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Blake Aug 5
When I was young I was frightened of ghosts,
but now that i'm old i'd give anything to see them.
Just like how I spent my best days dreaming of new beginnings,
Now I use it as an opportunity to return to those settings
just so i can picture familiar faces.
Blake Aug 5
If you keep shooting a man in the leg,
he'll eventually beg for the heart.
Blake Jul 1
I faked everything
and for once I felt something,

with every
dead arm beneath you
hair in between my lips
the gentle squeezes
your eyebrows turning angry
the kisses
the connection
with every ****** feeling

I finally actually felt something

and for that to go,
it just feels like
I felt something to make me realise
I never was anything

                                            I was nothing
                                              I'm nothing
Blake Jun 24
we were like two alcoholics
warning each other not to take a sip

-of course we took many-

our drink was whiskey with cyanide mixer
we drank while smoking cigarettes
with arsenic filters

-rotting ourselves in harmony-

and now we are like two suicidal dreamers
telling each other suicide isn't an option

-while using rope to tie our necks to the ceiling-
Blake Jun 9
The strange occurrence of love,
is one to not indulge,
in a vision with no light,
the black is a loving home,
with broken souls that become a gentle touch,
what once was blue from blurs of youth,
is grey with undignified truth,
do I ditch the spoken or the seen,
the felt or the unreality,
the body or the soul,
the heart or my cold bones,
echoes of conscious and the unwilled,
fireflies and deaths of stillness,
a mix of nothing and the scrape of something,
the lack of knowledge about my understanding,
mix of thoughts and lack of action,
seems my mind has turned into
a poisoned slushi of carnage
dying passion.
Blake Jun 6
He always wanted to own and steal,
her very existence that she wields,
so one day he reached into her chest,
blood was spilling and it became a mess,
he finally grasped what he thought,
was her beating tool instead though...
came out a pile of coal.

And with surprise he shrieked,
"what the ****, where the hell is your heart?"
she glanced at him calmly,
responded wisely,

"I don't know what that is,
but I think I lost it to my father,
when I was still a kid"
father love heart parent damaged abandoned alone lost troubled youth childhood blood heart dedication family suffering illness
Blake Mar 1
Down you once
Down you twice,
No guess whether im naughty or nice.

Drown me out,
Erase my thoughts,
Fill me with your violent voice.

Kiss my lips,
Slur my words,
Speak for me with an harsh verse.

Kick me down,
Make me fall,
Tell me im the Devil's spawn.

Cry out,
Or say no word,
I'll forget or forgive once more.

Make me sleep,
Or make me sick
Fill my Stomach with a hot candle stick,

But still...

I'll down you once and i'll down you twice,
I just need to find out whether
im naughty or nice.
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