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2.5k · Sep 2019
Don’t call me a princess
Aseel Sep 2019
I don’t want to be a princess.
I prefer to be a wall
or a shoulder
that some one can lean on
I don’t want to be spoiled
I want to
Get dirt on my clothes
Clean them
search more
fail more
know more
see everything
Try everything
I want to share the road
With some one
Running not carried
I want to look behind
And see MY footprints.
I want to be free
1.9k · Dec 2018
Follow your heart
Aseel Dec 2018
I followed my heart
And now I’m in the bottom.
1.4k · Jan 2019
A walk
Aseel Jan 2019
I just need to tell someone I want to die, then hold hands and take a walk.
1.1k · Sep 2019
Aseel Sep 2019
You kiss me
You whisper
I love you

I kiss you
I whisper
I can taste it in your mouth
983 · Sep 2019
Aseel Sep 2019
He doesn’t only make love to me
He also makes life.
919 · Dec 2018
Knock - block
Aseel Dec 2018
Knock knock
Pretty face
Perfect body
******y brain
865 · Sep 2019
A story no one understands
Aseel Sep 2019
He loves me
But he’s not in love with me
And it’s breaking my heart
But how can I explain?
You don’t look at me the same anymore
777 · Sep 2017
Aseel Sep 2017
I do understand myself.
I understand every scream, every tear, every war, every dream.
But myself doesn't understand me.
584 · Dec 2018
Aseel Dec 2018
I can’t understand moms.
They love you, but really turn your life into hell.
583 · Dec 2018
Aseel Dec 2018
Some woundes can’t be healed with love.
Especially those which were made by the hands of anger.
553 · Jan 2019
Messed up ideas 1
Aseel Jan 2019
It’s hard to feel the love when you hate being in a relationship.
537 · Jul 2020
Little secret
Aseel Jul 2020
I know you are there
Today, your existence
I will share

Hello calm girl
Music lover
Lost in art
Like a river
but full of treasures

Hello old man
On the side of the window
Screaming in peace
What happened!
I don’t want to die

Hello miss poet
Red hair
Red lips
And a cigarette
Dreaming of what
You’ll never get

Hello crazy man
Smelling walls
Counting hair
Screaming loud

hello everyone used to live in me
Hello to those I’ve killed inside
To live, I pretend I’m a one person
To keep breathing, to myself I lied.
496 · Jun 2019
Sparkly devil
Aseel Jun 2019
Every guy I meet
Falls for the sparkle in my eyes
They don’t know that
Behind the sparkle
Is where the devils hide
476 · Jan 2019
The worst goodbye
Aseel Jan 2019
We had a fight
In the airport
Before five minutes of his flight
He hugged me
Like a fabric hugging an ice cube
Both can’t feel anything
Saying goodbye wasn’t hard
Saying goodbye this way is what broke my heart.
449 · Jun 2019
Aseel Jun 2019
I was terrified
When I realized
That I had the urge
To *****
When I saw you
I’v always liked
To see you naked
I’ve always followed
The lines of your waist
The rivers on your thighs
The heaven between them
But today
I just
Felt like
436 · Dec 2018
Aseel Dec 2018
I can
Imagine spending my life
Drinking from your mouth
My red wine
Smoking your fingers
Geting high on your breaths
Touching every cell of you
Hearing their stories
With every cell of mine.
I can
Imagine waking up everyday
To your hair on my face
Your cold feet touching mine
Your stomach nagging for bacon
And your lips starving for a kiss
I can
Imagine you as happiness
And sadness
As ups and downs
smiles and tears
As roses and thrones
Heaven and hell
Fire and rain
as the good thing in every one of them
I can
Imagine you as life
As reality.
431 · Aug 2017
Boredom - ضجر
Aseel Aug 2017
فقدتُ اهتمامي بكلّ شيء، يرتديني الضجر، و لا صبر لي لانتظار النهايات، أو الاستماع لأحدهم يتحدثُ عن يومه. أبترُ مقطوعة موسيقية لأبدأ من وسط أُخرى، أكتفي بمشاهدة عشر دقائق من الأفلام، أقرأ صفحةً من كلّ كتابٍ بجانب سريري، و لا أجلسُ في مكان واحد لما يزيد عن دقيقتين.

