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Aug 2022 · 615
Draft g
GaryFairy Aug 2022
Draft g

They are hurting now they're numb
Pins and needles take another one
A pain sensation sweeps a nation
On this 666 android station

Out to **** their anti-droid
Nerves explode the unemployed
Seeing on a frequency benign
Waiting for a signal or a sign?
GaryFairy Aug 2022
Everything you see is against your spirit.

Spirituality and spiritual awareness is obtained by doing without material things, or fame. Maybe some gain fame after awareness. Fame can be lost and spirit lives and finds joy beyond money and bright lights.

The spirit grows without the things that grow ego, high standing, or respect. The spirit grows, without. The spirit is beyond this realm,, it knows no ego or material joy. The spirit lives only by your attention to it. It's the you that can't be told what to do.

It's a spirit that should not be given to others to toy with.

Your spirit will not intervene, unless you ask your spirit what is right, and then your spirit will shine a light into darkness. Once the spirit sees, it will not leave you alone. Whether the spirit is neglected or not, it will not listen.

You know what is right and wrong, only through spirit, and it cannot be learned, besides by you.

You're waiting on you, to show you the way to you.
GaryFairy Aug 2022
Boil 2 cups of rice, until tender

Put the 2 cups of rice in two different clear containers, or jars, with lids.

Label one container "bad" and one container "good"
Place in different rooms but same light and dark

You can just put them up and wait, or you can put a bad memory on bad rice and good memory on other rice.
Or just drawings of what you perceive to be bad or good.

Or you can just talk **** to the bad rice, and let out all your frustrations and resentments.
And tell the good rice all about the good things about that day.

Within 3 days you will have your results.

You have power to make things good, or cause it to mold and rot.

People are the same way. Your perception of someone can help or hurt them.

It is a mold in your mind created by AI.
Or a flower created by good thought and care.
Aug 2022 · 1.9k
GaryFairy Aug 2022
FYI - free your intelligence

"I think, therefore I am"


Don't think
There you are, in mind and spirit

Every subconscious thought is artificial intelligence
Do you want to know how to fix something, or create? Or just have your own mindfulness?

Escape the subconscious

Enter consciousness.
That place of ideas and creation
That place where you are free no matter where you are at, physically

Everything good is there

Everything bad is in your subconscious mind. Most of it doesn't even exist

Hard drive full
They need cleanup subconscious
AI 666 frequency
Aug 2022 · 762
Playing with God
GaryFairy Aug 2022
When you were a child you liked to play
That is Godly

Remember when they told you to go play?
You didn't always want to play

You wouldn't stop carrying on and wallowing around
When they whipped you or sent you to your room

You played
God returns

It sure wasn't the devil guiding you.
They were busy telling you what to do, and whipping you for not playing

Gentleness...please pass is time
Jul 2022 · 2.8k
My God - draft
GaryFairy Jul 2022
beasts made out of pieces of clay
my God is an artist
the reason he makes these beasts is to play
with the clay when it hardens

angels feel no danger in the throes
my God is so fearless
don't try to look his almighty in the toes
when his steps are so careless
Well...what ya expect
Jul 2022 · 664
Power to the People⁰
GaryFairy Jul 2022
You can't fight the government. They win, by just not showing up. Then who are you at war with?

That **** blows my head off. Sink it in.
Jul 2022 · 880
The Real Right Way
GaryFairy Jul 2022
Show no mercy
Leave no witness
You can have mercy without showing mercy. In fact, why in the hell do you need to have or show mercy anyhow?

Witness to what?
Jul 2022 · 1.7k
I tried to warn them
GaryFairy Jul 2022
I told them that I am a Jew.
They beat me up anyhow. May the wrath of God be upon them.
When the preacher said that the Jews were God's children, I jumped up and said "I'm a Jew"
I stand behind that, but not in the way that Jesus did. I choose water because water is one thing you need to grow grapes.
This stuff is in no way putting down Jewish people, Jesus, or spirituality.
I feel like there is something more powerful for sure. I just don't know about whether it matters if I believe in a god that goes along with rituals and teachings that I don't understand. I don't know. I would think that God wouldn't care about me making a joke. I went to church and Sunday school...Christian tent revivals, and vacation Bible school at a young age. Messed my **** up!
Jul 2022 · 342
Maybe I got it wrong
GaryFairy Jul 2022
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

That means I didn't see anything, I didn't hear anything, so don't ask me questions

You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Unless it is what you wanted me to tell you.
why do they call them stool pigeons? Put a pigeon on a stool and ask him. I swear he will squeal like a pig
GaryFairy Jul 2022

"Hey man where did you get this bud at"?
"The guvnah"

Marijuana is federally illegal. Marijuana is illegal in West Virginia.

