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.was the sun.
...and her love...
....was to powerful....
.......for you to handle.....
.............and now you............
..............are just  a  pile  of..............
I'll post new poems soon ( don't worry they wont be as ****** as this one)
- I will delete this trash in the morning.
Oct 2018 · 475
Deep talk
Let's have a deep talk...
and talk about the things we love,
Like going to parties
and kissing cute boys.

You want to go deeper?
Ask me what I did last friday night
When I was too drunk to remember
How much I wanted to die.

Do you like my make-up?
Don't you think my eyes look great?
It's amazing how the concealer
can transform  my ugly face

I  can talk about my boyfriend
and how much I love his pretty smile
Yeah, he can be an  *******
But is nice to hold someone's hand

My friends are amazing,
especially when we don't talk
Who cares about our messed-up parents
We came to the club to dance

Maybe I'm shallow
But I don't really care.
I'm too numb to realize
How I'm drowning in this plastic cage
Oct 2018 · 875
I'm saving you from myself
I'm sorry
because I can't control my broken mind.
Please, forgive me
because I don't know what to do with my toxic feelings.
You need to understand,
that my mind is dark and I have trust issues,
that some days it's impossible for me to care about the people I love.
I  don't want you to leave me,
because even though I can act like I don't need you
you are the one that's keeping my boat afloat.
But I'm not the type of person you need in your life;
You need someone willing to dry your tears
and I'm one of the reasons why you cry at night.
You need a lighthouse to show you the way back to sanity,
and I'm a storm that causes you  anxiety.
And because I love you
deep enough to realize how toxic I am to you,
so much that it hurts to see you hurting because of my words,
I'll have to say goodbye.
Because I care about you,
and if you stay with me
I'll end up breaking you.
La explicación que nunca te llego
Jul 2018 · 705
I used to write better
This is not a poem,
I really wish I could write one again.
This a sad echo,
from someone who is already dead.

I used to be better,
when that part of me was alive.
She was the one that understood my soul,
she transformed my tears in art.

But I killed her, I killed me,
and now I can't see through my tears
I'm drowning, but I can't scream.
  I'm speechless.

I forgot how to write poetry
blah blah blah blah blah blah
Sometimes I think I've shared too much
I feel like I'm posting away pieces of my soul.
A part of me wants to hide my poetry away
But the other part always listens to the voices in my head
and they demand to be shared and heard.

So I don't know what to do
when my brain is at war
I think I'll just take a seat
and let both parties fight
And now I can't stop overthinking yay!
Jun 2018 · 16.7k
you are
totally right.
I'm as dry as
a desert, I'm a dead
empty land. I used to be
a  jungle  when  the  clouds
where by my side, and now that
they are gone, my trees, my dreams
they dried and died. Because of this,
nothing grows inside of me, there is
only silence and despair. I can't feel
what  I  write,  I  barely  feel alive
I want to feel human again
Oh god, I really miss
the rain
Es frustrante tener  las palabras pero no el tiempo y luego tener el tiempo y no recordar las palabras
May 2018 · 1.1k
I'm not good enough I can't do this I have no talent They won't care
  a                                                           ­                                                   I       
m                                    I'm locked inside a cage                                 m 
a                                         that I built myself                                        p   f                                         But I can't get out                                         a  
a                                             I can't escape                                             t
i                                         from my own mind                                      h
l                                                              ­                                                    e
u                                                 Help me                                                 t
r                                                I'm trapped                                             i
e          ­                                                                                                       c
I would never make the diference I'm dumb I can't write I'm done
-Im suffocating here

— The End —