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Constantia Feb 2019
How gentle must a rain drop sit for you to notice the beauty of an individual not blending in with the rivers and seas  
How long must I wait for someone to notice the magnificence of light falling in love with a crying eye
~simply stunning, those small amounts of water
Constantia Feb 2019
I was never the kind of person who was
always believing the colors of the world
happenning ahead
Sure I’m aware of what is red
it’s pretty similar to rivers of love
surrounded by hearts of the dead
but color blind people see differently
As well as other beings which
make us question colors reality so
How are we sure that
what we’re feeing is felt...
When we need to reach out for help..
What are the little things
that we focus on
that should just be left out?
If how loud we’re screaming
comes off as just a mere shout

-I am not a product of my environment
Constantia Dec 2018
I think I’m evil
- says the vegan
Constantia Dec 2018
you spend
so much time
bringing the light
to other people
to be left
in the dark
Constantia Dec 2018
I’m nothing you see
people always take
all they want from me
to spread across the dead sea
and leave me empty...
I try to just be
but I cry so much
and I sell my tears for free.
They’re all lost in that
Dead Sea
I’ve tried to get them back
but have realized
that sea, just might be
the place for me
Constantia Dec 2018
social media
always making me feel
like I need to follow
a certain criteria
where the hate
spreads like bacteria
add on if you wish!
Constantia Dec 2018
I just can’t deal anymore
I don’t want to feel anymore
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