Unless you go to the local Dr Khan, and get a permission slip from the American Medical Association. $150

Then take that permission slip to the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services, who will give you another permission slip. $75

Then you must take that there permission slip to the Government *** dealers. $$$$

You can purchase your Marijuana there $$$$

No shirt, no shoes, no service!

Please don't be afraid, the Government *** dealers don't ride Harleys, or have tattoos. These are clean decent people, with actual jobs. We don't even eat pork or smoke cigarettes...or believe in Jesus.

Scenario 2

"Hey man where did you get this bud at"?
"The guvnah"
"I get it cheaper"

Scenario 3

"Hey man where did you get this bud at"?
"The guvnah"
"I get it cheaper"
"How much"?
"You are under arrest for conspiracy to sell drugs"!
Well it could

Don't worry, I am a secret agent...of the universe

Idk what anyone says...I am pretty sure gaslighting used to have a different meaning than the definition is now.
Jul 2022 · 888
Polarization of Ignorance
GaryFairy Jul 2022
Life imitates art... and electronics?

Everything depends on the plus and the minus. The positive and the negative. Including heaven and hell. Don't get it wrong either. Being positive isn't saying "let it go, it will be fine" it is saying "no, it has to be this way"! It is thought to be cruel to tell someone they are doing something wrong. But is it cruel for a cop to harass someone who is cooking burgers outside? I don't really think so, but it is WRONG. You stand in that negativity protected by a union of black wires, Blue wires. I am the positive red wire that they try to call negative. I choose to be the white, neutral wire, but they say ******* is wrong, and make it a race issue. I scream, "*******"! They say no, so I go back to being the red wire. They say that is wrong, but I still choose my own power. So, are you the red or the blue? We depend on each other, even with opposing polarity. You can't be red, white and is impossible.

(electronics have a red and a black wire for positive and negative. It used to be a red and a blue wire...and a white wire that is represented by an N.)
Jul 2022 · 1.7k
Dum Dum
GaryFairy Jul 2022
The dumbest person in the world thinks they are the smartest person in the world.
When words hurt, stop speaking that language.
GaryFairy Jul 2022
I failed 7th grade three times because I refused to **** wildflowers and press them between wax paper. I also refused to dissect frogs and other animals.

Those wildflowers and frogs were all I had in the patch of woods...where I had to hide.

