings so she couldn't sting
And bleed her out to save my mind from
These thoughts i faced
Same for the rest of them you wanted to taste.

I don't think you realize what you put me through
Drove a dagger into my heart and twist until i turned a different hue
Then I looked up to see my arms still opened for you.

I was pathetic and weak
Gave you the benefit of the doubt
Waiting for you to stop this ****** streak
I hated who you made me too
So after finding another **** video from your ex
I packed my **** up and I left you.

Just hoping no one evers calls me Perfect again
Just to take what they want from me every now and then
I hope you see the crazy **** I've accomplished since
And know I could never have done it with you

I survived because the flicker inside me burned hotter than your wildfire
Stop trying to get me back
Cause this time You Don't Get To Get Me Back
I'm a ******* Wildflower.

1.1k · Jul 2011
Regan Troop Jul 2011
This isn’t to give you attention, it’s to give you awareness that the
harder you try to get to me, the easier it will be, to waste your breath trying.
You have been made aware.

Now, I don’t have enemies, I have people who hate me
for standing true and strong, who I choose to ignore.
I’ve been dumb, I’ve been foolish, Ya I’ve been immature before.
But I can proudly say with self respect, that I have never been the disrespect
that they are.
Threaten me, call me things, glare at me all you want, be a hater!
You won’t wear me down. You can’t tear me down.
So try all you want! You’ll look like a clown…

[Bridge & Chorus]
It’s time to grow up now, it’s time to forget how.
Do it the best way you think you can.
You’re unclear of what this song’s about, but I know I’m no longer in doubt.
Make sense of it the best way you can.

I’m a WHAT? Well… I’m glad you think so.
I do a pretty good job standing strong for the things I believe in.
So thanks for the reminder! Rewind your winder
But realize you’ll never win, you are never getting in.
Rewind your thoughts, consider my foughts
and the abuse I let myself take from your words
but you haters are the ones who’ll rot.
… do you really wanna rot?

[Bridge & Chorus]

I do what I can to make sure you’re outta sight, you’re outta mind.
Anything to make sure you don’t drag me behind
to be hit by your talk, I’m gonna stand up and walk!
Right past the ones we all try to ignore…

[Bridge & Chorus]


((I apologize for the slightly darker message.  But I hope some of you find it inspirational.))
1.1k · Jul 2011
Little vine.
Regan Troop Jul 2011
How long have I been laying here?
Since when did my left arm fall asleep?

I look up to the darkened clouds
I can see both the sun and moon
My body now lays in the shade

I look to my sleeping limb
down to my chilled fingers
And I notice
A thin green vine
curled around my pinky finger

How long has it taken you to grow on me,
Little vine?

I smile, as I naturally love nature's ways

Carefully, I uncurl the vine and stand
It hasn't taken me long at all to grow on you,
Little vine.
1.1k · Mar 2015
Free Verse
Regan Troop Mar 2015
It’s been over between us for a long time now

these are my ways of moving on

and I will not be sorry for letting go of these nasty emotions

that you placed in my heart and soul

I’m moving on

and I will forget the things that made me bitter

but not those that made me weak

I am a stronger person now

because you had me ready to cut my last ties to this life

but my soul is an old soul and it helped me see through it all

I am not who you remember me

I am not who you will ever meet

I’ve been enlightened from the darkest crevices of Hell

and that kind of strength will shine in my soul for eternity

To let go of toxicities

is to purify the soul

1.1k · Oct 2011
Cheerios in Love
Regan Troop Oct 2011
I was six

And silly

And loved my Honey Nut Cheerios in the morning.

I was a dreamer

And curious

And watched my Cheerios float to each other.

As if embracing the strong pull

As if round magnets

Or planets

Seemingly happy with their finding in one another at last

Then I would scoop and swallow them.

"Leave no one on their own!",

I'd panic to my bowl.

Guiding one seemingly lost with my spoon to the other,

"You wouldn't want to be alone..."

