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sad baby Oct 2015
she was everywhere at once
nowhere at the same time
she was invisible to all
at home reminded of her mistakes
at school huge disgrace
she had no friends
she wasn't able to make amends
her life consisted pain
she wants to leave but she knows things might get better
but it's now or never
the pills or rope?
either way everyone will think it was a joke
sad baby Oct 2015
you said i was distant
you wouldn't stop asking without persistence
i told you what was wrong
and about how it's gone on for so long
you admitted your mistakes
and told me it was going to be ok
i knew that wasn't going to be the case
sad baby Aug 2015
I want to die
and theres no where for me to hide
my family hates me
their biggest wish would have to be to erase me
i no longer have any friends
i couldn't have predicted that this would be the way for everything to end
one ******* mistake
another chance i didn't take
i'm left here drowning
without any frowning
i've been fighting alone
now there's simply nowhere left for me to go
suicide note?
sad baby Jul 2015
eating myself to the point of being sick, just to do it again the next day
having the emotions bottle up to the point of explosions all over my body
staying up until 3 am and crying in the shower
looking at other's profile's and comparing myself to those with stuff i will never be able to have
having your "best" be considered another's failure
locking yourself in the washroom stall, because the anxiety and fear of being alone overwhelms you
needing to get high once a week to be able to feel normal again
to have days where getting out of bed isn't even an option
you just don't know what it feels like
sad baby Jul 2015
it's not something i've did or done
i became it
the mistake is me
you may ask "what do you mean?"
i am a sickly flawed being
who's creation is regretted undoubtedly
told day in and day out
"you are nothing", you see
even if i didn't do anything wrong
the mistake is me
the way i look, laugh, love
none of it is right
and i just want to blur the lines
so that i could be somebody else
it just too painful
knowing because of me being a mistake
there's no one else to blame
sad baby Jul 2015
you told me you didn't give a **** about anything
i thought it was ok, good enough that you let me (in)
you told me you were beginning to feel sad
i noticed and decided that's why you were acting so bad
you told me you loved me
i was left wondering why you shoved me
you told me i wasn't enough
i believed you and decided, i deserved to be treated so rough
you told me you didn't need me
at this point i was stuck on trying to read (you)
when you told me you didn't give a **** about anything
i should have listened
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