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Kassandra Aug 2019
I am broken
Not like a toy
Not like a glass plate
I am not chipped or scrapped
I am broken
Into countless small pieces
Not worth the time to put back in place.
i am broken
And i fear there is no helping me.
Kassandra Sep 2018
I am a gemini so i must have two faces
And i guess that is true
Smile now cry later they say
I’ll cry later in my room.

Pretty faces all around dont let them see,
I cry in front of the mirror as my other face leaves with my makeup wipe.

Im sad but you must have guessed that now.
You know cause ive made it blantly clear,
Yet my family and friends dont suspect a thing.
They dont see that im as fake as can be.

Its not ones fault but mine, cause no one wants a pretty girl with a dark side.
Smile now cry later they said.
I guess thats how it’ll be
Im sorry for all the sad poems i just need to write.
Kassandra Sep 2018
I wish i was a bird
No obligations
Roaming free in the sky,

I wish i was cat
So i can lay around and sleep
Given attention once ot twice
With no burdens

I wish i was a horse
So i can run from my responsibilities
Free to do as i please

I wish i was happy
To be alive
To have a life
To be up everyday

I can only wish.
Kassandra Aug 2018
My tiredness consumes me.
Im tired of life, of waking up and only finding disappointment.
Im not tired cause ima another lazy teen,
Im not tired because i was on my phone,
Im tired because my body is weak and broken from all the beatings its taken to this point.
My tiredness consumes me.
To my family who thinks im just tired cause im another lazy teen rebelling.
Kassandra Aug 2018
Ive been sad for as long as i can remember,
Ive been sad so long when i smile,
laugh and joke people think ive gone wild.
Ive been sad so long ive become accustom to choosing the sad song over the happy,
staying alone rather then socializing,
Keeping quite and dying inside,
Ive been sad for so long, i lost hope for happy.
Happy is a far off image painted by my friends and family that is false hope.
Ive been sad for so long, happy seems like a myth, a story told around the campfire to distract you from the danger that surrounds you.
And yet, dispite all the sad and blue emotions, i felt happy while with you.
Kassandra Aug 2018
My heart is like an empty building,
No light shinning,
A cold silence being felt,
No one enters,
Everyones to scared.
My heart.
Kassandra Aug 2018
I say sorry for feeling emotion,
For been sad or mad,
Happy or exhausted,
A burden left stranded with own thoughts.
They ask how i feel,
Swallowed by guilt for not caring,
As my emotions eat away at my brain and heart,
Like maggots to roadkill my thoughts eat me alive,
Just a face left to all, while anxiety kills me inside.
My emotions are taking over so much i feel as if i lost control of the wheel,
My darkest thoughts drive the car,
I sit passenger watching all the good pass me by,
I just want to stop and feel peace.
I wish i could stop being me at all.

— The End —