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 Nov 4 Blake
 Nov 4 Blake
I'm very tired
And it's very late at night
My thoughts keep me up
It's getting harder to fight

I think about my failures
And everything I've done wrong
How I **** everything up
It's all a familiar song

My words are getting literal
I can't disguise my guilt
The hatred for myself
In every direction it's built

Well rhyming gets so hard
When I try to write my mind
Because I'm unable to find the words
That could shed light

Even without a rhyme or a rhythm I find it hard to articulate these dangerous thoughts I have. As many writers do, we have this sense of frustration because no combination of syllables can really portray the emptiness and sadness that lives in us. Styron called it "melancholia", but not even that will suffice.
 Oct 28 Blake
Feeling Warm
 Oct 28 Blake
Am I suicidal
if I want to hug
the sun
cause I love her
so much?
 Oct 28 Blake
Kelly McManus
Oh very nice slice
of cherry pie spread on a
bed of whipping cream

                Kelly McManus
 Oct 28 Blake
BJ Donovan
 Oct 28 Blake
BJ Donovan
We burn bridges.
We burn us in effigy.
We burn crosses with
no feelings of anger
just ignorant as sheep.
We burn brightest in love
and kindness we share.
We burn to ashes at the
world's end facing
fierce fire together
exiting this paradise we
surrendered to the flames.
 Sep 29 Blake
Can you really see her;
What she's feeling
What she's saying?
She's smiling,
so she must be happy - right?

Look deeper, I say.

I gazed into the emerald greens,
Entranced in the gem,
But I saw the inside,
And like an ocean,
Tears trickled down her face.

She was drowning.
 Sep 29 Blake
a droplet of salty water falls
delicately upon on my cheek.
my vision blurs
as the tear drops start to form a puddle -
an ocean.

i tried to prevent them
from ever creating a water so deep
but i could not
and i was drowning
in my own tears.
 Sep 29 Blake
the fire burns
flickering in the cold winter's night
and you see the reflection
of someone you had lost
or someone
who had lost you

you could never really be sure
whether the bright flickering flame
held only an illusion
or whether
it was truly burning you up inside
 Sep 29 Blake
My hand trembles
at the sight I see before me.

My face damaged
from the expectations of society.

My body bruised and scarred
from every ounce of derision inflicted upon me.

Not only is it a corruption of appearance,
but a corruption of the soul.
 Sep 29 Blake
fix me .
 Sep 29 Blake
My heart shattered into
thousands of pieces on the
cold, hard ground.
Shaking hands attempt to piece them together
but they are unable to,
unable to fix me -
I have to fix myself.
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