Who would want to be alone

At the end of their soggy, saggy lives?

Then I would scoop and swallow them.
(This poem has been chosen and is published in 'Stars in our hearts' through World Poetry Movement)
1.1k · Aug 2011
Writings on my Bedroom Wall
Regan Troop Aug 2011
Laying down
Faced up
Staring at the ceiling
Using it as canvas to paint out my feelings

Looking over
Feeling closer
Memories I recall
I can see them in the writings on my bedroom wall

Words that speak of good times
Oh I love how it all rhymes
And makes me revisit
Makes me admit
How much I love the memories I've made with you

I smile
A quarter smile
Think 'Excuse me miss, I miss your face'
Even if we're only in an imaginary place

My heart beats wild
From your smile
You turn around and hug me
Call my name out, say you love me

Muscles tighten
Wanting embrace
I remember how you feel about personal space
Then I remember the sweetness in how you taste

Move my body
You move my soul
I promised you I'd come up with a word to describe you
Its definition 'When deeply touched -emotionally- by a loved one', how you do

I say it slow
Loving, amazing, and touching
What you are in your simple 'Hello'

Looking lower
Falling fast
Hoping you'll stay with me throughout my dreams
Throughout my life
Cause like the light on our future
My love for you gleams
Regan Troop Jul 2011
You've awoken my appetite
It's the middle of the night
So what am I suppose to do
You shouldn't feed me past midnight

Why did you choose to reignite this spark
Why did I choose to let you
I've been doing so well toughening my heart
Just to prove it weak, against you

Don't expect me to come back so easily

Please, don't expect me to at all

I'll forever hold you in my heart
But for now, we must remain apart
Regan Troop Feb 2015
He told me,
"when I see your pretty hips
I want to be in between them, looking up at your pretty lips"
              I told him,
"I'd rather **** myself,
So go **** yourself"

Regan Troop May 2013
blinking constantly, the Morning Light shines behind her
Her glorious Sleepy Smile, My heavy lids like Camera Shutters

clicking for as many Saved Loves as possible
to cherish your softness and this moment Now
to eternalize it Forever
because there won't be many more Mornings quite like this one
i can't remember for the life of me what was groggily said
or if anything was said at all
i think that's because all my focus
left my Ears for my Eyes that were being blinded by
this beautiful and simple moment of Us
the Bright Light
the Warm Covers
the Tired Bodies that didn't want to move away from this Paradise
i hoped the Light of My Eyes were reflecting into Yours
the heart-felt Message that i felt swelling inside my Chest
prepared to Self Destruct

blinking constantly, the Morning Light shines behind her
Her glorious Morning Look, My Mind's Eyes will cherish forever
Original had been written for a dear love of mine the night before I left, inspired by one of the many mornings we shared. This is an updated work
1.0k · Nov 2012
Mirror Mirror
Regan Troop Nov 2012
Things that blow,
The wind following your body’s beautiful curves, yet you hate anyone associating the word ‘beautiful’ to any part of you.
Your voice isn’t naturally low or manly like Joe’s. You wanna be like him, but Joe-Shmo that’s not what you deserve. You deserve you.
You stare at yourself in the mirror, thinking that the image should be clearer, thinking that instead of nearer, how you feel and how you look couldn’t be further apart. And it breaks my heart, you didn’t get what you need, and you’re falling apart, wanna depart, want a restart switch… And the best suggested alternative is a cut and stitch.

Stop telling yourself how much you hate yourself and stop saying it's your fault, stop having bad thoughts and try to see some good, there are still things to live for, stop hurting yourself stop scaring me with your goodbyes stop running with scissors stop playing in the traffic stop saying you'll finally do it  
... Live.

