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Don’t hate

that which you


but instead,

love that

which you can

 Feb 2019 Aseel
Danielle L Cook
its the lightening strikes in the dead of winter
snaking down my spine

its every blistering wind howling in the night
there's still one and a half months left
 Dec 2018 Aseel
social media
always making me feel
like I need to follow
a certain criteria
where the hate
spreads like bacteria
add on if you wish!
 Oct 2017 Aseel
helena alexis
if a poet falls in
love with you be
prepared to be
written about

in every possible way
from the way your eyes
sparkle under the moon

to how your lips form
that ever-so perfect smile
it’s the little things that
poets write about

the little things about you
makes a poet want to write
and write until their hand breaks
 Sep 2017 Aseel
Tori Schall
There was a girl
who sat all alone
made colors from dust
and darkness from gold

Nobody noticed her,
maybe they didn't care
to them, well,
she wasn't even there

Always alone,
never speaking a word
always drawing in dust
and making darkness from gold

Many say she's a freak
but me, I say she's talented,
maybe misunderstood
but that's not her problem

I say this because, this girl is me
The one i've hidden underneath
Who draws beauty from dust
and darkness from gold
 Sep 2017 Aseel
Gabriel burnS
 Sep 2017 Aseel
Gabriel burnS
She’s dancing:
Closed eyes,
Open palms ,
Vague smile

She is music;
And sound waves
Are dancing to her

And when she moves
Her clothes are naked;
And when she smiles,
My thoughts are
(words are flaking)


She tunes me
To her frequency
Riding waves
Pulling vibes and strings
Charting shores
Wanting replay
Asking for more
 Aug 2017 Aseel
Lynn Al-Abiad
و لذُروَة الحُب، غَشاوَة

لين اا -
و لذُروَة الحُب، غَشاوَة


— The End —