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May 8
“Ug, I hate the poetry unit.” (Girl in English class #1)
“Saaaaammmme.” (Girl in English class #2)
(Teacher) “Write a poem about...happiness!”
Happiness? All the poems I write are depressing…
What is happiness anyway?
A light?
A sound?
A song?
A feeling?
Or...something more?
Maybe...maybe happiness is like the peak of a mountain.
You must climb, higher and higher, to reach a smile or a laugh
Or, I suppose, happiness could be a lantern.
Glowing in the darkness, allowing people to see the world around them differently.
Giving people hope to wherever the bearer travels.
Or, I suppose, happiness could be a sound or thing.
Like a heartbeat.
Or a laugh.
Maybe even a dubbed anime episode that you’ve been waiting to watch for months.
So, what is happiness?
It doesn’t seem to really have a definition.
I guess it depends on who you are, and what makes you happy.
Poems about happiness are so hard to write.
Happiness poems really get me sometimes...
Pirate Of The Stars
Written by
Pirate Of The Stars  14/F/Wisconsin
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