I don’t understand all that you go through and I know you don’t expected me to. But I do know pain, and I’ve dealt with confusion. I understand that this life you live seems like an illusion. This body you deplore because it’s not really your’s. When trying to be yourself starts feeling like a chore. When it’s just easier to tell yourself you’re done for.
But I’ll tell you, if I was in a candy store, and you were a candy with a hard outside-gooey core, even if your exterior didn’t completely match your true interior, I’d still pick you. Because you’re sweet.
It wouldn’t matter how messy you might be or how awful you think you must taste,
as long as your fingers were interlaced with mine, you’d be my cup of tea.
As I hold my tea cup’s waist and look at its reflection, I can see warmth and affection. Rejection and self-protection. I can handle a little messy and Darling I will let you know exactly how you ******* sweet imperfection.

And when you stare at yourself in the mirror, this time, I’ll be there, blowing the wind across your body’s natural, handsome curves.
I performed this Spoken Word poetry in a coffee house at my university, my heart was split in two, one half fell to my stomach, the other jumped up my throat. I was the last to volunteer to perform in front of 15 or so upper-classmen.. I'm so glad I survived and thrived, I plan to do more and perform, to work on my stage-fright.

The inspiration and dedication for this piece is my dear friend, Jeffery Heard. I hope you're doing well ***, I know you've been checking constantly for this, and I'm sorry it's taken me this long to put this up. But here it is, I hope it keeps you going **
967 · Sep 2011
The Best Days Of Our Lives
Regan Troop Sep 2011
I want to travel

and fall in love

with a man who insists

He couldn't handle the distance

And he would

to hold me long in his arms

As if that alone

would keep me from going home

I desire a completely new love

who proves his desire to be with me


I've always imagined

since I was a child

saying I Do

on the sandy beach

and beautiful sunset

Walking barefoot

then being picked up and carried

smiling at each other

and kissing handsome lips


Living happy

Loving life

and all the little joys that come

Learning and teaching by day

Coming home to share our separate exciting lives

Cuddling close for warmth by night

Every day Every night


I've always imagined

since I was a dreamer

hearing my one whisper

I Love You

and knowing they'd meant it

I've always waited

to say it back

with a giggly smile

as this dream kept coming true

I want to travel

and fall in love

with a man who insists

These are the best days of our lives
Regan Troop Jul 2011
I look up from my page
to the cloud covered sky
as I see rain falling heavily


I open my heavier window
and listen silently

I love the way it sounds
as it hits the earth's ground,
the water of the pond,
the birds come out to play.


I love the way it smells
It calms me, leaves me unable
to do anything but enjoy it.
It blocks out everything else,
leaving me in a gaze.


You told me you loved the rain too.
I wish I could have met you
Why did you have to go?

But I know this crying sky,
It won't give you back to me.
I'll listen to its soothing fallen words instead.

So for now,
I'll enjoy it for what it is.
955 · Sep 2011
If lips could talk
Regan Troop Sep 2011
I felt my lips

Not with my fingers but with the gentle wind

It smoothly danced with the curves

of my full top lip

and down around the bottom,

embracing their fullness

and giving them life.

As if they'd been shocked,

they heated

and they had their own pulsing.

They made me aware

of what they were aching for.

But you were far gone up the street,

and only left your desirable gentle wind.
938 · Jul 2011
If I could say 'I love you'
Regan Troop Jul 2011
If I could say 'I love you'
In every language of the world

I would start off with Sign Language,
Stroking your soft lips with my hand

Then I would go to Body Language,
My body providing you warmth and comfort,
whenever you may need it

I would hesitantly open my lips,
but just a little.
I would whisper in the languages best known to you
Of my unfathomable feelings for you.

If I could say 'I love you'

The butterflies would have to leave,
and my palms would have to stay dry

My heart would have to stay down from my throat,
and I would have to be able to look you straight in the eyes

But that's all half the fun

In falling in love
Feeling in love
Being in love

Being with you here
and now

As I'm giving my warmth to you
As I stroke your soft full lips
As I finally gather the courage to tell you

I love you.
Regan Troop Sep 2011
An envelope that arrived on my door step
A minute ago
Read on the back
                                                            ­                "Everything I could never tell you"

My hands tremble
anticipating the unknown
They slowly raise the paper fold
and remove a familiar blue piece of paper.

