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May 8
I have some weird friends.
One is straight (though she might be bi) but loves gay people
Another can win a badminton game with her eyes closed
Yet another can break one's neck with a single chop
And don’t forget the one who has sent people to the hospital and stays composed.
And yet, I am friends with all of them!
Me, an average girl working at a coffee shop.
Friendship is a strange thing indeed.
I have experience hurt, shame, anger, bliss, and happiness. Maybe all in one day.
Friendship has me feeling many emotions.
But something I do not feel? Something it does not feed?
The days of sitting alone are behind me. Now, I’m surrounded by smiles and laughs.
I am free of the chains of depression.
I can now reach out to those around me.
And I can thank it all to friendship.
Ah, friendship is a strange thing, don’t you agree?
Some of those friends use this site...the bisexual one even introduced me
Pirate Of The Stars
Written by
Pirate Of The Stars  14/F/Wisconsin
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