My science teacher looked just like a toad with a beard. Ms Farley. Vermilion Middle School. Ohio
They talk about the monarch going extinct. I am more worried about the larva caterpillar stage...and the pupa
Jul 2022 · 1.4k
Jesus Smokes Marijuana
GaryFairy Jul 2022
Don't look for the rainbow's end. Look for it's beginning. That is where the gold is.
****** leprechauns wanna mess everything up
GaryFairy Jul 2022
In the case of EMP, anything electrical will not work. Cars, phones, homes...guns will not fire. The worst part? Our nervous system and everything else in us depends on the signal from our brains, which is electric. Our immune systems won't work, and disease will take over fast, inside of those who don't believe in wellness. What's worse is that a lot of people will be doing very evil things, because our decisions count on those 10,000 signals per second. Please, clear your subconscious mind and know that your biology is your belief, and that our bodies can either manufacture illness, or keep you well. No disease or cancer are a match for billions of cells that are mini versions of you, and have their own systems like yours. Each cell is more powerful that a germ,but they have to be trained and know how to protect you without that signal. We are not born to be sick. I am living proof. Dr Khan said I'd die if I stopped taking my heart meds. It's been two years and I am in the best shape of my life.
I love you. I truly do. I wasn't in the poetry reading game because I saw myself judging too much, and plus I didn't want any outside influence in my writing. I am trying to get some small funding for this. I saw all of this in dreams and in person when I was young. Please clear your mind and stop believing in sickness. If you want to help others, please get with me and we will do it.
GaryFairy Jul 2022
I know two older men that I used to care about, that go to the ER about 100 times each per year. Costing 100's of thousands of dollars to medicaid and medicare. As far as I know they never really paid taxes, which really doesn't matter to me. They go to the ER, only to be sent home, as their insurance is billed. One of the men, went to a local doctor 4 times in past two months...the 4th time they said they found a spot on his lungs, and he needed to come back and have it checked. He went yesterday to have it checked, and I am sure they will find it has gotten worse. Anyhow, he was at the ER twice today with breathing problems and high blood pressure. I had told him two years ago that if he keeps going to the doctor, they will find something. What we choose to think about always becomes more intense. If it is disease we think of, we get disease. He is all to pieces and I can't say I care, since this man watched me stop taking heart meds that they claimed kept me alive, and that was two years ago. He uses the local Catholic charity constantly to get free food, and then ends up at a Catholic hospital, sick. We manufacture sickness and wellness within ourselves. No faith needed...just belief. Our biology is what we believe it is. We are the only animal who can supposedly die of millions of different diseases. Think.
I need funding badly..I need to find a spokesperson for the proven science. I rarely say "I know" something, but I know this to be true. I have nothing against catholic people, but I will not kiss the godfather's ring. Gangsters.
Jul 2022 · 1.1k
Knowledge and Learning
GaryFairy Jul 2022
The best thing we can say is "I don't know"

It is also the hardest thing for a lot of folks to say. They like to think they know things, but a lot of the time thinking you know something keeps you from learning.
Things we think we know keep us from seeing
GaryFairy Jul 2022
You know it's near the end when the pope atones for abuse of children, by Catholics. They're all about deceit. And wouldn't the idea of what atonement is be defined by the abused? I wonder if they have to kiss his ring. Then he slips them some disease, so they can go to the hospital...which are all ran by Catholics. You can't make this **** up.
Look for my new series called "headlines"
Jul 2022 · 895
It's Electric!
GaryFairy Jul 2022
I have to do some research about home wiring, but I believe the ground wire and the lightning rod would let you pull electricity out of the air, just as Mr Franklin discovered. If this is true, then you are being "charged"(pun intended) for what is free, and when the electric company cuts off your service, you can just disconnect their cables and have what was once called "*******" pun intended. If I die any time soon, check with the electric company haha. We are stuck on stupid.
Jul 2022 · 1.7k
GaryFairy Jul 2022
My sanity is gone
tired of being the pawn
it's only bones on the lawn
with spite in each bone
it's alter ego is all alone
my insanity is grown
GaryFairy Jul 2022
Man - You're crafty, I appreciate that in a person

-Pulls out a knife-

Other man - what's that knife for?

Man - I am going to **** you

Other man - but why?

Man - Because you're crafty

Other man - but I thought you appreciated that in a person?

Man - I do appreciate it, because I like killing
GaryFairy Jun 2022
I came along to a road block on route 33
there was no traffic so I just rode my electric bike on the shoulder
I saw a lot of debris and blood on the road
the cops weren't paying attention, so I went closer
It appeared to be what was left of a man
or a bunch of ground meat with what appeared to be a whole eyeball

with an actual eyebrow

and a shoe

to me, it looked like a left eye

police came running at me and had their hands in their weapons yelling at me to get back

I panicked a little and about rode right through the meaty matter

I made it just a few meters away before I heard them closing in

I got on the ground
the one with a voice yelled at me
he said something about human remains

I started laughing so diabolically that the voice stopped
I'm thinking to myself...

"and I can't go around?"

I laughed continuously and uncontrollably for a good 10 minutes

I must have totally lost my mind this time

I hope so...

I hope so

when I got home later that day, someone told me that they found Kenny dead today

in the middle of route 33

I started snickering...

I broke out into a cackle

I laughed so hard, for so long, that it became very painful

I couldn't stop

my best friend had went through something dreadful

I still say that it didn't look like his eyeball and left eyebrow

then again
who am I to say what another man's eyeball and left brow would look like

on top of a pile of meat and blood..

and one shoe

oh the agony!

this is serious

this is not sweet insanity
RIP Kenneth
May 2022 · 734
Type of Guy?
GaryFairy May 2022
He was the type of guy that would let you know if he didn't agree with something you said or did

I liked that about him.

