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Turn the page,
Words of rage;
I'm on the wrong
side of broken,
and you put me here,
but I chose to stay.

I want to blame you,
Hate you, but I can't shame you;
There's something in the mirror,
it's slowly becoming clearer,
you're my highest low, my trigger.

I wish we'd never met,
You're my living hell;
torturing my heart now a shell,
harsh words from the man that
once loved you without fail.

You're a seven year wound,
I can't figure out how to forgive,
this bitterness is a wickedness
brought to the surface by wordless rage.
I hate you.

Yet I still love you,
at least the memory of you;
before you changed,
personality rearranged,
I loved you as you were.

The ones hardest to love
Are the ones that need it most;
you rejected mine and buried your own,
carried us to the gravestone,
are you alone tonight?

The love turned to ache,
when you chose to forsake
me to my demons within;
do you think of me still,
or am I just a speck of your past?

I loved you.
I hate you.
And I don't know how to let go.
Enjoy the
settling around your
the taste of air
the moment lasts.
A poem for those of us who suffer from anxiety and depression. Enjoy the brief periods that aren't trying to suffocate you.
One should try to glide through life as gently as a canoe;
If one needs to make a splash,
be sure to know where the ripples,
will go.
Repressive social control
System of oppression
Even with the eyes close
The Doors are still open

At the stroke of midnight
Discarding the sense of sight
Feelings kept deep inside
Taking a flight to my mind

Freedom and individualities
At the same realities
Specially designed
Closely intertwined

Intentions and interactions
Regression and repressions
My life in the palm of my hand
Showing things that I'll never understand
Utopia dystopia repressive midnight freedom
Has to be taught,
Has to be sought.

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
her name is written with sapphires on the beach
she dances like the wind in the sky
she gave me her hands when i reached
oh, her love i can never deny
Just something random I threw together. I hope you all enjoy. :)
Inhale the silence and savor the cold air
Another day conquered but still in despair
Skin painted in hues of blue
Love is gone and I am too
Lost in cavernous thoughts

The tears won't heal the scars
That bar my heart from having trust
...I fell in love with my pain and I slept with my regrets
Happiness saw it happen, maybe that's why she up and left
Joy called me a cheater, said she ain't coming back
I've always had a problem with relationships
But that's what happens when you see the world through a broken lens...
Keswick to Kendal by bus
Boarded at Keswick
few people aboard
lovely and peaceful
just watching
as the amazing scenery goes by
At Ambleside things change dramatically
an army of unruly schoolchildren
arrive onboard
The whole journey turns into a nightmare
I was glad when we reached sunny Kendal
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