GaryL 4d
i used google translate
she thought i was smart
messages from a website
instead of a heart

she was from an island
somewhere off the coast
she was into the weather
i was into a ghost

she said I was different
than I was from the start
messages from a webpage
instead of a heart
GaryL 5d
those who keep their blinds closed are the ones always looking out.
Jun 2 · 198
GaryL Jun 2

If you dive into the lava I'm with you
If you don't, then I'm   gonna miss you
we could be part of the earth, my friend
once God shits all over us again
we could be fire, we could free of our sin
we could be what we see in the end
it depends if we redeem once again
it depends if desire is our friend
Apr 24 · 244
Let Me Go
GaryL Apr 24
Let Me Go

Let me go I'm not a keeper
I feel your touch getting weaker
No more crying, no more weeper
Even when I'm sinking deeper

Let me go I'm not a holder
I feel your touch getting colder
No more leaning, no more shoulder
Every memory getting older
It really seems like this site is dying. The new format is impersonal, and probably harder to navigate for new members. Why try to fix something that isn't broken? I had quite a few friends here who have disappeared. Ugh
Apr 22 · 191
Devil on my shoulder
GaryL Apr 22
when I feel the world on my back
it's like carrying a boulder
when an angel can't take away
the devil on my shoulder

the light only goes skin deep
in the eyes of this beholder
the darkness will always seep
the darker, the colder

I wake up in a shivering sweat
I feel like a wounded soldier
friendly fire can never kill
the devil on my shoulder

#bipolar #mentaldisorder  #insanity
Aug 2017 · 711
GaryL Aug 2017
i woke up today, yesterday was what it was
another day of living my life for a buzz
i'm always surprised to see the morning light
when will i ever live my life right

what tomorrow brings is never on my mind
i search and search, then find what i find
eye to eye with the devil isn't a fair fight
when will i ever live my life right

stuck in a pattern that's set to repeat
with demons closing in and feeling the heat
my life ends up another day, another night
when will i ever live my life right
Aug 2017 · 447
GaryL Aug 2017
We teach our soldiers to follow commands instead of their own hearts.
GaryL Aug 2017
I thought it was bad then it only got worse
I thought that my hunger could cure my thirst
last things last and first things first
thinking about my ride in a hearse

I thought it was bad then it only got worse
the world's been a weight ever since my birth
wondering why I was put on this earth
life is a blessing nah life is a curse
Jun 2017 · 687
the vigilante (rough draft)
GaryL Jun 2017
way out on river road
there's a story that remains untold
on a night with winds so cold
there were souls bought and sold

let me live to see this through
let me live to see what's true
let me live to see justice too
let me live to see them pay their dues

somewhere in the mountain rain
there was a man who cried in pain
i'll be the reason he didn't die in vain
a price to pay still remains

let me live to see this through
let me live to see what's true
let me live to see those two
let me live to see them pay their dues
working on a book about some crazy shit...wish me luck
Apr 2017 · 1.1k
the stalker
GaryL Apr 2017
i don't need you to dream about me
nightmares will do just fine
as long as you don't live without me
as long as i stay on your mind
Feb 2017 · 1.4k
GaryL Feb 2017
I can feel the gravity
savage sadness grabbing me
like a stabbing agony
panicking heartbeat rapidly

like a drastic atrophy
the tapestry of travesty
applicable calamity
catastrophe is my canopy

the faculty of tragedy
with no strategy for amnesty
the laxity of sanity
I can feel the gravity
Jan 2017 · 1.5k
a victim forever
GaryL Jan 2017
she was only ten years old
when he made the video tape
the film shows a horrid crime unfold
that little girl was raped

(the story that remains untold
a past she can never escape
available for an easy download
fuel for a pervert's sake)

they have their way with her over and over

pedophile eyes watch with bad intent
she is a victim again and again
every time that file is sent
she is raped by other men
GaryL Jan 2017
blurry image, out of focus
closing in on hopeless notice
broken glow, prone to coldness
holding on to low the closest

lambent lacking, saddened blackness
lasting facts of tragic practice
shattered glass, facet blasted
passing granted hands the fastest
No more passive-aggressive comments and messages. I do my own thang, and I don't know a lot about poetry  rules.
GaryL Dec 2016
so many ways we play the game
we go astray then we lay the blame
it's our way to weigh the shame
we say we'll change then stay the same

we should hate the game we play
knowing it's just the same we stay
it's our way to feign the way
looking for the place for blame to lay
I tried to use a lot of the same words in each stanza, but switched them around. I might try to use only the same words in each stanza
Dec 2016 · 1.1k
the doubt of me
GaryL Dec 2016
I can't help it
sometimes it pours out of me
the doubt of me
it's a downward mentality

