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Apr 2020 · 142
Why weren't you there?
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
Your side.
May 2019 · 229
How Dare You
How dare you
Tell me we were meant to be.
How dare you
Hug me like you care.
How dare you
Kiss me like normal.
How dare you
Do all of this
Right after you were with her.
May 2019 · 228
Lying To Myself
I don’t think about you anymore.
I don’t dream about you anymore.
I don’t cry over you anymore.
I don’t want you anymore.
I don’t miss you anymore.

I’m probably lying to myself
May 2019 · 137
Who She Is
She doubts who she is.
Everyday, she looks in the mirror.
Everyday, they call her
Is she a monster?
Her pain makes us cry
And so we beg him.
"Help her.
And he did.
He put his wings around her
And tell her the truth.
She is no monster.
She is beautiful.
She is a miracle.
She is an angel.
May she never again doubt who she is
For she is all we know.
And if she doesn't know who she is
How can we?
May 2019 · 163
You're Not To Be Trusted
You’re not to be trusted.
I shouldn’t
Be around you.
I shouldn’t
Smile at you.
I shouldn’t
Want to touch you.
What have I done?
What have I become?
You’re not to be trusted.
I shouldn’t
Be in love with you.
May 2019 · 241
If Only We Were Meant To Be
If we were meant to be
I wouldn’t be here
If we were meant to be
You would be with her
If we were meant to be
I wouldn’t be hurting
Like I am
If only we were meant to be.
May 2019 · 202
It's Snowing Tonight
It’s snowing
In May.
The snowflakes are
The shreds of paper
That was once
her marriage license.
The snow is
All of her pain.
The snow is
All of her tears.
The snow is
All of her scars
The snow is
Every little thing
That she regrets.

It’s snowing tonight,
And she’s smiling
For the first time in years.
May 2019 · 134
It's Easy
It’s easy
To smile
When the people around you don’t see what's underneath.

It’s easy
To force a laugh
When the people around you don’t understand.

It’s easy
To flip the “I’m Okay” switch
When the people around you don’t know.

It’s easy
To act fine
When inside
You aren’t.
May 2019 · 113
Accept The Pain
Accept the pain.
Don’t hide from it.
Don’t run from it.
Accept it.
Because when it matters most,
Use that pain
To stay strong.
To stay mighty.
To stay alive.
And to crush those
Who thought the pain would break you.
May 2019 · 113
Not Worth It
He isn’t worth it.
I tell myself that every day.
And yet
I find myself drifting back to him.
Smiling at him.
Wanting to touch him.
He isn’t worth it.
So why am I doing this?
May 2019 · 343
We’re all human.
Don’t hold your tears back--you’re human.
Don’t hide your scars--you’re human.
Don’t be ashamed of your pain--you’re human.
We wish we weren’t human.
But we are.
And that makes all the difference.
There once was a young girl
Who loved to bake.
She was a dreamer
And a believer.
But she was the daughter of a noble
And became engaged to a foolish king.
And then, she met him.
The joker from lands far off.
With a knack for magic
And baker girls.
They fell into a forbidden love.
Just as they were to run away together
He was killed.
It was quick
And right in front of her.
She fell into a state of rage and unfeeling.
Her first order upon becoming queen
Was to execute the killer.
“Off with his head.”
And she became
A monster.
A destroyer.
A villian.

Not all fairy tales
Have happy endings.
Based off the book "Heartless" by Marissa Meyer. I just finished it, and I was not happy with that ending.
May 2019 · 99
How Much Longer
Am I going to be waiting here for you?
Am I going to have to hold back my tears?
Are you going to ignore me for her?
How much longer, I wonder,
Until I finally get fed up
And leave?
Ug how much longer...based off a true story.
May 2019 · 225
So Close
I am on the edge,
On the very ledge.

These days, I can barely see,
And death opens its arms to me.

Life is temporary, and I watch it walk away.
“Where are you going?” I say.

“It’s time for me to leave.” The angel of life replies,
And the celestial woman opens her wings and flies.

I am so close,
More close than most.

I have said my goodbye’s,
And created a will to satisfy.

All there is to do,
Is to die, a job long overdue.

I shall use a noose,
To free me from life’s abuse.

