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So bury me now
even alive and breathing
I'm done since last summer
dead since the first of winter
the sun in me is gone
deep is my starless night
no means to find a way home
and nothing worthy to come back
Sigh... I'm tired
closed communications
i miss you from time to time
but i meant it when i left
had to say goodbye
you were everything i needed
for that moment in time
but you started causing pain
became a source of strife
and i think about you sometimes still
but you're gone for a reason
friends aren't forever
embracing the end of a season
there's no way to settle the score
or make us even
it's all for the better
don't go searching for reasons
don't seek me out
it'll just make this worse
i'm not having fun
this really ******* hurts
every part of me
wanted this to work
but in the end
we only made each other worse
I want to cry
It seems a foolish concept
But one that I long for
To cry feels so human
So why can I not cry?
It feels like an inside joke,
to cry that is
A joke that no one has cared
to familiarize me with

I have not cried in so long
It has become empty
Not feeling that lump in my throat
Making it hard to swallow
I can hardly remember
The sensations that come with it
Skin growing red and splotchy
Warm tears running down

I think to myself
'If only I can cry'
I plead
'Then everything will come back'
I no longer care what will make me cry
Pain, sadness, happiness
I just need enough emotions
So I will wait
And wait
Until something comes along
And teaches me to cry again
She said "I'm falling in love."

I said "I'm falling apart."
What's the difference?
Dear Mom & Dad,

I won't be coming home quite as soon as once thought. I have found a place where they really like me; a place like no other. Instead of being shunned and despised, like most places, I'm invited to everything:
and parades,
my neighbors even welcome me with open arms. Suffice-to-say, I finally feel like I belong and plan to stay a while in this country.

Your Son,
Covid-19 Coronavirus, III
Note: this was written as a satirical health warning, and not in an attempt to make light of this deadly virus that has taken far too many lives
something bothers me about old commercials

you can tell the young actors didn't have to work as hard to fake their smiles
a full stomach
a roof and a bed
what else is left

i mean
snow spills
like stars shredding onto soil.
suddenly I’m sinking,
& the world weighs like a wound
wrapped in the white, wet wool of winter;

autumn appears in amber, already
pulling out my pieces—
again, it aches;

death dawns in darkness
& I dance, drenched of the desire
to dream—breathing and breaking
bonded before, now they birth
a boundless burden;

nests its nails into my neck;
& I’m bone-broken, body-bloodied,
sprawling scarlet across my skin;

eclipsing with you,
I lose my light, looking for love,
& all of my colors cease to conceive;

sun sits
on the saffron spine of summer
but the melancholy doesn’t melt away,
dreams do;

skies spout
my sorrow in spring—
garnished with green grounds, I grieve.
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