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 Jul 2014 Liz
Seán Mac Falls
 Jul 2014 Liz
Seán Mac Falls
How could I not— know . . .
See the noncut of soaring eyes,
Approach, moist, ****** and tidal,
Waves so searingly laden with tear,
Flame, forged in some mythic winter
Frozen as I was, before the rush of ice
And flows of glacier, I heard the loudest
Break of open silence in the seep and roar
Of depths' deepest, dark, coldest ocean waters,
  .  .  .  Before sweet suffocations of the very colour
White and saw the dim fates of fade, emergence of blue,
Hearts drowning.
 Jul 2014 Liz
Francie Lynch
Well, are you?
Did the news startle you
That things are a mess.
Gaza's imploding,
Palestine's exploding,
The Middle East could use some help.
In the Communist countries,
There's an electronic curtain
Keeping people out.
Planes go strangely missing
Over unknown ground;
Others don't go missing,
They're eagerly missled down.
There's millions starving
All around;
Meaningful work is hard to find,
Self-worth is in decline.
Under the steeple
There's fewer people,
But that was another time.
My bills are stacking,
We're seriously lacking
A government we can trust.
By any account, our sorry world
Is rightly ****** right up.
If you're not ******,
Then you've missed
The news at six o'clock.
Visions of graves and flames
A feeling of such heat
Rage that builds and builds
Eyes blurred with deceit

A feeling we all know
A most beautiful beginning
But we all dread its end
When your mind is spinning

Its deep inside your heart
Your soul broken to pieces
An unwanted memory
As the last tear releases
 Jul 2014 Liz
C Davis
Factory Reset
 Jul 2014 Liz
C Davis
    A breath of air
the closing of eyes,
    exhale; release
look around
Inhale again
    now hold this one in
I am full
    to the brim
All of me
    is within.
[ taking time to center yourself ]
 Jul 2014 Liz
Poetic T
Pen Vs Woman
 Jul 2014 Liz
Poetic T
I hold on to the pen
Holding it Gently like I'm holding a woman,
I write softly*
As if I was using my fingers to massage
Her soft delicate skin,*
The words kiss the page,
Like I was kissing her lips over and over again,
Sentences take time, imagination leaks,
Her body is my canvas, fingers my ink,
The page and woman are one,
**Each the same but different to the touch.
 Jul 2014 Liz
Poetic T
Cloud 9
 Jul 2014 Liz
Poetic T
I was on cloud 9 floating high
But in my excitement "I slipped" & fell
Clouds are funny that way up so high,
I hit cloud 8
Not as soft as nine, felt like feathers
The quills stabbed me, as I fell further this time
I hit cloud 7
With a thud, it was a mattress cloud
But no springs to soften the fall,
I hit cloud 6
I hit cloud 5
I was going faster,
Each cloud more painful than the last,
I hit cloud 4
It was soft, till I rested my head
A cactus pillow its spines sticking out of my head,
I screamed rolled off the cloud,
I fell once more,
Picking needles from my skull
Each more painful than the one before,
I hit Cloud 3
I fell right through, no pain that I could feel
But then the truth, white vinegar mist,
It cut in to the holes left from above
Then I was clear, I knew what was coming next.
I was gaining speed as I fell
Cloud 2,
Was coming up fast,
Shining off the light of the sun
A hundred rainbows  burst free
But where was the reds??
This cant be that bad
"I thought to my self"
But as I hit powdered glass shredding my flesh,
Colours I saw as well as blood,
The glass,
A prism reflecting light,
Rainbows born so many colours
Then my blood soaked on glass
Out shone the blood red,
The rainbows now so beautiful
As the glass shredded my flesh,
"I opened my eye"
The other soaked in red,
The floor I could see coming up fast
I awoke, bruised and cut,
I lay on the floor,
What a fall from Cloud 9
So far I had fallen, from up high
To the cold unforgiving floor below.
 Jun 2014 Liz
A poem to a friend
 Jun 2014 Liz
sad*  scared  alone  depressed  It  overwhelmed  ups­et  ignorant
 irrelevant  broken  disgusting  is you  awful  rejected  numb  stupid   
unhappy  lazy­  fat  mad  that protects me from the  hopeless  cold  fear
glum  tragic  pouring rain and you shelter me from the  worked  poor
despair  big wide world and for that I owe you my soul  chubby
sick  and           I          think             that          you         are  wrong
hollow                                              B                                               shame
empty                                               e                                                 envy
anxst                                                a                                            remorse
grief                                                  u                                               greedy
poorly                                               t                                             shallow
fed up                                              i                                             beaten
bullied                                              f                                               guilty
unheard                                           u                                         unneeded
stress                                             l.                                             *bored
I don't particularly like this 'poem'. :)
Without my friend I would feel...
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