I am so close...
Hahaha, this sounds...interesting. Where did this come from, I wonder?
May 2019 · 117
A Mask
There one was a little girl
Who wore a mask.
Every day.
Every moment.
It was a beautiful mask
And those who saw her
Liked her almost immediately.
The girl was content.
She was liked.
And that’s all the mattered.
But then a boy came along.
And he caught her without her mask.
To him, she was strong.
To him, she was powerful.
To him, she was hideous.
He told everyone of her true face.
Soon, doubt began to creep into people’s minds.
Who was the little girl
Behind the mask?
Finally, some got fed up.
They threatened someone she loved.
The only person she loved.
And they broke her mask.
Who is the little girl?
An innocent?
A villain?
Or maybe...both?
May 2019 · 146
Pretty Sure I'm In Love
I’m pretty sure
I’m in love.
When I look in your eyes
I can’t help but blush.
When you touch me
I feel myself get hot.
When I see you
I really want to kiss you.
So, ya.
I’m pretty sure
I’m in love.
What about you?
May 2019 · 182
What The Hell
Is going on.
Is happening.
Why the hell
Are you kissing her.
How the hell
Did you ever decide to cheat.
Where the hell
Did we have our first kiss?
You don’t remember?
May 2019 · 520
In a dream
You can be anything.
A warrior.
A survivor.
A god.
In a dream
You can be on top of the world.
But in reality
You are only you.
And I am only me.
I can dream that you love me
But I can’t make it real.
May 2019 · 13.7k
I'm Tired
Of you
Of your voice
Of your lies
Of your fake smile
Of your fake love
And when I see you with her
After you called to say your flight was late
I know I’m tired
Of my love for you
To one little boy, the world was a playground.
Everything had its own degree of fun.
And anything was a toy.
Including people.
As the little boy grew up, he played with lots of people
Using his smile and his words.
To him, they were toys.
Easy to use, easy to throw away.
Until he met a girl.
The girl didn’t want to be a toy.
She wouldn’t be a toy.
She was defiant.
She was special.
She stood out.
To a boy who thought the world was a playground,
And wanted to keep it that way,
The girl was in the way.
So he kept her close,
Not realizing he was becoming quite attached.
But after seeing her smile at another,
He became angry.
But when he tried to throw her away
She escaped.
For years, the boy never saw her again.
The boy grew into a man.
And, though he still saw the world as a playground,
He never forgot her.
Sure, he tried.
But she always came back.
Making little comments in his head.
Sometimes, he could see her face.
And he would reach out.
But she would turn away.
The man was filled with regret.
He would do anything
Just to see her again.
So imagine his shock,
And his smile,
When he found her again.
He apologized.
And begged, for the first time in his life, to start over.
But this time,
She wouldn’t be his toy.
He swore to her he wouldn’t play with her.
He would make her his equal.
He would make her his only.
He would make her his wife.
To a boy who thought the world was a playground,
She was his friend.
She was the one.
She was his
The world was just a playground...until he found her.
May 2019 · 183
Lost Chances
You were mine first
Before you were his
Do you remember
The park we visited every Saturday?
I still go
Just to remember
And to smile
And, sometimes, to cry
Because we missed our chance
All those years ago
I let you go
And now here you are
Smiling with him
Why didn’t I tell you
How I felt?
May 2019 · 300
Not Your Regular Girl
Someone once asked me
Why aren’t you a normal girl?
I guess I’m not a normal girl.
Normal girls don’t beat up people.
Normal girls don’t get angry like me.
Normal girls don’t cry when they’re alone
Feeling lonely
And wishing it was easier to reach out
So, ya
I’m not your regular girl
But you know what I am?
A fighter.
A believer.
A wanderer.
I am a woman.
And if you don’t like it
Get the hell out.
Woah...where did this come from...
May 2019 · 266
I've Got A Confession
I’ve got a confession.
So listen close,
‘Cause I’m only gonna say this once.
You’re perfect
Like the daisies in your hair
Woven in the crown we made together.
You’re special
Like those eyes of yours
Glittering with the sparkle
I noticed the first time I saw you.
You’re beautiful
Just like that photo
We took on our first date in the park.
I said it.
Now, will you please
Wake up?
You promised to get married to me.
But we can’t get married in a hospital.
So please,
Pretty please,
Will you wake up?
Not yet?
Don’t worry, I swear I’ll wait.
Just for you.
I’m going. Bye!