So I said and did things that he didn't agree with

Now he wants to **** me.
May 2022 · 1.1k
Victims of Consciousness
GaryFairy May 2022
Victims of Consciousness (please don't be offended...or be offended)

You are a victim of consciousness. A deer has a baby and the baby gets up and walks. A human has a baby and it can't walk for almost a year. That smack on the ***, along with the mother's consciousness does that. You can put a newborn in water and it will swim away. It will come up for air and all. If you believed it would be okay, and walked away, that baby would be okay. That is, if you didn't worry about it dying.

Are we less or more than a deer? Or are we equal?

A hawk could get that baby that is swimming away...that is, if you believe it can happen.

We are programmed in the womb, and in the first 7 years of life. The subconscious "hard drive" is where most spend their minds. Check out my page for some videos of me bending your beliefs. I can't break your belief, because I'd have to change your perception. You are too smart for that, or too stupid.


Bring me monkey pox and I will eat it.

COVID? Gulp!

Believe in health and not sickness.


Die or live. Your simple choice.
God wants you to believe in you.


I am off all heart meds for two years now. I feel better than ever, and I even let snakes bite me

It hurts a little.
Humans have turned into **** heads with high self opinions, but no sense.
GaryFairy May 2022
What does it mean to be begotten
does adam think jesus is spoiled rotten
is eve still holding an ace up her sleeve
who is the serpent trying to deceive
Just jotted it down right now..may finish it
GaryFairy May 2022
When I was a kid, I went to church the first time. When I came home my mom asked me how church was. I said  "I am a Jew, mom".
I really do want some money. I won't go as far as saying I need it, but I really want it.
GaryFairy May 2022
Aren't delusions of grandeur just as good, if not better?
May 2022 · 686
Pet Rescue
GaryFairy May 2022
I have never felt a love like this
I've never smelled a love like ****
I have brought my meaning up a bit
I've been cleaning up your ****

kennel love break your heart?
chained to a fence with no open part
trapped within my stupid walls
I'll be there when cupid calls
I am looking for work. I am in Dire Straits here. I do not want money for nothing. Some chicks for free would be a decent trade. Seriously, I am up for hire. Interested in reporting or helping someone write a novel. Anything for some money...and I mean ANYTHING.
May 2022 · 470
Blessings and curses
GaryFairy May 2022
Everyone is a great actor
musicians are blessed
I never could read music
May 2022 · 150
Two Step Program
GaryFairy May 2022
1) I change my mind

2) my mind changes me
May 2022 · 826
There's good and evil...
GaryFairy May 2022
One day you will turn around and see something that scares you into submission. It will be your polar opposite. All of those bad thoughts that you don't admit, are alive inside of your polar opposite...and they don't hold anything back. The first thought that comes to your mind will not be acted upon...your polar opposite always goes with the first thought. Bad people will see the light, and good people will see what the bad people used to see.
Apr 2022 · 1.2k
Is Anyone Still Alive?
GaryFairy Apr 2022

Check out my profile on Facebook. I started studying science for the wrong reasons and I started with biology and will end with astronomy. I was just looking at proven science in all departments. What I found was some awful stuff about stem cells, plasma, carbon, and nitrogen. I refused to be someone who just believes theories from uneducated people. What I have found is that the planet x nibiru stuff seems true to me. I am seeing ionic clouds form and then change into different things. Like an eagle and a fish, deities of India, and other things that blow the mind. I also saw and filmed other a planet and two suns. One sun setting in the west, while more light came from the south. I have photos and video of this. No camera lens flares at all. Black clouds following a bright moon, or planet, that look like clouds of birds in flight. My friend in town recorded what appear to me to be living bald eagles or osprey that fly in different directions, including backwards. These birds seem to have a triangle or pyramid  shape on them. A crow has been hanging out near where I rent, and flying around me in circles. I have always had a thing with animals and they have let me live on them, and I mean wild animals, including mice in open areas, and many snakes, possums and raccoons. I am not sure if this crow is friendly or not, but it seems to be in charge of starlings and robins. I am off of drugs, for the most part and I take no hard drugs(doctor prescribed drugs) and barely even smoke grass. I was told by a doctor that's would die in a short amount of time if I stopped taking my heart and blood pressure pills. It has been over a year and a half. I had many encounters with buckhannon police and one by the name of angel mccauley has been here many times. She has told me that renters do not have the same rights as homeowners and then actually entered the house as soon as me and the others left, for a welfare check. I have in ones the power of goodness and now the police seem to be nice to me. I have not even saw angel since she entered this home. Wvhas had sulfuric acid spills and the factory next door to me is releasing some kind of gas that is heavier than air. This is so bizarre that I know it is hard to believe, but I have some videos and photos.

