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 Jan 2018 Zade B
Taylor Jennica
You are weak, you don't know how to love. I know this to be true because you were able to sit across from me at the coffee shop after trying to steal a kiss from my lips and then tell me that you loved her. I laughed. If that's love then I want no part in it. I looked you up and down and asked myself what I saw in you for so long. I thought of our relationship and my head began to swirl with the messages you would send . . . to girls that weren't me. So I asked you. "When did I become not enough for you?" You blinked and glanced down, unable to meet my eyes. "Taylor, you became too much."

You're **** right I did. Any girl who has self-respect, ideas in her head and love for herself becomes too much for you. You like easy, I will no longer shrink myself to fit into the mold you lay out. Poor you. Poor her.
 Jan 2017 Zade B
Rebel Heart
Another year
has Come and passed
Who knew
this long I would last.

My body is working
But I can't move
My heart is paralyzed
At the sight of you.

And my lips are moving
but words can't escape
Your name stuck in time,
as I stand here agape...

In the back of my mind,
thoughts swirling inside
memories crashing and burning ,
drowning in the deep tide.

The reality you convinced me was true
turned out to be nothing more
than a figment of my mind.

The truth you convinced me was reality
turned out to be nothing more
than a lost paradise I designed.

And a single tear
from my face

And my heartbeat
empty in space

As my realities crash
and tear into pieces
My life crashes
and cries into shreds...
Because you were all left of me
And now that too is dead.
I was already dead on the inside, my love... You didn't have to **** me too.
 Feb 2016 Zade B
J Valle
Am I?
 Feb 2016 Zade B
J Valle
Maybe I died.
Maybe my heart couldn't take it.

What if I died?
When you left me for him?
Maybe I'm dead

I may be laying
Two feet under ground
While you lay in bed
Next to him.

What if it killed me?
And my heart gave up
Like you gave me up.

So this is hell?
It must be
Maybe I'm a ghost.

And I'm not haunted by memories
Maybe I haunt them

Was I that bad?
Is this the purgatory?
Did you mourned my death?

Are you even aware that I'm dead?

Maybe I died
Poisoned with kisses
Scorched by your touch
Shot with promises
 Feb 2016 Zade B
Julia Mae
 Feb 2016 Zade B
Julia Mae
i talked to my Depression tonight
i begged it
to go away
it snickered, and said,
"but i am not done yet,
i need to stay"
and returned back
*******, i hit my head
go away...
go away

i see two sides of me
i know at this point
i am truly going crazy
I wrote this in my notebook in the bath, now my notebook is all wet. I am not having a good night, at all...
Let me write you a symphony.
Let my words ring with
The intricate sound of my beating heart.
While my soul resonates in your ears,
As my music fills you up
Til’ you overflow.

No shame if you hear my soliloquy.
I’ll confess my love to the gods in the sky,
And they will lift me up-
Your hands in mine,
And return the piece of you
That thought I had lost forever

My tears will attest for my love.
My cry will be my shield
Against the truth-
And the pain will linger
On the tips of my fingers
As I gently close my eyes.

Let my song reach the top of the heavens,
And the last note shake the gates of hell
May my aria give solace to the lost souls
So that you may find me
Somewhere between C major
And eternity.
 Feb 2016 Zade B
Lilith Meredith
I knew you were home
Before you walked in the door
There's no room for you here sweetie
I'm so sorry sweetie
I had to send you away before
You unpacked your bags
You won't be happy here sweetie
I'm so sorry sweetie

Me and the other girls
We woke up at dawn
We carried you to the river sweetie
The weight of you was pressing
Heavy footprints in the dirt
We waited for the boat man
To take you back sweetie

Me and the other girls
We didn't really want to
But we did what we had to sweetie
It's really what was best
As the boat man pulled you
From my arms sweetie
A dozen and a half roses took your place

Me and the other girls
We left a rose wherever we rested
On our journey back home sweetie
Our feet were lighter
But our hearts were heavier
We dropped rose petals for days
We will drop tears for the rest of our lives
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