                                                         ­                   "Because I was afraid it would scare you away.
                                                           ­                  When I told you one thing, you looked at me
                                                              ­               and decided to run away.

                                                          ­                   I thought about visiting you
                                                             ­                To explain my strong feelings but I knew
                                                            ­                 you wouldn't let me stay.

                                                          ­                   I miss you so bad
                                                             ­                That I can't enjoy our coffee time alone
                                                           ­                  your cup gets cold
                                                            ­                 That I can't find my comfy spot at night
                                                           ­                  when it was my arms around you
                                                             ­                And I feel like I'm missing
                                                         ­                    because before you found me, it's true.

                                                               ­              I've never wanted anyone
                                                          ­                   who would try to make me smile
                                                           ­                  the way you did
                                                             ­                And I never want anyone
                                                          ­                   who might try to replace you.

                                                           ­                  Let me explain my strong feelings for you,
                                                            ­                 Let me explain them slower.
                                                         ­                    I'll slow everything down, I don't want to rush things
                                                          ­                   But I need to ask you about 'Forever'

                                                      ­                       I'm in the coffee shop
                                                            ­                 across from your place
                                                           ­                  keeping your cup warm
                                                            ­                 Please put that smile back on my face"

My hands have soften
absorbing the promise
They slowly raise the folded paper
to my heart
And I rush out the door
wearing his shirt I wore last night

Knowing, I'm no longer afraid to hear           *"I Love You"
903 · Aug 2013
Songbirds in the Nest
Regan Troop Aug 2013
His ears focussed to the child's melodic tune coming from the seat behind him in the truck with the Spice Girls blasting radio. He smiles at her brother joining in, but keeps his eyes on the road. Dad stretches an arm over the front passenger seat's shoulder to where Mum has woken to her songbirds.
888 · Jul 2011
I'm coming home.
Regan Troop Jul 2011
One day my family and I got a letter
I’ve been in here since that gloomy afternoon
Day after day I’ll tell myself I’ll get better
I tell everyone I’m coming home soon

I look at the pictures beside me
And the cards and the flowers people gave me
I’ll make it out for them; they’ll see
Just promise me you’ll be brave for me

It might look like I’m fading away, but I’m just taking a breath
Before I blow this thing away
I’ll give it as much as it takes
I’ll get out of here some day
Soon I will be on my way
I’ll be home by May
I’m coming home today
885 · Aug 2011
Thank Goodness for Angels
Regan Troop Aug 2011
I've never been too good with my left hand
I'm spilling
But thank goodness I'll be there in a few more steps

Shaky steps
Inching slowly to the table
"Here you go-"
And I almost spill the cup of morning goodness everywhere

"O-oh dear me..."

I've never been too good at accepting this
I'm upset
But thank goodness angels hands have touched mine

Soft hands
Holding mine a little tighter
"Grandma, it's alright"
And I almost spill my little smile onto the floor

"Thank goodness for angels"
880 · Jul 2011
Because you're by my side
Regan Troop Jul 2011
If I can come home after a rough day and smile from your love,
then I dare all my days be rough,
because I know your love will guide me through.

If I can come home after a hot summer day and get cooled from your touch,
then I dare the sun blaze down on me,
all day long,
because I know your touch will soothe me after.

If I can come home after the pouring freezing rain and feel the warmth in your kiss,
then I dare the rain to never cease above my head,
because I know your kiss will warm me after.
872 · Oct 2011
Solicit Faithlessness
Regan Troop Oct 2011
You've never changed
And your unfathomable number of wrongs
have never changed intentions.

Do you wish that I in return,
Solicit faithlessness?

So you may feel
As if I'm really not as high as the matured stars,
But a stick in the childish mud,
like you?

Tell me why would I want
To ever change my intentions.
Created this in 'Adopt a Metaphor'.
It really isn't as hard as it seems if you pair yourself up with a goodie.
Very useful and fun, a great idea!
848 · Jul 2011
Regan Troop Jul 2011
This feeling.