I have went through many changes of self and I realized that I was not forgiving others of what I thought was trespasses. I would help anyone I can, but my life of minimalism has trapped me. My friends are all poor also. They are the broken ones that I go to when they need me. People are being ran over by trucks and they are people who really cause no harm to others. Hospitals are calling people to come in, and then those people die. I am not anti American, but the next eclipse is going to be only seen from here and it will be total darkness all day. This makes no sense to me, because the planets shouldn't move together.
Has anyone else experienced this?

Please keep in mind that my criminal record has some false stuff, and I have never been to prison. I don't answer questions for cops, and I have never been convicted of a felony. I take responsibility for my wrongdoings and I have done some wrong things. I have been rude to people on sites also, but I do not think I abused anyone. It was more of a moodiness and me acting like a fool. I was never out to make fun of gays, nor have I ever a used a woman. I got a little bitter with women for a bit, but I know that not all women are bad, and not all men are bad.

Please add me on Facebook if you want

I love humanity and I want more understanding. I have realized that I am not as smart as I thought, and I actually feel like I know nothing at all
I am banned from posting or commenting for two days and I think it is because I got a nerve. This ban is for human exploitation, and it makes no sense. I'd like other opinions on my page. My prayers go out to you all.
Apr 2022 · 147
I see now
GaryFairy Apr 2022
That dwelling on evil makes me evil
Without the thought of evil, there is no evil

The same goes for all the sad things I dwelled on.
I see the ones who tried to make me good,by threatening evil upon me, and then bringing evil upon me.
My alone time, has left me alone.

I actually tried to see mostly good, but then I fall deeper into the bad things

It is in our consciousness...and we didn't put it there to begin with.
I was innocent?
I'm not even sure I was ever innocent
Apr 2022 · 1.1k
Devils Wear a Path
GaryFairy Apr 2022
I get so high
I look up past the sky
I look back down
and I wonder why
I'm somewhere in between
I'm almost in a dream
monsters make me laugh
angels make me scream
I get so low
nowhere down to go
I look back up
and I just don't know
whether I will defy
what is right before my eyes
devils wear a path
angels wear a disguise
Apr 2022 · 652
GaryFairy Apr 2022
What if logic isn't the most logical after all?
What if it could trap us into a way of thinking that ruled over the sub-conscious, and the conscious mind?
What if the laws of nature were broken? How would we know?
What if the laws of man were broken? How could we tell?
What if the most illogical thing could change logic, as a thing?
Is logic just an idea, to rule over all ideas?

Blue your mind, in the skies before your eyes
Apr 2022 · 1.0k
Bird Flu News
GaryFairy Apr 2022
Please keep yourself safe from the bird flu. Do not drink out of bird baths and do not drink after your parrot. Your parrot may have a late night friend, that you don't know about.

Check around your house for bird feathers. They might be sneaking in through a window.

There is also bat flu and pig flew.