I can feel it
burning deep inside of me
I lie to me
I tell myself it's sobriety

I can't fight it
it always gets the best of me
It's testing me
trying to kill my destiny

I can see it
taking over all of me
it's calling me
sure to be the fall of me
Dec 2016 · 10.2k
only an angel
GaryL Dec 2016
born with a halo shattered
human afterbirth in dirt
withered wings, feathers tattered
protrusions of pain and hurt

only an angel can be born
held by the devil's hands
flesh becomes hard, when its torn
only an angel understands
I wrote this a few years ago. I don't think I have posted it for a while
Dec 2016 · 1.3k
GaryL Dec 2016
feeling the heat, i'm hiding from desire
i've spent many nights by that fire
i feel alive by the light of my pathfinder
all of the other fights are minor

i set the sights on a climb ever higher
it becomes my mind's flight decider
widening my heights by trying to be wiser
hoping for my eyes to open wider
Dec 2016 · 1.1k
contagion - election 2016
GaryL Dec 2016
facing the faces of the forsaken
taking in the weight of our damnation
a wasted case of the disgracefully shaken
taking the hatred into a debated deflation

this place is a place of frustration
hating the way of this path we've taken
a state of vacant is the state of this nation
waiting around for our dreams to awaken

reverse uniformity

taking the hatred into a debated deflation
a wasted case of the disgracefully shaken
taking in the weight of our damnation
facing the faces of the forsaken

this place is a place of frustration
hating the way of this path we've taken
a state of vacant is the state of this nation
waiting around for our dreams to awaken
i used contagion under this definition -  noun:   the communication of an attitude or emotional state among a number of people
Nov 2016 · 954
troubled times
GaryL Nov 2016
The television blinds us from seeing
the real ways of the human being
it only brings falseness to our minds
these are such troubled times

leaders speak of peace, while killing
those words are only filling
convicted of their human crimes
these are such troubled times

preachers preach, but ears won't listen
there's something gone, something's missing
so many caught up in life's binds
these are such troubled times
GaryL Oct 2016
when no objective is best for our protection
protecting ourselves would be the best direction
directing ourselves toward a progressive connection
connecting our minds to make a collective correction

correcting the obsessions that infect our perception
perceiving ourselves as the essence of conception
conceiving a brand new perspective of reception
receiving the blessing that we call perfection
In a Quantum Loop poem, the last line of each stanza must be used as a different form of the word, as the first word in the following line. It also must rhyme, or nearly rhyme. Rhyme scheme can be any way you want it though. In a double quantum loop poem, the first word in lines 2, 3, and 4 must rhyme.
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
the hardest thing is faith
GaryL Oct 2016
the hardest thing is faith
even with my best try
it's my own fate i create
it's me, myself, and i

it is such a heavy weight
under this silent sky
will i see the pearly gate
will i burn when i die

the hardest thing is faith
looking God in the eye
will my ways make my fate
of whether i fly or fry
Oct 2016 · 1.4k
GaryL Oct 2016
solely engrossed, slow to emotions
prone to be a soul that is broken
lowly focus, frozen devotion
vocal notions erode when unspoken

(doing fine, i lie with a smile
while i fight my own quiet trial
i clear my head, i'm alright for a while
a mind that is clear is a mind in denial)

goal, avoidance of a throat opened
my vocal notions will go unspoken
choking on the voices stolen
prone to be a soul that is broken
I was ready to quit this site, but all the support that I have received while I wasn't even active has changed my mind. Thanks to all who have read my writing. Hugs to you all!
Oct 2016 · 1.6k
common threads
GaryL Oct 2016
we sweat the small stuff and get upset
ready to deflect what we don't expect
storms spread and we get so wet
bad weather that we'd rather forget

we preset our heads to reject
whatever we don't see as correct
we've all bled and shed tears of regret
it's our necks that we try to protect

when letting two hearts connect
reverence has the better effect
it's the common threads that we neglect
instead of accepting we choose to except
Sep 2016 · 665
GaryL Sep 2016
underneath the rain and thunder
covered by a muck that cumbers
colors never come out from under
smothered by the other hungers
I wrote this some time back, but I decided to repost it to remind myself why I am quitting drinking.
Sep 2016 · 1.4k
dating site
GaryL Sep 2016
this place is a scrapyard for humans
broken, beaten, barren souls
a dull pale loneliness is looming
in the hearts of burnt out coals

logging in to the hopes and desires
a jaded and solitary heart
rubbing two sticks to start fires
hoping for the flames to start
Aug 2016 · 1.6k
destiny complete
GaryL Aug 2016
so damned doomed, destiny defeated
we need what we please, not what is needed
searched for something new and never succeeded
we even said please and begged and pleaded