I no longer care about anything.
boredom covers my body, and I can't even be patient enough to wait for the end, any end, or to hear you talking about your day.
I cut one peace of music to start from the middle of another one. I watch 10 minutes from each movie and read a page from each book on my desk.
I can't stay in one place for more than two minutes.
And I'm bored. I'm bored with people, life, and myself.
410 · Dec 2018
Aseel Dec 2018
And I’m just afraid that anger will get stuck in my throat
so I don’t scream
Or cry
Or sing
But lyingly smile
Arabic :
لكنّني أخشى فقط أن أغضب.
أن يتراكم الغضب إلى أن يصل إلى حلقي فلا أصرخ، ولا أبكي، ولا أشكي، و لكن أبتسم ككاذبة.
406 · Sep 2017
Aseel Sep 2017
It's ok, it's ok, you can lie
but when I leave
Don't dare to cry
396 · Dec 2018
Heart vs. brain
Aseel Dec 2018
His head on my lap
But I still have this question
Why is there a gap?
My heart and my brain
Are in two different directions
The heart feels warm
A little bit cozy and safe
The brain is a storm
Wishing he could hide in a cave
382 · Oct 2019
Aseel Oct 2019
Is the answer of everything
And that terrifies me sometimes
The fact that you
Are everything now.
380 · Jan 2019
Aseel Jan 2019
Can’t you stay?
He asked. While I was waving goodbye.
I’m already gone.
I said. While He knows that and crys.
376 · Oct 2019
Aseel Oct 2019
Let me touch you
I’m there
In the breeze of the night
I want you
373 · Nov 2019
Aseel Nov 2019
In my dreams
I was a car
With no driver
No destination
And a flat tire
A deadly accident
364 · Jun 2020
Don’t let them in stupid
Aseel Jun 2020
Once you let some random human being  into your life just because your heart beats faster when you look them in the eyes, you should accept the fact that one day they’ll try so hard to get into the very center of your life and then .. set it on fire.
362 · Dec 2018
Aseel Dec 2018
You allow someone to get inside the hidden room in your soul
Then all you can do is watching him changing the furniture
and painting the walls with the color you hate.
Everyone will try to change it the way they like
Everyone will make you regret letting them in.
358 · Oct 2019
Aseel Oct 2019
It’s funny how the two letters E and X can change the whole story .
Is it all gone now ?
354 · Dec 2018
Aseel Dec 2018
Sometimes, I have this panic attack on being with someone.
It’s never easy for me to let anyone see the chaotic world behind my ribs. It’s really chaotic behind my ribs.
I sometimes think I prefer spending my Friday nights alone on letting anyone to stick his empty head inside my chest.
353 · Dec 2018
Aseel Dec 2018
Sometimes, it’s very difficult to trust you.
The butterflies in my stomach are alive again
But not because of love
This time
It’s because of incertitude
You changed
The sparkle in your eyes is gone
Your smile is so fake
Your chest is so cold
So I know
It’s not my brain
It’s your attitude
336 · Sep 2019
Aseel Sep 2019
My dreams and my fears
Are having a battle
Inside my head
And all I’m doing
Is taking paracetamol
334 · Feb 2020
Where are you?
Aseel Feb 2020
Today was windy
The wind was full of cold emotions
Dry smiles
Dusty screams
Today was cold
Sunlight on hold
No way for a warmth
No way for hope
Now I’m in my bed
You’re not with me
Your smell instead
And it’s windier
It’s colder
My lips are blue
And my eyes are red
Come hug me.
331 · Jan 2019
Messed up ideas 2
Aseel Jan 2019
The brave hearts live, the cowards stay safe, and I’m stuck in between.
329 · Mar 2019
No tongue
Aseel Mar 2019
The words I couldn’t say stick their teeth in my lungs.
I want to scream but, I‘ve swallowed my tongue.
322 · Jul 2020
Aseel Jul 2020
That hide the hell behind
That I don’t cry but I scream
That I deeply feel but
They’re worst than papercuts

