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Richard Smith
41/M    Married with 5 children chef in British Army
Regan Wylde
19/F/Portsmouth, UK    After a couple years I’m finally getting back into writing again. I am looking forward to writing and reading poetry within the community.
Las Vegas    Everything you'll read on my page is from an experience in my life. It is is real...and it is messy.
Aladdin  Aures H
29/M    All Rights Registered®©️/ I'm Making Pause For A While To Clear My Mind , I Speak : English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Berber, And Algerian, Feel ...
Mark kenny
27/M/Nigeria    Am just expressing the pain society is channeling through me
Son of sand
55/M/India    All poems are my inner voice and are protected under copyright laws.
21/Jeddah    I write to ease my anguished heart, and put out the fire of my mind.
Thulani Khumalo
22/M/Mother Africa (Zimbabwe)    Chemical Engineering Student. Fun fanatic. Live your lunch fullest.
Poet always and musician
Andrew Guzaldo c
56/M/Las Vegas    I am a Published Author "The Loyal Disorder 1" and the "Ardor of a Poet"starting on my second, I was CEO/Editor of Amici Journal Magazine, ...
37/F/A Dream    Creative writer, dreamer, make-believer...INFJ...I started a poetry blog, and since then poems seem to come out of a place so real yet imaginary. Let's please ...
30/M/South Africa    I have been putting together words for awhile. I try to implement different styles of writing. Looking forward to see the reaction to them. Giving ...
Radhika Krishna
15/F/India    Welcome to my phantom fantasy
F    Follow my writing on Commaful:
F/Within my words    I write for the sake expression | not your typical millenial.
22/M/South Africa    Please support my debut poetry collection: Chickens Laying Eggs on the Roof (2019):
Ben M
Midwest    Country woman with down to earth values.
Robert Harrison
patty m
ether    my bi-line is: In a world of reflection poetry mimics life. I've been writing seriously for 10 years and have been published in innumerable publications ...
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