I love you.
I've got no idea where this came from. I wrote it on a whim. Ouch, it hurts my heart tho. I wonder how I can relate to
“Ug, I hate the poetry unit.” (Girl in English class #1)
“Saaaaammmme.” (Girl in English class #2)
(Teacher) “Write a poem about...happiness!”
Happiness? All the poems I write are depressing…
What is happiness anyway?
A light?
A sound?
A song?
A feeling?
Or...something more?
Maybe...maybe happiness is like the peak of a mountain.
You must climb, higher and higher, to reach a smile or a laugh
Or, I suppose, happiness could be a lantern.
Glowing in the darkness, allowing people to see the world around them differently.
Giving people hope to wherever the bearer travels.
Or, I suppose, happiness could be a sound or thing.
Like a heartbeat.
Or a laugh.
Maybe even a dubbed anime episode that you’ve been waiting to watch for months.
So, what is happiness?
It doesn’t seem to really have a definition.
I guess it depends on who you are, and what makes you happy.
Poems about happiness are so hard to write.
Happiness poems really get me sometimes...
I have some weird friends.
One is straight (though she might be bi) but loves gay people
Another can win a badminton game with her eyes closed
Yet another can break one's neck with a single chop
And don’t forget the one who has sent people to the hospital and stays composed.
And yet, I am friends with all of them!
Me, an average girl working at a coffee shop.
Friendship is a strange thing indeed.
I have experience hurt, shame, anger, bliss, and happiness. Maybe all in one day.
Friendship has me feeling many emotions.
But something I do not feel? Something it does not feed?
The days of sitting alone are behind me. Now, I’m surrounded by smiles and laughs.
I am free of the chains of depression.
I can now reach out to those around me.
And I can thank it all to friendship.
Ah, friendship is a strange thing, don’t you agree?
Some of those friends use this site...the bisexual one even introduced me
May 2019 · 229
What Is A Kiss?
“What’s a kiss?”
My little sister asks.
A kiss?
“It’s bliss
It’s a pleasure
So much it can not be measured
It’s a word easy to find a rhyme with
And can last a lifetime
In truth, a kiss is happiness
And is the creator of all sappiness.”
I want to say such
But I can not tell her this!
She would explode like a bomb.
So I say,
“Why don’t you go ask your mom.”
Lol true story
May 2019 · 135
It's Dark
Sometimes, no, most of the time, it’s dark
So dark I can’t see
I touch something
I pull my hand away
I can run, but I can not hide
I am enveloped in this emotion
One so cruel I am suffocating
Happiness is a liar
Tricking you with fake smiles and laughs
Happiness is a light, a lantern in the dark
So far away I can’t reach
I run closer
But it moves away with every step I take

Sometimes I feel as if I am sitting on a chair
In a classroom of happy people
I try to reach out to them
But none of them see me
I scream and shout to no reply
And no one notices me flee
So, most of the time, it’s dark
So dark I can’t see
And the question remains
Will the light ever come
To a monster like me?
A wonderful moment of depression...
May 2019 · 158
Foolish Friends
Everyone has
A foolish friend

One who acts recklessly without thinking
One who does not defend herself, allowing rumors to spread about them
One who judges with just a look

But is a foolish friend
Really a foolish friend
When they jump in front of a bus to save you without a second thought?
When they defend you instead of themselves?
When they save you from a friendly-not-so-friendly kidnapper
By telling they are bad with a single glance?

So, is this friend really
A foolish friend?
Or are they
More than they appear?
I think I misunderstood my friend today, and I wrote this on a whim...ah, inspiration comes from all sorts of places.
May 2019 · 143
A Book Is A Portal
It’s time to escape
From this world
Come, sit down
We don’t have time to gape
It’s time to unfurl
The cloth protecting our portal
So flip the page
You are no longer mortal
You are the hero
The villain
A God
As you flip the pages
Escaping reality
Even if only for a minute
And once you're done
Close the portal
Finish your fun
And come back
To what is real
Yes, it hurts to feel
But the day is done
Though, worry not,
Tomorrow you
Can come back to the plot!
Books are kinda like portals, don't you agree?

— The End —