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CJ Sep 2019
Hey depression,

How have you been?
Feeling sad lately...

What are you up to?
Just lingering in someone...

Where are you now?
Just in someone close to you...

When are you leaving?
Maybe not for a long time...

Why are you in him?
Cause i like him...

Who are you actually in?

CJ Jul 2019
It takes two person to love,
It also takes two person to break...
Breaking up is also mutual..
CJ Jun 2019
When was the last time you cried?
... ...

Was it recent?
... ...

Do you want to talk about it?
... ...

Are you feeling better?
... ...

Should I stay by your side?
... ...

Should I leave you alone?
... ...

Can you tell me?
... ...
You are crying...can you tell me why?
CJ Jun 2019
I wish I could,
Scroll pass things I cant't bear to see
Mute voices I don't want to hear
Delete people I don't like
Escape reality into the dreams I've dreamt
Shut down whenever I want
Restart again from where I have faulted

All I had to do is Ctrl, Alt, Del
and all my problems will be solved
If only life was that simple
CJ Jun 2019
I look upon the dark sky,
when I'm alone
And in my own room,
Tears start to roll down

Not because I'm happy
Not because I'm sad
Not because I'm stressed
I just feel something is missing

I don't feel lonely
I don't feel depressed
But there's this feeling inside
That I cant seem to explain

I want to be sad
I want to feel lonely
I want to be depressed

I yearn the feeling of depression
I miss crying my heart out.
Now I really think,
I'm addicted to sadness…
Am I sick for being addicted?
CJ Apr 2019
I'm not alcoholic
I just want to feel love
From the people around me

I'm not alcoholic
I just want to forget
The depression trapped in me

I'm not alcoholic
I just want to feel happier
Just to temporarily remove the pain

I'm not addicted
It's just my solution...
I've never been addicted...
CJ Apr 2019
I'm A-lone: ( Read from top to bottom )

I am Alone.
But I know that,
I will be fine
I told myself
Someone would care.
If I was hurting.
It would be wrong to say that,
I have nobody.
Now I know
I've changed.

I'm Alone: ( Read from bottom to top )
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