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Jan 2012
Two strangers pass both moving in seperate directions.

Eye's tell  the stories and give a glimpse like a windows from a highways view

view apon a cold night's drive.

Giving only a view of what seconds can make us belive.

Two eye's meet a vision of a story not worthy of the first

act of play.

Perfume apon the wind.

Her scent of jasmine blessed  a stale evenings breeze.

Two strangers pass speaking only a well ment hello

but nothing more.

Thoughts as they are give hope in a truely hopeless sense.

Two strangers pass then fade into there live's.

Never to meet again.

And with a times movement the moment does all but vanish

from thought.

Two strangers passed who once held each other as lover's

of secret with passion's covered in perfect dellusion.

This night two seperate directions set the stage of my lives eternal

traggic play.

Two strangers passed to give what once  burned so

very deep.

As fools these same two strangers gave it all away.
John Patrick Robbins Aka Gonzo
Written by
John Patrick Robbins Aka Gonzo  Shady Pines NC
(Shady Pines NC)   
   Melissa Koe and ---
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