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AK Bright Dec 2021
A merciless master

With the passing of every friend
my heart does strive against
the certainty of my own fatal end
While my youth is buried alive
my mind tries to rectify
how life’s simply given to satisfy time.
A life isn’t built, but reached
For you cannot carry with you
true treasures of yesterday
as time claims them as his own
Memories are traded for the life I’ve left behind
In a vengeful act, I defy time
Giving a piece of my life to those I meet, until there’s nothing left for time to steal
For time is the master of this mortal body
and a merciless master is he
AK Bright Mar 2018
They say life isn't fair
of that there's no doubt
But don't waste a moment
Trying to figure it out

Well life's just a vapor
Carried by the wind
Uncertain where it's going
But rushing to the end

You can’t count tomorrow
It’s stolen away
Just count your blessings
You gotta live for today
Life lasts a moment
Then slips away
There may be no tomorrow
Better live for today

When you're hurting
Wrapped up in pain
You know there’d be no sorrows
Without life's greatest gains

So the heartache I'll face
Up to the end
I know I'll see her
I'll see her again

You can’t count tomorrow
It’s stolen away
Just count your blessings
You gotta live for today
Life lasts a moment
Then slips away
There may be no tomorrow
Better live for today
  Aug 2016 AK Bright
Melissa S
Dented and newly used
my heart is set on cruise
Never gonna give up
because I refuse

My heart may be breaking
but it is not the end
Dealer count me back in
I am on the mend
I am on a comeback

I am done being afraid
I am done being saved
Do not need another setback
I am on a comeback

I believe in who I am
I'm better than I have been
I am not down and out
I have only just began

Thank you HP and fellow poets for this great honor!!! Sorry I am so late to the party but my 8 yr old boy hijacked my phone from me.
Dedicated to some HP poets out there who have recently made a comeback.  Also when writing this I had another thought we have all had our heart broke (myself included) so I was writing with this thought in mind too because we all have made a comeback at some point in our lives.
  May 2016 AK Bright
South by Southwest
The little girl
wearing a Navy blue dress
with a white collar
and black patton shoes
holds a red
helium balloon
as she walks down a path of clouds
through the vast wilderness
of space and time
representing life on overtime
a second home on a lake
a souring career
living with a man she is married to
but doesn't love anymore
and may never have
sings the song
"Twinkle Twinkle , Little Star"
and she is wondering
just how far
  May 2016 AK Bright
it's really something
how quickly things can change
how one poem ago
you were back
in my bed
in my heart
how one poem ago
you accidentally called me honey
in the middle
of a flirtatious conversation
and every time after that
was on purpose
if you ask me
there are no such thing
as accidents
I would tell you there is no
such thing
as coincidence
that you are only setting yourself
for failure
by choosing to believe
in miracles
if you asked me
I would tell you
a long time ago
many poems ago
I believed in love
at first sight
soul mates
and fate
but the truth is
these beliefs are built
on a quicksand foundation
of lust
and naivety
and sheer
is the hardest part
of living
the deadliest war
to sign up for
your heart
is not a soldier
are not
a battleground
this love
is guerrilla warfare
that wink
this grin
those hands on my hips
these lips
on my neck
your breath
in my ear
my name
on your tongue
one poem ago
we were asleep
like lazy lovers
on a sunday afternoon
one poem ago
the sound of you
moaning my name
has seared itself
back into
my brain
one poem ago
I love you so
much that I say
I will never
let you go
and this morning
you are severing
your own arms
just to escape from
my grasp
come back
  May 2016 AK Bright
VS aka Jason Cole
Paint my heart as empty
all blue and black and grey

Around it perforate a circle
from beginning back to start

Paint it very gently
then quickly pull away

Tearing it out
without ripping it apart

Someday they'll surely place it
in the Gallery of Fools

Inside the Wailing Walls
out past the Hall of Shame

And when the people face it
they'll cherish their own hearts

As if anatomy has
anything to do with pain

©Jason Cole
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