there can't be no doomsday deleted
we cheat each other, it's we who are cheated
more reckless reasoning is repeated
can't stop the cycle, nearly completed
Wrote this a few years ago...i know the word completed isn't used properly
Aug 2016 · 2.1k
everywhere i go
GaryL Aug 2016
everywhere i go there's a cop
not a real cop, but someone trying to convict me
incarcerated by their eyes
i'm stuck in their cell and they restrict me

everywhere i go there's a God
not a real God, but someone trying to judge me
i'm condemned by their eyes
i'm stuck in their hell and they begrudge me
read fast to get the flow
Aug 2016 · 1.9k
the saddest song of apathy
GaryL Aug 2016
dancing on the sands of agony
to the saddest song of apathy
standing behind tactical amnesty
with no chance because we lack capacity

we can't advance in fantasy
in rampant mankind's laxity
this land is damned by strategy
a lack of sanity and demanded voracity

a stance of disbanding amity
we enhance the mass audacity
with plans deteriorating rapidly
we only last for a chance at catastrophe
i worked with the short "a" vowel sound
Aug 2016 · 1.2k
GaryL Aug 2016
within my own vicinity
i search for simple serenity
tending to my own tendencies
mending without amenities

sick and twisted remedies
a bitter sweet identity
my slit-wristed entities
the enemies of my memories
GaryL Aug 2016
with torches burning from behind
there's none like me to stand beside
it was a shock to wake up to find
I can't find nowhere to hide

with pieces of mankind's designs
there's a monster living deep inside
I hate who made this life of mine
I just couldn't get by if I tried

made with parts of different kinds
brought to life by lightning applied
there's no peace left in my mind
I can't find nowhere to hide
Aug 2016 · 1.3k
GaryL Aug 2016
I spend my time thinking
but all it brings is drinking
even with my eyes unblinking
I don't have an inkling

I spend my time creating
the gates of my debating
hating my own procrastinating
it's only time I'm wasting

I spend my time drinking
but all it brings is thinking
when my mentality is shrinking
I don't have an inkling
GaryL Jul 2016
harvesting parts from my garden of carnage
farming the darkness of my own catharsis
revealing the marks regarding the tarnish
hitting the target, the heart of the artist

how many times have i died?
to show the "i" that i am inside
nothing to hide, i'm cut open wide
these lines of rhymes are my suicide

embarking on journeys to harness the farthest
charting the course that startles the smartest
imparting a sparkle with scars as a garnish
hitting the target, the heart of the artist
Jul 2016 · 6.0k
no one saves you
GaryL Jul 2016
this whole human race is crazy
I walk upon a ground that craves me
no one ever said that this world would please you
and no one sees you

it really isn't hard to please me
but the beginning or the end ain't easy
just a due to be paid to the ground that craves you
and no one saves you
inspired by a Facebook page
Jul 2016 · 862
where only death hears
GaryL Jul 2016
i am crying out loud
it falls on deaf ears
my pain is avowed
but only death hears

air is just a cloud
which my breath fears
my end is my shroud
created by less cares

this agony is endowed
tested by my best years
only silence is allowed
where only death hears

(A big thank you to all the ones who have ever read my words)
I am not suicidal at all. I believe we all have these feelings, and I just try to articulate them into poems.
Jul 2016 · 1.9k
shit stirrer
GaryL Jul 2016
if you step in the shit
then you are bound to spread it
doing the dirty work
for the asshole who shed it

who is holding the spoon
here's your chance to stir it
let's forget the truth
spread the shit to blur it

if you play in the shit
then you are bound to regret it
when it covers you
then you'll finally get it
poetry is the reason
Jul 2016 · 1.2k
GaryL Jul 2016
my life is like a stopwatch
just tallying up the time
i choose the downward spiral
over that vertical climb

i tried to go the mile
to keep up with my kind
i lasted just a while
then i fell behind

when my descent is final
who knows what i might find
maybe the top is topnotch
but the bottom is all mine
Jul 2016 · 840
stone 2.1
GaryL Jul 2016
with no place left to go
i face the cold hard fight
when you live under a rock
darkness is your only sight

with no stone left un-turned
that leaves me nowhere to hide
left out in the sun to burn
i can't turn this stone inside

with no reason left to live
i grow colder by the night
crawling from this stone to give
my life to the dying light
it might make more sense when it's finished
Jun 2016 · 1.2k
everlasting black
GaryL Jun 2016
planting and then digging up the past
like grasping hands of shattered glass
scattered patterns come back fast
an attachment to the splattered mass