322 · Sep 2019
I’m a cigarette
Aseel Sep 2019
I smoke
I burn my soul wrapped in a paper
So you could see that I’m burning

No one believes you’re on fire
Unless he sees the smoke
313 · Nov 2019
Average human
Aseel Nov 2019
I say “ I don’t know “ alot
And I mean it
I’m not embarrassed to say
That I don’t know
I’m not scared of being
A human
In fact
I don’t know
what’s the point of
Why do we exist? I really don’t know
312 · Jan 2019
Bad gift.
Aseel Jan 2019
It was like a kid
Opening the gift
He waited for
For too long
Then found
An empty box
When I
Waited for too long
To be alone with you
Then you fell asleep
In my bed.
No cuddle and no sheets. Meh.
305 · Jul 2020
Aseel Jul 2020
Every night, happiness wears her fancy colorful dress and sway on her feet on the other side of the street , she draws a grin on her angelic face telling me I’m never going to have her in my bed.

I never wanted her in my bed
I just needed a hope
That someday
I’m going to touch her
Only touch her
304 · Jan 2019
Don’t be a slave
Aseel Jan 2019
For those who are the future:
Don’t use your freedom as a red carpet for a popular pop singer, or a president.
Don’t walk on it to get a phone that is smarter than you!
Don’t hate, erase all the lines on the map, unite your nationalities to “ human”, let love spread through the oceans.
Don’t be racist, racism pulls the nations back, and the souls down.
Don’t be a slave for the brand of your shirt, for the kardashians granddaughters lips, or for the green paper.
Don’t be a slave for the nothingness, for what will be gone.
303 · Dec 2018
Aseel Dec 2018
What if the house you've always wanted to buy wants to be empty  ?
295 · Jan 2019
Aseel Jan 2019
I just want to tell you everything will be ok. And for you to believe me.
Aseel Jan 2020
I wonder how the people writing all the colorful words look from the inside.
274 · Jan 2019
Dark ideas 1
Aseel Jan 2019
My desire to die is sneaking into my heart again but this time it’s wearing a white dress and a veil.
272 · Oct 2019
Aseel Oct 2019
I light a small candle
Thinking that you might notice me
Maybe you’ll remember
I’m here
In the dark
But instead
You come
And Pour gasoline
On me
You use my candle
To set me on fire
And watch me
In the dark
You like it when I burn
269 · Sep 2019
Aseel Sep 2019
She was so scary
So calm
She had the night under her eyes
She was so hidden that she could laugh in the middle of a panic attack
261 · Jan 2020
Aseel Jan 2020
Hanging off the ceiling
They call me
“Chose your necklace darling
In here there’s no meaning “
251 · Jan 2019
Aseel Jan 2019
My eyes are drowning And my soul is burned
How can I tell my heart to stop hurting for a ****?
249 · Dec 2019
Walls chest
Aseel Dec 2019
You scream
I scream
And still
No one can hear us
I can’t hear you
You can’t hear me
I can’t hear me

We scream:
- you did
- No you did
- You broke me
- You hurt me

We turn our backs
We cry on the walls chest
We crawl back
To each other
I hide under your shirt
And continue crying

We cry and
We want to be
What we’ll never be:
Only the walls can hear us
241 · Feb 2019
Messed up ideas 3
Aseel Feb 2019
I have an extreme anxiety
Of doing new things
So I don’t have much things in my life
That are new
same friends
same clothes
same lonely nights
same favorite movies
Wiping away the dust off my dreams looks much easier than 170 heart beat per minute.
240 · Jul 2020
Aseel Jul 2020
كبيرة كالسماء
أسعُ كلّ شيء
و لا يسعني أحد
كابتسامة صادقة في العزاء
تلتهمها ألف دمعة كاذبة
لا ابتسامات هنا
تبًّا لكِ
فلتحيا الكذبات
و ليمُت صدق الاختلاف

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