This feeling I try to avoid.

Sometimes gets the best of me,
I'll admit.

But once I've come back
From the place that calms me,

Everything is fine.

At least til next time.
793 · Feb 2015
I'll love you
Regan Troop Feb 2015
I'll love you like you never knew you could feel loved
I'll make you think you died then went up above

With the sultry gaze i shot your way that went right through your eyes and into your brain
And all the kisses i blew to you pierced your body like a heavy rain
By holding you like you're the one treasure in my world
So tightly that your chest rests still and your smile rests curled

I'll love you like you never knew you could feel loved
I'll wake you with my voice
And you'll hear mourning doves

793 · Oct 2011
Morning Rush
Regan Troop Oct 2011
I better hurry up,

Or I won’t have the time to enjoy

The cup of tea I spilled everywhere.
790 · Jul 2011
Wooden Slats
Regan Troop Jul 2011
Weather-worn wooden slats
Held beside one another by wire
Touching three locations, twisted three times in between
Seaweed tangled
And splintered
Taken over by a vast land of sand

But not giving in completely.
Tall grass adds to its earthy vibe
as does the drift wood

Weather-worn wooden slats
That have been through their hellish storms
Still linked together through thick and thin

A piece of tall grass
Tied around my wrist
a reminder of staying strong
through staying together

Inspiration, at its simplest form.
Regan Troop Nov 2011
I mustn't rely

On someone like you

To make me feel like a loved somebody again.

That kind of request

Of your kind of wonderfulness

Is not fair.

To be wasted on my kind of longingness.
755 · Jul 2011
Sandman's Contract
Regan Troop Jul 2011
Left here unspoken
I don’t know whether to get over you
Or stay heart broken

Cause every time I see you
In our chests we feel that deep beating feeling
Then I open my eyes and stare at the ceiling
Wondering what contract the Sandman is dealing
And then I see…

You’re not really there
And I guess you never really were

You left me
Here unspoken
I don’t know whether to get over you
Or stay heart broken

You were never really here
But what’s that noise I hear
Over there… ?
753 · Dec 2011
Talking To Strangers
Regan Troop Dec 2011
On the sofa
             Arm in Arm
                          Cheek to Cheek
                                           She speaks softly

"Darling, I've wondered... How would you describe me to a stranger?"

He pauses a moment
                     Pushing a piece of hair
                                                     Behind her ear

"To a blind person,
I'd tell them you're the most gorgeous face to wake up next to."

She smiles
        He continues

"To a deaf person,
I'd write to them how lovably silly you sound while singing in the shower.

To our new neighbor we have yet to meet (still counts as a stranger),"

She giggles
       He smiles at her

"I'd warn him of your amazing cooking and your famous house warming recipe.

And to the meanest of the mean, a truly horrific person,
I'd tell them they should be more like my darling; the nicest of the nice.
Never speaks poorly of another, is generous with her smiles, helps any one
and any thing when in need, accepts people for who they are, and - Oh, love...."

She lifts her head to him
                                  Slight concern in her lovely face

"What is it, Jake?"

He smiles at her
                     Kissing her forehead

"All these unlucky strangers would think you're not real, or too-good-to-be-true!
But you're definitely real, and I'm the luckiest man to be with you."
743 · Nov 2012
Happy Birthday Mum! (Nov 5)
Regan Troop Nov 2012
It's your birthday
so let's get those candles burning

You've taught me so much
while you're still learning
Things get better with age,
and it's another year you're turning

But don't get me wrong,
you'll always be the best Mum,
if for a second you were concerning
727 · Nov 2012
The Sight of You
Regan Troop Nov 2012
Blonde Green
insisted I
behind my back
Best friends to
enemies to
my friend from
betrayed her
for another
The pain Ignored
my plea to fix us I
Silence She
cries and
saw you and you
saw right through me
why I won’t take her
back this
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