blackened fragments of first and last
spattered paths that lead right back
stabbing agony that will never pass
shackled to the everlasting black
GaryL Jun 2016
I have never been sophisticated
sophistication just never related
relative to everything i hated
hatred of the over-stated

i have never been materialistic
materialism isnt a characteristic
characterized by a mind that's realistic
realize i am not hedonistic

i never gave a damn about tradition
traditional is subject to my definition
defined by my own composition
composed of passion and ambition
repost from a few years ago
Jun 2016 · 837
look beyond
GaryL Jun 2016
look beyond the midnight skies
well past where the dim light dies
what you might find in the dark
is a brand new way to realize

look beyond what your eyes see
to where your thoughts try to flee
what you might find in your mind
is a brand new way to be free
Jun 2016 · 914
curse me
GaryL Jun 2016
Curse me
with your beauty
with your eyes
make me feel something
even if it is "cursed"

curse me
with your movements
with your hands
make me want something
even if i cant have it

curse me
with your mouth
your words
tell me something
even if it's untrue

curse me
with your existence
with your being
make me love something
even if love never lasts

curse me
GaryL Jun 2016
it's hard to believe what I have seen
in the steeples, they fill the seats
claiming to love the most and the least
they leave church and their love fleets

these creatures are just killing machines
seemingly demons of in between
people sleeping in deceiving dreams
never seeing what Jesus means

self-appointed reapers for the beast
grievous destroyers of the peace
driving jeeps with a sticker that reads:
we support our troops in the middle east
going to work on this later
Jun 2016 · 1.6k
GaryL Jun 2016
some like to live an illusion
an image is a game to play
they wear a disguise under midnight skies
then hide from the light of day
Jun 2016 · 1.9k
tossin' a line
GaryL Jun 2016
i get lost in the time
when i'm tossin' a line
all of my problems are lost in my mind

i don't need a big lake
to make my great escape
i sit on the bank and wait for the take

you know it's a sight
when my line goes tight
i set the hook and i am in for a fight

i get lost in the time
when i'm tossin' a line
all of my problems are lost in my mind
Caught a 24 inch bass, along with a lot of 15-22 inch bass yesterday. I also caught a lot of sunfish. Woop!
Jun 2016 · 2.1k
GaryL Jun 2016
he said that he was homeless
on the other end of a telephone
his momma said she'd send her prayers
but prayers can't build a home

he has always known this
to be lost in a nowhere zone
from his birth there was no one there
and he was left so all alone

he said that he was homeless
she said "well, you're on your own"
it was hard to know that no one cared
only love could build a home
Jun 2016 · 939
yesterday and tomorrow
GaryL Jun 2016
yesterday has come and gone
it's getting harder to stay strong
every action, I have owned
every right and every wrong

tomorrow isn't a promise made
and yesterday cannot be saved
another sunset, I watch fade
another day closer to the grave
Jun 2016 · 579
dead man
GaryL Jun 2016
i saw a dead man today

how creepy

it was a really eerie thing
looking at his eyes
his mouth
his soul

i wondered how he had died

did he want to die?

i poked and prodded at him for a while
i wondered if he knew i was there
i wondered if he knew he was dead

was he watching me?
did he have a spirit?
was he completely gone from this world?

he was so cold
and stiff...
and still

did he feel cold and stiff inside?
or did he just feel that way to me?

i splashed water on his face

could he die again?
am i killing him?

yes and yes

i saw a dead man today
when i looked into the mirror
Jun 2016 · 1.0k
alien report 2
GaryL Jun 2016
i've been living on the fly for a while
a dive from the sky for a sight of the vile
i tried to find out why they can cry with a smile
but they decide to lie and die in denial

they divide the ties and put eyes on trial
hiding behind a blinding pride with guile
buying is their guide to arriving in style
vying for the high life with titles they compile

and i have no way to get home

looks like i'm stuck in the muck and the muddle
out of luck where i was put just to hush in the struggle
cuffed to this crust is just enough to bust my bubble
another smut to fuss and cuss in the dust and rubble
originally title  "alien report 3", then i realized that i could't find alien report 3
May 2016 · 1.6k
doing the math
GaryL May 2016
This problem has gone on so long
we always reach the same old sum

divided by lies
multiplied by my failure to learn
In division, we carried over

the sequences of your dishonesty
compounded by lack of ownership

numbers don't lie

you brought a lot of uncertainty into the equation
it played a huge factor
the lowest common denominator

I never was good at arithmetic, but something doesn't add up

subtract me
May 2016 · 905
bury me deeper
GaryL May 2016
i feel like the walking dead
rotten thoughts calling often
no stopping the stalking dread
crossing over from my coffin

bury me deeper

just a corpse, looking back
maggots feasting on the placid
no stopping the pulling black
passing over from my casket
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