Stay Safe!
Don't worry, we are safe from the monkey flu
Apr 2022 · 425
Just a Square
GaryFairy Apr 2022
I was like 13 years old when I realized that a square shape didn't ever exist, until someone made it up to confuse people. I could name a lot of other things that they tried to make me do in school and I refused. They wanted to keep us stupid because they thought we couldn't handle knowing the truth. So they made up fake shapes that don't exist in nature, and fake Gods that that have the generic "god" name. lol
Idk if this technology will even exist after 09/11/22 or maybe 02/03/23, but if it does I will be like a prophet. Get ready folks. Especially in america.
Apr 2022 · 850
Please Read...
GaryFairy Apr 2022
Please help me spread the word. This polar shift is really about to get bad. Human kind may not survive. The wobbling,  earthquakes, meteors and flooding is going to be so violent that it might split this earth. The ice shelf is already falling into warmer water and layers of our atmosphere are gone. There will be so many tornadoes and lightning storms that you won't survive in a home or building. If you want to survive, you better go under ground, in higher elevations of hills and mountains. The oceans will flood the USA 200 miles into land. There will be a billion dead bodies floating and on land. This will be getting bad around February 4th or so, when planet 9 makes an appearance beside the sun. The push and pull will make this planet wobble so bad, that there will be waves 50 feet high in places 200 miles from shore. Rivers will rise to three times higher flood levels than their highest flood levels ever. Wild animals will be attacking people. Look at the clouds near you and they have a purple tint. That's energy and gases that will turn to fire, possibly. the innocent ones.  There will be no water for to drink, and not much food. It is like the US government is not going to help, and will probably be killing. This whole storm will last thousands of years. This is not a joke. I have worked with energy fields since I was a kid, and was amazed by magnets and electricity and I used to help my step father work on tube radios and televisions. I also used to manipulate a giant satellite dish and I would watch NASA stuff up in Ohio, in the 80s. I watched polar shifts happen and it can turn a planet into a gas planet, and possibly a black hole. I have no doubt that it will happen, and it is speeding up now. The pole shift is slow at first, then it speeds up. Then the planet will abruptly stop. I don't even know what advice to give, because no one will have control besides the rich and the violent. We won't even see the same, as our eyes will be switched to different frequency. This is going to be pure terror. I hope that you survive. I don't like poetry reading, but I know that some of you are a lot like me. We feel things differently. I will post some links to some videos that will tell the safest places. The guy really seems like he knows what he is talking about, and he knows more than I do. Please, shelter the innocent from the death and mayhem.
Mar 2022 · 1.6k
The Bearer of
GaryFairy Mar 2022
Expect earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tornadoes. You don't have to be a meteorologist to know that the climate has already changed. The layers of the atmosphere are re-arranging. People still seem worried about property value and other things that will seem like nothing to them soon. This isn't conspiracy theory *******. This is energy, and how it works. Electro-magnetic energy is king.
Mar 2022 · 469
GaryFairy Mar 2022
Remember, it takes a hell of a lot of coal, trees, and gasoline to produce and move electricity. It also takes a hell of a lot of electricity, trees, and coal to produce gasoline. Same can be said about coal. It takes a lot of trees, electricity and gasoline to produce coal. Hello? Knock knock. Anyone home? Add in helium and other gases too.
Mar 2022 · 2.0k
Pain and Healing
GaryFairy Mar 2022
If you have pain anywhere in your body, tell yourself it will go away, because it will. Thinking about the pain in any way prolongs it. Using ice packs or heat is no match to what your own effectors can do. They heal, and ice or heat just comforts for a short time, while keeping your mind on pain. Don't think twice about this. Know that you are just as powerful as any animal. They don't have ice or heat, or doctors, and they heal fast. We were blessed with a consciousness that can heal us faster than any living animal.
I know this is not poetry,but this is a good place to share this
GaryFairy Mar 2022
Do you believe in the power of thought?

I am accepting clients for my thought casts.
I can cast negative or positive thoughts that will give you the results you want. I will cast 8 hours for $1000.

Of main importance is having the info on the person or business etc that you want me to cast toward.
The more info you have, the better the result. My methods are proven in ways that are undeniable.
I will not say that my spells ****, but there are some people who used to be living, that died in different ways.
One guy got ran over so many times that it took a week to identify him.

There are some people who had cancer and other diseases and health problems, that were healed. Cancer and sickness will come back, if the said person believes more in cancer than healing.
I would rather cast positive vibes, but with a good enough reason, I will do the opposite.
The reason that it is expensive is that I need certain nutrients and electrolytes in my body to make this energy work. It is very draining and dizzying.

