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CJ Mar 2019
The most hurtful pain
is the one without expression.

The most hurtful loneliness
is that I still love you
Forgive me, I still can't forget you...
CJ Feb 2019
We were
leaning on each others shoulder

We were
holding hands

We were
hugging tightly

If only I was included in the we....
My heart is aching from seeing both of them
I keep trying to injure myself to stop this pain......
CJ Feb 2019
of unspoken sadness
hidden between each page

of loneliness
present after every line

full of desperation
only adding to the fire

of harsh insults
only repeated in each line

An unpublished book
only hidden among the
weak and innocent...
The only book, I would always read...
CJ Feb 2019
Can I love again?
only broken

Can I love again?
only lonely

Can I love again?
only unhappy

Will there be anyone who can replace
where you stood in my heart..
Will I ever love someone else as much as I loved you...
CJ Feb 2019
I didn't tell you
I like you
but it's too late

I didn't tell you
I miss you
but it's too late

I didn't tell you
I love you
but it's too late


Now you are in the arms of someone else and all I could do was watch my heart slowly break inside
CJ Jan 2019
We shouldn't think we don't have wings
when we have wings that don't work.

When you're actually born with wings
that serves another purpose.
CJ Jan 2019
She love him
I love her

If only I was him...
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