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JoJo Feb 5

do you have the courage
to believe in love
even when your dreams
catch fire within your heart?

when your vision
simply becomes an idea.

do you have the courage to love
once more?

JoJo Feb 5

i am so thankful
God took the time
to carve your delicate
hand into mine
so that we may unite
as one at the altar.

JoJo Feb 4
you're the reason
i can dance between
the fire and never get burned.

you're the reason
that i can say goodbye
to the moon
and not cry while it's sleeping.

you're the reason
that i can't spell
"I love you"
without you.
JoJo Feb 3

she spent her entire
life chasing diamonds
only to realize
that her greatest
treasure was always beside her
whispering in her ear
"you're more precious than all the riches of this world."

JoJo Feb 3

I am no longer
afraid to be a human being
to feel the sunshine
beat down on my skin
to feel the rain
soak me

to feel the pain
of stubbing my toe
against the railings

to walk barefoot
on the cold concrete
while dressing my wounds

I am afraid of
living a life
without purpose
a life filled only
with the selfish desires
of my flesh.

I am afraid
of my soul dying
knowing You.

JoJo Feb 3

go forth
among the lake
and take a sip
of My never-ending
love for you.

quench yourself
in the goodness
of My lands.

and I shall
replenish your
soul with
eternal life.

JoJo Feb 3

Even the loneliest traveler
Needs a home when the waves
Crash on the shore.

Even the loneliest traveler
Craves the sensual touch
Of another human being
When the darkness overcast
Its grisly shadow.

Even the loneliest traveler
Needs a touch from God
From the top of the hill.

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