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Walking in a field of broken glass would be the utmost pain
Or perhaps
Telling you how I truly feel would be worse
Some say I'll find my knight
But sadly, not today
Because like the setting sun, you've come and you've gone
And I can't see in the dark
I just want you in my arms
But you're constantly evading my grasp
So I'll soak in your smile with the morning sun
And make sure that each memory lasts.
You've always been forgetful

You'd forget to turn the lights off
You'd forget to close the toothpaste
You'd forget your clothes in the drier
You'd forget to charge your phone
You'd forget to feed the fish

So I did all these things for you

You see, I was convinced that showing you was better than telling you
But you never saw it, now did you?

- Sometimes I'd forget to do all these things on purpose,
so I would remember how it felt like to be with you -

I secretly hope that you can't find your clothes
and your fish die
and your electric bill reaches a 100 billion dollars

Just so you could see
that I was good for you

You know what? No.  __

I do secretly hope that your phone dies
and your clothes get lost
and your fish die
and your toothpaste gets dried up

But only so you could learn the importance of what I used to do
to recognize your faults
and to try and improve, not for me
but for you.

... and I'm not talking about the toothpaste here

You can't demonstrate the change you want to see in someone
if they don't even understand the error in their ways

and so,

I don't want to be the person
who struggles to forgive and forget

I want to be the person
who lives with no regret

knowing that us, ending,
was for the best.

and the best
of each of us
I don't want you to miss me as much as I want you to change, for the better. It was wrong of me to do all the things that you were supposed to do, and to overlook your faults. I think it made you feel like you were so complete that you didn't need me in your life. I see that now. I don't want an apology nor a report of progress. I just want you to do what is best for you, to find the best version of yourself, maybe then you'd be capable of a deeper, more soulful connection.
'O Jesus Christ! I'm hit,' he said; and died.
Whether he vainly cursed, or prayed indeed,
The Bullets chirped - In vain! vain! vain!
Machine-guns chuckled, - Tut-tut! Tut-tut!
And the Big Gun guffawed.

Another sighed, - 'O Mother, mother! Dad!'
Then smiled, at nothing, childlike, being dead.
       And the lofty Shrapnel-cloud
       Leisurely gestured, - Fool!
       And the falling splinters tittered.

'My Love!' one moaned. Love-languid seemed his mood,
Till, slowly lowered, his whole face kissed the mud.
       And the Bayonets' long teeth grinned;
       Rabbles of Shells hooted and groaned;
       And the Gas hissed.
(C) Wilfred Owen
 Jul 2015 LetTheOceanTakeMe
Half finished stories and continuous laughter burning our cheeks
Multitudes of inside jokes we forgot we made
When blue meets green, yours to mine
It's amazing to see, if only you'd open your eyes
Written when I should've been taking a test!
She looks in the mirror
At the age on her face
"I wonder what he thinks
of me this way?"

She considers her weight
and the pores on her skin
She thinks out loud
"I don't deserve him."

She picks apart
the woman he loves
Separating her worth
from all that she does
He looks in her eyes
and caresses her face
He sees it glowing with love
and full of grace

 The lines on her face
  he views with pride
  Recounting the victories
  each time they've been tried

The weight that she carries
 is that of a mom
 Nothing's too heavy
 She just marches on

These bodies will perish
 and mirrors offer no truth
True love abides
 beyond the corridors of youth

  No, she doesn't deserve me
  Perhaps God can see
  Conceivably, one day
  I'll be as worthy as she
to the mother of my children. Happy Mother's Day!
Awoken with a sombre tone,
a shattered spine, twisted curling toes.

An empty ink cartridge, grinding cartilage.
It started like this, but it can't go on.

As the bones meet, the pain is no longer discreet,
unbearable, climbing up the walls;
dents made in the wood chip by newly chewed fingernails,
hanging on to prevent the falls.

The desperation to cling on to whatever's left of the self.
The wealth took over you didn't it?

It twisted your mind until it every thought became mangled.
Those drugs you chose to use...
Those spangled moments seem so misconstrued right now don't they now, you idiot?

Nothing happened,
Nothing came true,
No-one came through,
Other than me,
Other than you.

Sleep now as the pain relieves,
it floats away like a helium balloon,
healing the wounds with the secrets you keep:

This is the place that you and I meet.
“Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.”
We were but broken hearts; hoping to find the pieces in each other's embrace
wandering aimlessly through the halls
or tears in the bathroom stall
did anyone see her fall?
no, no one at all
she's not that tall
you see the way she hides between the walls
it's not ok
what you say makes her feel like ****
you would never admit
so she stays alone
it's easier than let them know
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