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n Dec 2020
a full stomach
a roof and a bed
what else is left

i mean
n Dec 2020
something bothers me about old commercials

you can tell the young actors didn't have to work as hard to fake their smiles
n Dec 2020
she went on about auras and thanked me for wearing a hat.

i never though much of crystals.
or the position of the moon.

maybe we just prefer the quiet.

all water looks shallow in the dark.
n Dec 2020
when my mom told me to keep the coins in the fountain,

that they are someone else's wishes about to come true,

all i could think about was gumballs.
n Dec 2020
your papa's got a a camcorder and wants to save some memories but nothing's going on.

the neighbors took the good cartoons from blockbuster so you grab a stick instead.

under this infinite sky you recite the lies from the next grade up. at least jenny speaks to jesus but you still don't like to be alone with the burden of her damage.

a squirrel just tried to talk to you and you pretend to understand. will the day ever come when you finally get what everyone pretends to know?

this is that moment you second guess the hole you'd dig to china.

and now your neck itches.
n Dec 2020
if i'm my own ashes must we accept that we've failed? or at least served our purpose?

now we return to the earth to help others grow
i started loaning out my used coffee grounds to a friend. she says they make good fertilizer. i know how fast they can grow mold so i belive her. i guess they'll do better with the plants than in some landfill. a part of me is also kicking myself because i never got addicted to cigarettes, somehow they never did it for me. they just gave me a headache and made my throat hurt. still i sometimes wish i could get more out of life by simply quitting something. i've got a lot of work started but can't seem to finish anything. this time of year it's harder to get to sleep but harder to get up. if you're still reading this for some reason,  the next time you get a chance to sleep in, take it. you deserve some rest and hopefully it will make you feel a little better.
n Dec 2020
an old jukebox rest in the center of the frame

the setting: a dive bar some time in the recent past.
wood panels, shades of browns and greens backlit with the ambiance of neon lights.

a forgettable song plays faintly in the backround.

camera pans left and focuses on a bathroom door.
it swings open and hangs slightly slanted.

[enter hero]

hero: "i've never learned a lesson in my entire life"

hero lights cigarette. music stops and the audience falls back to sleep.
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