My results on just myself are amazing. I was told I wouldn't live without taking my heart and blood pressure meds. I have lived 14 months since then, without those meds. I was told I had a hole in my heart, and I am sure that the hole is now healed. I do not go to doctors or believe in their type of healing.

I believe the truth, and the truth is that we have every drug inside us, that heals.

If you are interested, or want to know more, just message me.
This isn't as easy to do as you might think, so you might be better off to let me handle it, unless you have a lot of time and you are willing to meditate in the right ways. You also have to be willing to sweat and feel a lot of different things inside your body.
I have perfected this in many ways, but the main thing is for me to do that steady flow of powered thoughts. No drugs are used for this.
This is real.
I wouldn't even do this, but I need the money to better my life and move away from here.
I promise you will have total anonymity. Thanks
I can also train you on how to do this. It is hard work and some think it takes its toll on the caster also. I do not believe this. Of course it wears me out because casting uses electricity, and sends thoughts directly to target. Training is also $1000, and can be done I'm messaging, or video chat, or in person.
Mar 2022 · 866
New Art
GaryFairy Mar 2022
I realize that poets are just posers who imitate other poets, in a lackadaisical attempt to be someone that we are not. It is the laziest of arts. I impose my new art, on a floundering mass of dying humans. It is visual, and sound art, in custom made video clips that are impossible to imitate. The tones of color and sound are of my very own. Using sounds of everyday life(at least everyday life of a lunatic) and videos I make on the spot of those sounds. I realized that the Mona Lisa *****, and with kids believing that they can turn into a character from Fortnite, I am hitting at the exact right time. My art is living, in a world that is dying(hopefully)
All for fun...but my new art is as real as expired oatmeal.
Mar 2022 · 579
GaryFairy Mar 2022
walking off into the arms of death
smothering, trying to find my last breath
maybe I wasn't the worst, but wasn't the best
walking off into the arms of death

holding all that I have inside
overfilled with all the things that've died
I just can't get my mind to that size
holding all that I have inside

walking off into the arms of death
dizziness is from finding my breadth
maybe I wasn't the worst, but never the best
walking off into the arms of death
I threw away a lot of the new poetry I had written...people like suffering and disease...maybe as an excuse to do drugs
Mar 2022 · 905
GaryFairy Mar 2022
We can be perfect. Maybe not by the imperfect standards of others. But they say nobody's perfect. They don't believe in perfection. They never watched a bird in flight, headed south. Perfect. A baby crying for food, perfect. Our consciousness can be perfect, if even for a minute. That means we can too. There are games that are impossible to be perfect at. Then there are parlor games such as pool, darts and bowling. You can be perfect at those sometimes, if you practice. The same goes with life. If we think we can't be perfect, then it is impossible. If we aspire to think perfect thoughts, then those thoughts aspire forever. Forever. I fail all the time, but it is my own fault, because I try things that are said to be impossible. Why not?
Just more consciousness stuff I put on Facebook.
Mar 2022 · 327
Once again...
GaryFairy Mar 2022
I will say it and type it 100 times a day

Only the signal from the brain makes us sick or well. Our perception puts effectors into action and creates enzymes and other chemicals to **** germs or literally make us sick. This covid is all over the internet again. Disease and sickness are manufactured by the mind, just as it manufactures dopamine and other chemicals that make us feel better. If you tell a child cancer runs in the family, then that child will probably get cancer if they believe it. For leaders not to tell the truth, it shows the AMA and big pharma are calling the shots.
True..maybe not poetry, but true
Mar 2022 · 801
Sex Change News
GaryFairy Mar 2022
I am going through with it
the doctors promised me that I would have the full female experience, including discharge

this is the way to keep my sanity and actually get free money and extra rights
******? I am serious.
Mar 2022 · 672
What I don't Understand
GaryFairy Mar 2022
My grandma was the only one I remember being consistent with the things she said and did. The only one. I watch others change belief in a heartbeat. I know because it was my heartbeat. My grandma told me it ain't right to hate something that I don't understand. I took that to heartbeat and haven't changed it. The problem I see is that others hate what they don't understand...and they don't understand anything.
Mar 2022 · 656
10 Foot Pole
GaryFairy Mar 2022
Don't worry, I wouldn't let you get that close. Like you have a choice. Try to touch me with anything and I will end you.
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